Good News: Only 14 Out of 8 Million Israelis Want Boycott of Berlin Music...

How ironic, that Rosen Zvi, whose articles deal with the development of the term Goy, would be used to bash a pro-Jewish resolution by the vast majority of a German parliament practically packed with goyim.

Tlaib’s Grandmother: ‘I Hope God Will Destroy Trump’ After Tlaib Rejects Visit

Many in the media, both news and social, suggested not allowing in the two exceptionally hateful women was somehow anti-Democratic. Does democracy mean turning the other cheek? Wrong religion, folks.

Tlaib to Visit Grandmother, Signed Commitment to Keep Low Profile

At this point, Tlaib is planning to visit between Sunday and Friday of next week.

Likud: Lapid Never Protested his Own MK’s Petition to Cancel Trump’s Meeting in Israel...

The signatories include former Communist party MK Dov Khenin, Labor's Eitan Cabel, and Lapid's Yesh Atid MK Yael German.

Report: Netanyahu Considering Trump’s Request to Ban Tlaib, Omar

The two are expected to take advantage of the visit to embark on a harsh attack on Israel.

Court Reverses Ruling on Segregated Concert, Leaves Final Call to Afula Municipality

Women's Lobby CEO Michal Gra Margaliot told the court that the value of equality in the public sphere supersedes consideration for the feelings of the Haredi community.

Report: AG to Recommend Disqualifying Otzma’s Marzel, Gopstein

Yamina chairwoman Ayelet Shaked objected to Mandelblit's position, recalling, "[Joint Arab List candidate] Ofer Cassif said I was neo-Nazi scum, so for that he didn't run to the Knesset?"

Disbanding Gush Katif a Failed Experiment, says General who Helped Carry Out Expulsion

Most of the assumptions proposed by Israel’s military and political establishment ahead of land withdrawals have proven false, while the social impact of such evacuations have left deep scars.

Shas to Petition Court over Ban on Separate Seating at Afula Concert

Sahas pointed out ultra-Orthodox taxpayers also deserve to enjoy events in their city of residence.

The Real Apartheid in Hebron

As you can see in the video, Amro is allowed to defame Israel in the middle of a Jewish street in Hebron.

Haneen Zoabi Facing Indictments for ‘Broad and Systematic Fraud’

Police suspect that during 2013 the party deposited about NIS 3.2 million from a source that has not yet been identified with the funds fraudulently declared as donations from private donors.

Reform Movement Seeks to Disqualify Otzma Yehudit

Otzma Yehudit responded: On the day Jewish blood is spilled and depraved individuals kill a soldier, the Reform movement chooses to ask for our disqualification."

Smotrich Defines Himself by Secular Attacks on his Faith

Clearly, it's a strategy, and one which obviously rings true with the voters Smotrich is looking to bring back home.

Meet Me on Hamas, Corner of Incendiary Balloons: Protest Street Signs Overtake Tel Aviv...

As the activist group described it: "The street names were changed in response to the failed government policy against Hamas and the terrorist organizations"

Under Meretz Pressure, Barak Kills Call for Deterrence in Gaza

If the campaign succeeds in luring in Arab votes at the expense of the Joint Arab List, the party expects to receive about two complete mandates from Arab voters.

Liberman Continues Anti-Religious Rampage, Smotrich Hits Back

Smotrich is right, so we score this round in his favor, but with an asterisk, because, hey, he knew what he was doing last night.

Court Rejects Arab NGO’s Request to Restrain Zionist Watchdog

"These circumstances do not justify granting a restraining order," wrote judge Michal Sharvit.

Education Minister Peretz Replacing Anti-Ariel U. Professor with Aryeh Eldad on Budget Committee

Commission officials said Shain's tenure was not renewed because of his opposition to the establishment of the school of medicine at Ariel University.

JTA Election Pic Worth a Thousand Misogynistic Innuendos

Look at the over-effeminized Ayelet Shaked leaning against the broad shoulders of General Benny Gantz, as a lechery Avigdor Liberman is staring at her upper body.

Latest Survey Gives Blue&White Lead But No Chance to Build Coalition

The survey shows that the Israeli Jewish public is solidly rightwing, since, with Liberman, the rightwing representation in the Knesset stands at 70%.

IfNotNow Annoyed: 2 Debates, 20 Democrats, Not One Word About ‘Occupation’

Emma asks sheepishly: "Can you donate $5 to make sure we can make the Occupation a central issue in the next debates?"

On Eve of 9 B’Av Religious Zionists Purge Otzma Yehudit

On the morning after that tense game of chicken between Ben-Gvir and United Right, it has become clear that refusing to accept Otzma's demands was not a United Right failure, it was their strategy.

Liberman Predicts Labor Will Carry Bibi over 61-Seat Threshold

"He (Netanyahu) has nothing to do with the right, he promotes only two principles: his own ruling with God's grace and his cult of personality."

Gantz Seeking Partnership with Haredi Parties, Claims Lapid Doesn’t Hate Haredim

The candidate for Prime Minister addressed the elephant in the room, his fellow Blue&White leader Yair Lapid, who is universally loathed by the Haredi public.

United Right: Netanyahu Seeking Coalition with Gantz

It is important to note that without the Otzma Yehudit votes – estimated at 70,000 – the party of Rafi Peretz and Bezalel Smotrich would not have crossed the threshold in the April elections.

German Left Protests Trump’s Threat to Designate Antifa a Terror Group

On the German right, Alternative for Germany (AfD) party members expressed gratitude and support for Trump and demanded action against Antifa in Germany, too.

Barak-Meretz Platform Omits Reference to 2-State Solution

Meretz receives only four seats out of the first 11 slots of the Democratic Camp, despite the fact that Meretz is the main party and the supposed leader of the new union.

With 4 Days to Deadline, Peretz Confirms He Won’t Leave Should Shaked Assume Leadership

The Deadline for submitting lists for the September 17 election is Thursday evening, August 1.

Despite PM’s Objections, Shaked Demands Final Deal with Peretz, Smotrich in 24 Hours

Too inclusive a union might actually cost the bloc some votes, because the purists in each section of the public to the right of Likud might opt to stay home if they're turned off by this or that partner.


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