Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Recapture Media’s Attention in Minnesota Race Riots

As is always the case when individuals such as Sharpton and Jackson are involved, the race riots across America will not calm down with their help.

Hundreds Question High Court’s Integrity in ‘The People Are The Sovereign’ Rally

The court commits abhorrent violations of the sacred principle of the separation of powers that guides Western democracies.

Smotrich: Efrat Mayor Revivi Wants Palestinian State – Not Sovereignty

"You have to understand, the bluff of a demilitarized Palestinian State will not hold water for too long," Smotrich argued.

Is Biden in Trouble? Ilhan Omar Says She Believes Tara Reade’s Sexual Allegations

Could be time to make that MAGA hat purchase in preparation for the January inauguration.

Knesset Speaker: Netanyahu’s Trial a Low Point in Israel’s History

Levin also presented Netanyahu as a victim of a hostile law enforcement system.

Trial Starts Sunday: Netanyahu Won’t Sit on Defendant’s Bench Before Photographers Leave the Courtroom

Of course, paparazzi being what they are, expect a war of wits between them and the authorities, because, hey, such an image could be worth a lot of shekels.

Window of Opportunity: Survey Shows Israelis Support Sovereignty

The authors recommend preparing for a new wave of "popular" violence stirred up by the Palestinian Authority in an attempt to prevent progress in reaching peace between Arabs and Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Questions Raised Over Anti-Israel Groups Involvement in Letter Accusing ZOA of Racism

The "student" letter attacking ZOA national president Mort Klein appears to be "astroturfing" - leftwing organizations hiding using a grassroots organization to mask their involvement and initiative.

Compromise Reached with Police on Jerusalem Flags Parade Thursday

In their petition to the High Court, the flag dance parade organizers demanded to be permitted to form a human chain from the city center to the Western Wall, with 3,000 participants.

Hebrew U Student Group Threatens IDF Soldiers, Attacks University

Hebrew University said it enables “freedom of expression for a variety of opinions and views, provided that this is not an activity that is a violation of the law. In this video distributed on social networks, false statements were made about the university.”

Court Jumps through Hoops to Convict Amiram Ben Uliel of Duma Village Arson/Murder

Obviously, the fate of the appeal will depend on the panel of judges Supreme Court President Justice Esther Hayut will decide to assemble.

Inevitable: Alaska Lawmaker Compares Coronavirus Safety Rules to the Holocaust

Did you know that out of Alaska's 60-member bicameral state legislature, nine (9) members are Jewish?

Despite Yamina’s Absence, 7, Possibly 8 Knitted Yarmulkes in Bibi’s New Government

And, on behalf of Blue&White, Omer Yankelevich, a Haredi woman, will be the next Diaspora Minister.

Protest Government Display Features Falafel Heritage Ministry and Ministry of Nonsense

There's also the Ministry of Bribes, Ministry of promoting Unemployment, Ministry of Waste and the Ministry of Chatter.

Netanyahu Continues Doling Out Portfolios, Putting Out Fires in Agitated Likud Party

The new Opposition Leader will be MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid). MK Yariv Levin (Likud) will run for Knesset Speaker against MK Ahmad Tibi (Joint Arab List). He will win.

Likud Rebellion Against Netanyahu, Government Swearing In Is Off, Gantz Takes Back Speaker’s Post,...

Likud ministers sharply criticized Netanyahu's way of distributing those portfolios, as several Likud ministers have been left floating in the wake of the coalition steam ship.

Facebook Names Ex-Member of Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Party to New Board

We cannot be removed by Facebook,” they penned in a “New York Times” opinion piece. “Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has also personally committed to this arrangement.”

Netanyahu Completes ‘Jewish Home Demolition’ with Offer of Jerusalem Portfolio to Rafi Peretz

Bennett et al can only blame themselves for their humiliating defeat at the hand of a world class politician.

On High Court’s Order, Israel to Give Illegal African Migrants $22.5 Million

Is it possible to garnish 20% of the High Court justices' pay until they leave of their own volition?

Bennett Told Netanyahu ‘You Don’t Really Want Us,’ PM Refused to Budge, Meeting Ended

According to Ymina, Bennett asked for two significant portfolios, one deputy minister with real power, and chairmanship of the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.

On High Court’s Order, IDF Carries Out Surgical Demolition of Terrorist’s Home’s Top Floor

About two months ago, the IDF demolished the entire homes of two other members of the same terror squad, despite petitions from their families.

It’s Official: Yamina Prefers the Opposition Over Netanyahu-Gantz Government

Likud officials rejected Yamina's statement, saying, "If Yamina had received one more portfolio, it would have been rightwing enough for them?"

Yamina: Netanyahu Is Kicking Us Out

Yamina could approve the promised sovereignty from the opposition benches – should such a move actually take place in a Gantz-Netanyahu government.

Leftwing Activists Interrogated over Raging Threats Against PM’s Son

If you're stupid enough to attack one of the most litigious young men in Israel, you should expect to face some music.

Yamina MK: Joining Netanyahu’s Cabinet Would be Humiliating

Like Smotrich, and, indeed, the entire Religious-Zionist camp, Sofer has a full belly of Netanyahu's maneuvers.

Germany’s AfD Leader Refuses to Be Joyous Over Nazi Defeat

"It was also a day of absolute defeat, a day of the loss of large parts of Germany and the loss of national autonomy."

Socialist Workers Party Condemns Mayor’s Anti-Semitic Tweet

Other folks, not just us, Orthodox Jews, think the mayor's attack on Haredi Jews was about as anti-Semitic as one can be in New York City in the post Father Coughlin era.

Unanimous Court Begrudgingly Permits Netanyahu to Assemble New Government

Yes, this new government is definitely a platypus – an egg laying mammal, with a duck's bill to boot.

Convoy Headed to Jerusalem to Protest High Court’s Judicial Dictatorship

The demonstrators insisted that this was merely the latest action in a long history of undemocratic and biased political activism by the court.


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