Photo Credit: Rescuers Without Borders.
Three Israelis were wounded in an Arab terror shooting along Route 90 in the Jordan Valley, March 28, 2024.

An Arab terrorist opened fire on 5 vehicles in the Jordan Valley at around 7AM on Thursday. The terrorist shot three private vehicles and two bullet-proof buses, at least one of the buses was a school bus. The attack happened Route 90 near the village of Al-Auja, north of Jericho.

As a result, three people were lightly to moderately wounded. Among the wounded was a 30-year-old man, a 21-year-old man, and a 13-year-old boy who was hit by glass shards. The 30-year-old was taken to Hadassah hospital. He is conscious.


Ironically, the two wounded adults are leftwing anarchists who assist the Arabs against the Jews in the Jordan Valley, according to Hakol Hayehudi’s Elchanan Groner.

Gronor also points at that their new car that was shot supplied by a leftwing NGO as a replacement for their old car which Arabs destroyed. Following the Arab terrori attack they received medical treatment from Jewish settlers.

The terrorist dressed up as an IDF soldier, as can be seen from camera footage.

A large manhunt is underway to find him.

Yesha Council Chairman, Shlomo Ne’eman in response to this morning’s terrorist shooting in the Jordan Valley said,

“Another attempt to massacre children, this time a despicable terrorist targeted a school bus in the Jordan Valley. We wish those wounded a speedy recovery and expect the security forces to quickly catch the terrorists and settle the score with them. We once again demand for the safety of our residents and the residents of the entire State of Israel – it’s time to turn the tide. The Palestinian Authority is waging a war against us, and only action with the same force as in Gaza will eliminate all threats throughout Judea and Samaria.

“We call on the government of Israel, and its leader, on the one hand to allow the development of the communities in Judea and Samaria without restrictions, and on the other hand to go to war to eliminate this vile enemy. Jewish blood is not without worth. And to all those who wish us harm, we say even this morning, we will not give in to terrorism that tries to shed Jewish blood and expel us from our country. We will continue to live and develop without fear or trepidation.”


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