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Canadian Human Rights Agency: Anti-Vaxers Not Entitled to Special Accommodations

"The OHRC is not aware of any tribunal or court decision that found a singular belief against vaccinations or masks amounted to a creed within the meaning of the Code."

Radio Hosts Humiliate Yamina Minister over his Change of Heart on Coalition Arabs’ Support...

The minister's humiliation eventually ended because it was time to go to commercials.

Regavim Petitions High Court over Civil Administration’s Creative Protection of Illegal Arab Construction

Regavim’s petition to the High Court sought to compel the Civil Administration to execute military legislation known as “The Order for Removal of New Structures."

Anti-Israel Progressives Jumped the Shark on Iron Dome Funding But Will They Pay a...

The cameras caught a tearful AOC as she watched the complete collapse of her plot.

Leftwing Jewish Democrat Introduces Bill to Make Two-State Solution US Policy, Condition Aid to...

“Despite its seemingly innocuous name, this legislation is just another assault on Israel from the fringe left. The American people are pro-Israel, and as a result, this legislation is destined to fail,” chairwoman of the CUFI Action Fund Sandra Parker told JNS.

‘Frightening’: FM Lapid Slammed for Blaming Netanyahu for Progressives’ Pressure in Congress

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid faced sharp criticism after claiming that that anti-Israel pressure in the US Congress by progressives was former Prime Minister Benjamin...

Aide: Bennett Will Address the UN Without Posters, Toons

I recommend you use some of your intermediary holiday to re-read that speech, especially if you're a history buff and political junkie like yours truly.

On Shabbat, IDF Condemns an Officer Who Was Provoked by Anti-Israel Leftists

The IDF for its part quickly condemned Major Maor Moshe of the Corp of Engineers.

Gantz: We’ll Take a US Nuke Deal with Iran But Must Have Plan B...

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sharply criticizes the former prime minister, saying there was a very large gap between Bibi's speeches and actions on the ground.

Ben-Gvir Ruins Walid Taha’s First Day as Knesset Committee Chairman

"Shame on you, Knesset members who lick the backside of terrorism."

Border Police Officers Confiscate Israeli Flags at Cave of the Patriarchs

Defense Minister Moshe Dayan planned to give control of the site to the Arabs.

Homeland Security Minister: Captured 4 Runaways Don’t Know Where Remaining 2 Are Hiding

Minister of Internal Security Omer Barlev on Sunday morning told 103FM following the capture of four out of six escaped terrorists from Gilboa security...

Atlanta Jewish Times Kills Pro-Jewish Op-Ed by Black Republican – Read What They Cancelled

I want to use this occasion to nominate Marisa Pyle and Kaylene Ladinsky as the Jewish Karens of the year 5782.

Biden Mandates Vaccinations: ‘We’ve Been Patient, But Our Patience Is Wearing Thin’

Are we going to be treated to images of anti-vaxers being hauled, kicking and screaming, with police officers rolling up their sleeves and nurses sticking them with the shot?

Twitter Blocks Accounts of Rightwing Israelis

Baruch Marzel and Benzi Gopstein discovered they were blocked.

Man of the Year 5781: The Indefatigable MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Last spring, MK Ben-Gvir was not a commentator on the news – he was the news.

Preparing for 2024, Trump Complains He Is Ignored by Jewish Voters

Asked whether he believed in God, Trump told his guests: “It’s all based around God — it’s so important."

Israel Beats Austria 5:2 in World Cup Qualifiers, Ben-Gvir Urges Audience to Boo Arab...

Throughout the game, there remained a yawning gap between the Austrians' control of the field and the Israeli lead in goals scored.

Think Tank Depicts Uniform and Hostile Progressive Response to Jewish, Israeli Concerns Since 2021...

The paper urges clearly articulating and defining the challenge, then mobilizing a critical mass of organizations and initiatives to address it.

Biden Claims He Visited Pittsburgh Synagogue after the Shooting, Synagogue Director Insists He Never...

The Republican Jewish Coalition suggested Biden “flat out lied about visiting” the Tree of Life synagogue.

Jewish Institute for Liberal Values Says Critical Race Theory Encourages Anti-Semitism

"We believe it is impossible to contain the anti-Semitism emerging from CSJ without rejecting the imposition of CSJ."

Lapid Says Eastern Jerusalem US Consulate Is ‘Bad Idea’ – How Soon Will He...

"The State of Israel already is in a political process with the Palestinians. For now, it's being conducted behind closed doors, which is suspicious in itself."

Did Bennett Give his Blessings to Gantz’s Boosting the PA’s Pay-to-Slay Budget?

Israel takes the money it lends to the PA from the settlers in Judea and Samaria.

Ben Shapiro: US Armed Taliban to the Teeth ‘Because Joe Biden Is an Incompetent...

Biden's previous claims of unanimity among his military advisors unravel and a new chart showing the vast weaponry left to the Taliban goes viral.

After 1.5 Years Without, State Budget Submitted, Knesset Votes on Thursday

Liberman stated that "the budget that's being passed is the most socially-conscious budget in the history of the State of Israel."

Saudis Suspicious of Dan Shapiro’s Role in Iran Talks

"Notice the dangerous task entrusted to this American diplomat – to soften the atmosphere between the Khomeinists in Tehran and Tel Aviv."

When Benny Met Mahmoud: DM Reveals Details of Israel’s Costly Concessions to the PA

Gantz also reassured the chairman that Israel will uphold its commitment to expanding Arab construction in Area C.

Bennett Slammed for Gantz-Abbas Meeting, Right Fears Another Withdrawal

The meeting with Abbas is “the most worrying development since the formation of the government. And it takes place a few hours after the return of Naftali Bennett to Washington”.

Ed Asner Who Created the Legendary Lou Grant Dead at 91

In April 2017, Asner announced that he no longer supports the BDS movement.


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