Majority of Israelis Object to Protests Against Netanyahu in US

Despite the disappointing showing, American and Israeli Media have devoted about half their attention to the protesters’ shenanigans.

Agudath Israel Warns US Officials Against Meddling in Israel’s Internal Affairs

“The United States would rightly resent another nation’s attempts to influence our own internal political affairs. Members of Congress and other American officials should ponder that."

Leftist Haters Attack Religious Zionist Rabbi in Tel Aviv

“Dozens of protesters tried to attack us physically, with sticks and with their hands. If the police hadn’t shielded the rabbi with their bodies, it would have ended badly."

Ehud Barak Shares Murder Fantasies on CBS

When I contemplate Ehud Barak, I am reminded of another highly self-appreciating and gifted man, American poet and fascist collaborator Ezra Pound.

IDF Bows to the Court’s Command, Opens Special Forces to Qualified Women

“The chance of a woman on average reaching the physical achievements that a man reaches is significantly lower.”

MK Ups the Ante on Amiram Ben-Uliel’s Case Calling him a Tzadik

Believe it or not, this story has a happy ending. Ben Uliel may be removed from solitary confinement to the religious ward.

In Time for Kristallnacht: Secular Mob Attacks Jewish Gathering in Tel Aviv with Fists...

Needless to say, none of Israel’s mainstream media outlets even mentioned the event.

Likud MK: Israeli Anarchists in the US Are Worse than the PLO & Iran

"You have crossed every red line, you are dragging the entire nation of Israel into the abyss."

Justice Minister to High Court: Judicial Appointments Committee Is Strictly My Purview

Levin listed three reasons why he cannot be compelled to assemble the committee.

3 Years Later the Abraham Accords Still a Miraculous Success, But Israel’s Sour-Faced Media...

The Trump administration actively supported the expansion of the Abraham Accords, Biden has no such goodwill in store for Netanyahu.

Speaker Ohana: We Will Establish a Constitutional Court Above the High Court of Justice

Ohana is borrowing a page from FDR’s playbook on packing the courts, and doing so brilliantly.

Democrat Sam Berger Beats Republican David Hirsch in Queens Assembly Seat Special Election

Republican Hirsch managed to get a much bigger share of his voter base to the polls than the Democrat Berger.

Man of the Year 5783: Yinon Magal Who Crushed Israel’s Left-Wing Media’s Monopoly

He figured out how to tap into Israel’s silenced majority and gives them a voice. This genie is not going back into the bottle.

The High Court Hearing: Where Do We Go from Here?

The most likely outcome was suggested by Justice Stein, who favors submitting a restrictive interpretation of the restrictive amendment.

The High Court Rejected in 1948 Israel’s Declaration of Independence as Constitution

Several Supreme Court justices attempted to use the May 1948 Declaration of Independence as the instrument with which they could strike basic laws.

We Are Happier! TAU Study Shows Right-Wing Resilience Rising, Left-Wing Declining

The gap between the two groups representing Israel's Jewish population has increased constantly.

Judges Heckled Rothman’s Arguments? Want to Read What He Wanted to Say? No problem

"Public trust in the court is waning as a result of the court's extensive involvement in social, economic, and political matters."

Watch: 15-Judge Panel Hears Petitions Calling to Annul Constitutional Law

There will certainly be a session of the High Court this Tuesday, but not of Justice.

Haaretz Lets Tom Friedman Publish the Vile Stuff Even the NY Times Won’t

Friedman’s and Shikma Bressler’s antisemitism are identical and as such represents the crumbling of the last shred of liberalism on the left.

Justice Minister Whisked Away as Anti-Democracy Protesters Clash with Police

Six people arrested after demonstrators breach the perimeter outside Yariv Levin's home.

In GOP v. DNC Race for NY State Orthodox Vote Speaker McCarthy Has the...

The nice folks in Satmar could probably teach the Speaker a thing or two about anti-Zionism.

Anarchist Leader & Weizman Institute Professor Shikma Bressler Calls Right-Wing Israelis ‘Nazis’

According to Bressler, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters are Jewish Nazis, and therefore any negotiations with him are verboten.

Israeli Security Reserve Officers Denounce Former Mossad Director’s ‘Pitiful, Baseless Claim’

"Israeli security forces stand on solid moral and legal grounds while operating in Judea and Samaria," the Israel Defense and Security Forum stated.

Report: Chances Low for Netanyahu-Biden White House Meeting, UN Sideline More Likely

Biden's advisers are concerned that an Oval Office meeting with Netanyahu would damage Biden politically and give a political win to the Israeli PM.

Justices Earning $277,000 Strike Down Government Food Stamps

They’re so cute when they act like they think we believe we live in a democracy.

Israeli Left 33% Likelier to View UN Favorably than in 2022, According to Pew

In a new survey, the Jewish state was the country most critical of the international body.

Smotrich to Court President Hayut at the Freedom Rally: You Can End the Crisis

The coalition is packing two effective weapons against an unprecedented power grab by the court.

Chikli on UK Trip: ‘I Did Not Feel Any Boycott’

Leftist activists yelled at the minister as he entered the London offices of the Jewish Agency.

LIVE: Israelis Gather to Rally Outside Supreme Court to Support Judicial Reforms

A similar rally was held in Jerusalem by the right-wing camp on April 27. Hundreds of thousands of supporters attended the gathering.


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