Lee Zeldin Joins Republican Jewish Coalition

Zeldin lost his bid to become Governor of the state on November 8.

Reform Women Repress Israel’s Freedom of the Press

I can’t understand how any liberal-minded woman or man can view this as a victory.

Dems Secure Senate Majority as Anti-Israel Warnock Wins Georgia

A video from 2018 shows Warnock delivering a hate-filled rant against Israel and the Trump administration.

New York Times Walks Back False Report on Gaza Fishing Industry

Using official Palestinian statistics, the CAMERA media watchdog proved to the Times that fishermen in the Hamas-ruled enclave have more than doubled their annual catch in the last 15 years.

Coalition Parties Ask Yesh Atid Speaker to Step Down, New Government Around the Corner

Meanwhile, the Haredim want to bring back the Tal Law of 2002 that regulated the Haredi military draft.

Noam Party Leader Condemns Lapid-Led Campaign as ‘Sedition’

Avi Maoz pointed out that teachers hide what they are teaching from the parents, and he plans to make sure parents know what their kids are being exposed to.

Lapid’s Calls for Insurrection Puts Civil Society at Risk, Legal Analysts Say

Israel's outgoing PM urged municipalities not to cooperate with an educational department to be headed by lawmaker Avi Maoz.

Ben Gvir Time: Israel Erases Illegal Bedouin Village near Beer Sheva

WAFA noted that on November 14 Israeli authorities razed the village for the 209th time.

Sovereignty Today: Smotrich Takes Over the IDF Civil Administration

It's a huge win for our side, more important than Itamar Ben Gvir taking over the ministry of national security.

UTJ Head Gafni: ‘Whoever has a Problem with the People’s Elected Government – Go...

Gafni has little patience for those who are implying that the religious parties planning on usurping Israeli democracy.

DeSantis Ties Biden in Latest National Poll, Trump Lags 10 Points Behind

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents differed considerably on reducing US military aid to Ukraine.

Ben Shapiro Objects to Twitter’s Banning of Kanye West: He Didn’t Incite Violence

"People who are treating [West] seriously for their own purposes are sick, deviant."

Jewish Organizations Heavily Involved in Warnock-Walker Race as Georgia Senate Runoff Approaches

Will not having control of the Senate in question be demobilizing for Republican voters?

Lapid Inciting Municipal Mutiny Against Noam’s Educational Programs

Meanwhile, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Esther Hayut came out with her own disturbing statement.

Antony Blinken to Keynote J Street Conference in Washington

The Dec. 4 event will feature discussion on “the future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and the liberal Jewish community’s struggle to confront extremism.”

Former US Diplomats Call on Biden to Withhold Military Aid and Cooperation with Israel

“If the extremist views of the soon to be formed Israeli Government become policy, the Biden Administration needs to step up,” tweeted Aaron David Miller, who served six secretaries of state as an advisor on Arab-Israeli negotiations.

Leftist Old Guard Landing Final Punches as Israelis Prepare for Better Leaders

Did Lapid really just depict David Ben Gurion as an LGBTQ unsung hero?

Survey: Majority of Israeli Jews Support Harsher Treatment of Arab Terrorists

The steepest rise in the demand for an iron fist response has taken place in the traditional-religious population.

Ahmad Tibi: Israeli Reporters in Qatar Think All Arabs Are Like Israel Lover Yoseph...

For future references, you should know, Tibi says Arabs hate you...

Shaked’s Final Coup: Advancing Plan for 9,000 Housing Units in Northern Jerusalem

“Shaked was infinitely loyal to construction in the city in general and Atarot in particular."

Likud and Noam Agree on National Jewish Identity Authority Headed by Avi Maoz

Maoz previously served as Director of the Ministry of Interior under Natan Sharansky and director of the Ministry of Housing under minister Effi Eitam.

Arab Activist Admits, Hebron Soldier was Provoked for Video

The activists provoke the young soldiers hoping to catch a reaction on video.

Summing Up his Year in Office Bennett Praises Mainly Mansour Abbas

In the end, Bennett’s government did not fail over misinformation, but over information.

IDF Suspends Soldiers Who Responded to Relentless Harassment by Anarchists in Hebron

Givati Brigade fighters were documented on Friday attacking leftist anarchists in Hebron, beating one of them up. As usual, the video that spread like...

Trudeau’s Conservative Rival Promises Moving Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem

Canada’s next federal election will take place in October 2025, so this check can’t be cashed for about three years.

Shin Bet Jewish Section Sacks Shiloh Security Coordinator, ‘Collaborated with Hilltop Youth’ (Updated)

We hope Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir will take steps to eliminate the Jewish Section.

Religious Zionism: One Thing Is True about our Coalition Negotiations – Likud Lies

Netanyahu et al aim to trample, humiliate and diminish Religious Zionism.

Biden’s Press Secretary Kindergarten Teacher of the Year: ‘I’m Not Calling on People who...

“Since when is it disrespectful for a journalist to question someone in power?"


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