Photo Credit: Yissachar Rauss / TPS

List of events Yom HaZikaron 2020 online events in English:

Official Yom HaZikaron Ceremony at the Kotel:


1) April 27, 2020 / Monday Evening
7:55 PM IST / 12:55 PM NY / 9:55 AM Pacific
Lone Soldier Center Ceremony

2) April 28, 2020 / Tuesday
10:15 AM IST / 3:15 AM NY (Monday)
Gush Etzion Ceremony

3) April 28, 2020 / Tuesday
6:30 PM IST / 11:30 AM NY
Modern Jewish Heroes with Avi Abelow
Ari Fuld, Yaron Chen, Damion Rosovsky, Yehoshua Friedberg

4) April 28, 2020 Tuesday
8:30 PM IST / 1:30 PM NY
Heroic Battle in the Jewish Quarter with Eytan Rund

This “Yom Hazikaron” families of the fallen soldiers will not be able to visit their beloved places of burial.
In a special project of respect, Zoom calls were organized in order to hear the stories of those soldiers from their family members.


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