Likud Rethinking Campaign Strategy as Gantz Grows Stronger

Instead of going after Russians, Likud will focus on the Ethiopians, whom Netanyahu believes could bring in as many as two new Likud seats.

Corbyn Quits

Johnson ran on a promise to leave the European Union ASAP. Labour promised a rerun of the Brexit referendum. The Brits went with the former.

Justice Minister Ohana Orders AG, State Prosecution, to Stop Issuing Statements in his Name

Justice Minister Ohana, like his predecessor Shaked, agrees with the attack video, and would like to keep Zilber in restraints until she reaches retirement age.

Midnight Drama: Jewish MKs Foil Arabs’ Last Minute Attempt to Kill Law Banning Illegal...

Avigdor Liberman's Israel Beiteinu inserted a proposed amendment into the law, that foreign workers in Israel will not receive double-time holiday pay on election day.

Poll on Eve of Knesset Dissolution Shows Gantz Way Ahead

The right-wing union (Habayit Hayehudi), without Bennett and Shaked, does not pass the threshold vote.

As 3rd Elections Approach, Blue&White Getting Stronger, Survey Shows

38% of respondents thought Gantz was more suitable than Netanyahu for the post of prime minister, compared with 37% who preferred Netanyahu.

Former Labor Justice Minister Haim Ramon Calls Aharon Barak ‘Judicial Pirate’

Ramon also said that despite a clear law permitting Prime Minister Netanyahu to run while facing an indictment, the justice system is trying to reinterpret the law.

Einstein’s Insanity Definition at Work: Israel Going to 3rd Elections Expecting Entirely Different Results

Israeli media claim there are silent negotiations between Likud and Liberman, but there is still no way to match the maximum Haredi concessions to Liberman's minimum demands.

Kan 11 Poll: Blue&White, Likud, Gain a Seat Each, Habayit Hayehudi Disappears

In response to the question whom they would prefer as the next prime minister, 41% of respondents preferred Benjamin Netanyahu, with Benny Gantz trailing with 38%, within the margin of error.

Biden in Iowa: Sanders’ Notion of Leveraging US Aid Against Israel ‘Bizarre’

Biden said he was getting “tired of everybody giving the Palestinian Authority a pass ... as if they’re not continuing to foment all of this.”

Netanyahu Calling for Direct Elections, Many Object

In an early November Channel 12 poll, 40% said they would vote for Netanyahu, while 36% said they would vote for Gantz.

Trump to IAC Crowd: American-Jews Who Vote Democrat ‘Don’t Love Israel Enough’

Trump sharply criticized his predecessor, saying under the Obama administration relations with Israel were “undermined and neglected.”

Labor MK Collecting 60 Signatures for Likud’s Yuli Edelstein as Next Prime Minister

"We have to tell him – You are the Speaker of the Knesset, it's all on your head."

Jews Have Rights in Judea

The new promises of new construction for the Jews of Hebron offered by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Justice Minister Hit by Leftwing Smear Job as He Is Battling Belligerent AG

Case closed, right? How could this poor boy from Rishon get himself a special spot in the capital market? He must have done something wrong. Seriously, that's the extent of the accusation.

Liberman Won’t Join Anyone, Kahlon Weighs Resignation, Next Wednesday Israel Starts 3rd Election Campaign

Liberman said: "We are going to very difficult, very turbulent elections, and no one knows what level of cursing and slander we will reach in the coming campaign."

127 Israeli, Jewish Academics Want France to Kill ‘Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism’ Resolution

Le Monde published an open letter from a group of 127 Israeli and Jewish intellectuals who claimed that "cette résolution est hautement problématique," this resolution is highly problematic.

Im Tirtzu Wants Disciplinary Action Against State Attorney Nitzan for Soliciting Judges

"There is something rotten in the way the judiciary handled the Netanyahu investigations."

Blue&White to Likud: Call Us When You Agree Gantz Goes First

At present, there is no majority in the Knesset for a request from Netanyahu for immunity.

Blue&White Drops Out of 61 Signatures Race, Third Elections Appear Inevitable

Israelis could use the 5 billion shekel a new campaign would cost the state, to, say, build a few new hospitals.

Bennett Approves New Jewish Neighborhood in Hebron’s Wholesale Market

The wholesale market in Hebron was owned by the Jewish residents of the city until the August 24, 1929 massacre.

In Ramallah Speech Israeli Academic Accuses Israel of Robbery, Violence, Oppression

Raanan, who last January was called by a French news website "the new Jewish Zuabi," teaches in Sapir College in Sderot.

Liberman: We’ll Sign for Both Gantz and Netanyahu to Assemble Coalition

It's hard to believe that either Gantz or Netanyahu would be able to actually put together a new government even in the extra 14 days allowed by the law, should Liberman refuse to join them.

Report: Knesset Speaker Edelstein Preparing to Run for Likud Leadership

Edelstein has recently also launched an initiative aimed at preventing third elections.

Watch: Jeremy Corbyn Refuses Four Times to Apologize for Labour Anti-Semitism

Piers Morgan said on Good Morning Britain the next day that Corbyn "must be anti-Semitic."

Lapid, Yaalon, Refuse to Sit in Government with Netanyahu

"Israel is in the midst of a government emergency that could lead to economic and social collapse."

Im Tirtzu Launches Campaign for Law Enforcement Reforms following Netanyahu’s Indictments

Im Tirtzu believes the Netanyahu investigations heightened the dangers posed by Israel's unchecked law enforcement.

US Rabbis Call on Democrats to Withdraw Vicious Anti-Settlements Letter

The Coalition for Jewish Values said the letter took a consistently hostile position towards Israel, misstated historical facts, and called on the administration to violate US law.

Channel 12 Poll Shows Blue&White with 37 Seats, Likud Sinking to 30

The leftwing bloc now has 45 seats, compared with the rightwing bloc which still has 55 seats. Avigdor Liberman remains the kingmaker with his 7 mandates, and the Arab list has 13.


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