Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90
Professor Moshe Koppel, chairman of Forum Kohelet, speaks during the Kohelet Conference at the Begin Heritage Center, in Jerusalem, on October 24, 2017.

One of the various anarchist groups, this one named “wall-breakers,” entered the offices of the Kohelet Policy Forum on Sunday and held a mini protest. The six anarchists said they are filing a complaint with the police claiming that the staff of Kohelet attacked, pushed and cursed them after they made their way into the Kohelet office. But Sara Haetzni-Cohen says her video (below) shows the anarchists physically pushing her. Kohelet says the anarchists attacked and assaulted staff members. The six anarchists were taken to the police station for questioning.


Kohelet has been the target of online and real-world hate campaigns by many of the leftwing groups who are fighting to maintain the judicial oligarchy and prevent democratically elected officials from running the country.

Kohelet has been a driving force in trying toreform Israel’s judicial system, increase democracy in Israel and free up the markets.

In other news, Cosplay anarchist protesters continue to send unclear messages.


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