Reform Movement Wins Shas’ Tender to Share Shabbat Experience with Israeli Youth

Turns out the Haredim are not the only religious Israelis who can game the system.

Bedouin Attacks on Israel’s Highway Become Left vs. Right Wedge Issue

According to Rogel, the frequent reports on Israeli media about those attacks on the road are part of the right-wing's effort to retake the government.

Religious Zionism MK Objects to Transport Minister’s Shabbat Buses Unless She Privatizes All Public...

MK Rothman told us that he trusts the public to read all three lines of his tweet, including the one about the dire need to preserve Jewish values.

Rep. Jamaal Bowman in Trouble with Democratic Socialists of America over Supporting Israel

Thank God for the DSA, maybe there's hope for the GOP to take back both houses next November?

Parents’ Revolt Ousts England’s ‘Wokest Headmistress’ on Charges of Anti Semitism

Some Jewish parents complained of a "culture of fear" at the school, which ostracized their children over the issue of Israel.

IDF Creates Teams to Fight Settlers’ ‘Hate Crimes’ During Peak in Stone, Firebomb Attacks...

The litany of Arab attacks on Jews should give you an idea of the real menace in Judea and Samaria.

Smotrich Announces Party Registration and Primaries, Wants 10 Seats

Smotrich shared his dream of winning 10 seats in the next elections (he now has six with two partners), which he plans to tear off his rivals in Yamina, Likud, and UTJ.

Smotrich: Decent People Must Not Remain Indifferent to the Circus Emerging from Netanyahu’s Trial

It is "difficult not to attribute malicious intent to the police and the State Attorney's Office and all their senior officials."

How Embarrassing! Left-Wing Org Promotes Arab ‘Victim’ Who Turns Out to be a Terrorist

The wounded Arab “farmer” touted by Yesh Din was a terrorist who had stabbed a soldier and served time in jail.
Maaleh Adumim, across from E1, near Jerusalem, December 2, 2012.

26 Democrats Urge Biden Administration to Prevent Israeli Housing in E-1 Region

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who recently visited Israel on a J Street-sponsored trip, is leading an effort expressing “immense concern” over plans to build 3,400 new apartments.

Leftwing Israeli Activist Asks for Guns to Protect PA Arabs from Jews

Palestinian Authority citizens need protection from Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, Shadmi said.

Justice Minister Looking to Replace AG Mandelblit with a Woman

Saar's main goal is to split the role of the Attorney General in two: legal counsel to the government, and chief prosecutor.

Corbyn Would Face 10 Years in Prison If He Defies UK’s New Total Ban...

The Home Secretary will say in a speech in Washington on Friday that “Hamas is fundamentally and rabidly anti-Semitic.”

Education Minister Upholds Decision not to Give BDS-Supporting Prof. Israel Prize

Goldreich signed a petition in March calling for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions in Judea and Samaria.

100-Plus House Republicans Introduce Bill to Block Reopening of US Consulate

Rep. David Kustoff (R-Tenn.) said the proposal to reopen it would be “inconsistent” with the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995.

Everything You Need to Know about the Kotel Compromise: What It Means & What...

Unlike American Jews who want their own share in the Kotel when they come to visit, the WOW are not interested in compromises.

Popular News Show’s Arabic Spinoff Hits Snag: Host Called IDF Soldiers ‘Nazis’

Rami Younis deserves to lose his show, or spend some town in a reeducation camp where fairness and liberalism are taught as compulsory subjects.

Netanyahu Asking Court to Postpone Critical Testimony by Former Close Associate

One of the gift bracelets received by Sara Netanyahu, worth about $45,000, was purchased by billionaire James Packer.

Swastika, Yellow Star, in Anti-Vaxxer Rally Outside NY Jewish Assemblyman’s Office

The protesters with the warped notion of historic symbols rallied against Dinowitz's bill that would require all New York students to be vaccinated in order to attend school.

Environment, Tourism, Energy, Foreign Ministries Join Fight Against Emirati Oil Pipeline Deal

The loss of income from an oil spill catastrophe on Eilat's shore would cause a direct loss of income worth NIS 4.5 billion ($1.5 billion).

Report: Gantz Gifted the PA Half a Billion Shekels to Cover Shahids’ Salaries

The PA states in its official report that it has no plans to return to Israel 80% of the half-billion shekels Gantz gifted them.

79 Groups Urge Virginia Tech to Protect Jewish Students after Graduate Senate Approves Pro-BDS...

Virginia Tech’s Graduate and Professional Student Senate members implement the academic boycott on campus and in their own classrooms.

Minister Kahana Launches Campaign to Elect Zionist Chief Rabbis

Kahana wants to prevent the election of yet another Haredi rabbi to lead the Chief Rabbinate which is adhered to by very few if any Haredim.

Deep Survey Finds Few Haredim Would Leave their Kolel Over Liberman’s ‘Incentives’

An almost absolute majority of the Haredi sector (88%) think that Liberman's motives stem from a hatred of the Haredim.


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