Pro-Israel Democrats Go After Bernie Sanders

The new ad features six Iowa voters, and argues that Bernie Sanders would be unable to defeat Trump because of the senator’s heart attack last year and his leftist ideology.

Likud Minister Explaining Why Annexation Must Be Delayed Even as DM Bennett Prepares to...

"I'll be clear," Bennett stressed, "Whatever is postponed until after the election will never happen. We all understand that."

Ambassador Friedman: Go Annex Those Settlements, What Are You Waiting For?

"If the Israelis apply Israeli law to the settlements and to the territory that you’ll see soon enough is allocated to Israel under the plan […] then we will recognize Israeli sovereignty."

World’s Reaction to Trump’s Peace Plan Iffy to Outright Hostile

The fact is, the world is not interested in innovative peace plans, they don't want to read them and they certainly don't wish to appear as if they support it.

Netanyahu Indicted

The move means that the indictments against Netanyahu can now be filed in Jerusalem District Court.

Michael Bloomberg Only Democrat in Presidential Race with Pro-Israel Agenda

The Trump folks could wake up one morning to discover their lunch money missing.

Settlers Launching Deal of the Century Pushback

Dagan claims that the Trump plan would include the establishment of a Palestinian state and the surrender of about 70% of Judea and Samaria.

Sanders Has Huge Lead in Iowa Ahead of Feb. 3 Caucuses

Darling of the left, filmmaker Michael Moore declared that only Sanders can beat President Trump in November.

Gantz Before Meeting Trump, Netanyahu: What Happens in the Oval Office Stays in the...

"When you invite the Israeli prime minister and you don't invite the PA chairman, then between whom is this agreement? Between Bibi and Gantz?"

Ilhan Omar Running Unopposed in Dem Primary as Trump Attacks Boost her Donations

Like the Brian Epstein of modern politics, Trump created “The Squad” – a group of four women elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives.

Latest Poll: Gantz 35, Bibi 31, Blocs Still at Stalemate

Itamar Ben-Gvir's Otzma Yehudit does not cross the 3.25% vote threshold, getting only 1.9% of the respondents' votes in this survey.

Likud Officials Say Netanyahu Waiting for Trump’s Green Light to Annex Jordan Valley, But...

"The talk of applying sovereignty in the Jordan Valley, Samaria and Judea is welcome. But for now it's just that, talk."

He Wants to Ban their Pro-Terrorist MK, But Arab List Insists They’ll Back Gantz

Benny Gantz would have no choice but to lean on the Joint Arab List in the Knesset, if he wants to form and maintain a majority government.

New Polls Show Blue&White Widening Gap Over Likud

Center-left-Arab bloc wins 58 seats, rightwing-Haredi bloc with 55 seats, Liberman remains the decider.

Mothers Clash with Anarchists at Jonathan Pollak’s Court Hearing

"There must be a clear message that whomever attacks IDF soldiers will find himself behind bars for a long time," said the Mothers for Soldiers Forum.

Finnish MP Arrested While Attempting to Cut Gaza Border Fence

Meanwhile, to keep things in perspective, Arab terrorists fired a number of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel's southern communities this week.

Knesset Lists Submitted: Allied Zionist Right Dumps Otzma Yehudit

Naftali Bennett stood on his hind legs and stubbornly refused to add Ben-Gvir to the united list.

Israel’s Bar Association Dis-Appoints Defender of Terrorists

Bereaved parents called the appointment "an unparalleled disgrace" and a "spit in the face of thousands of Israelis who have been murdered over the years."

Provocative Tiberias Mayor Fired

Ron Kobi was accused of provoking and instigating against religious Jews. He was fired for failing to pass a budget.

Attack on IDF Soldiers Added to Lawsuit Against Anarchist Pollak

Pollak was recorded in no less than 12 incidents, including as part of a group of rioters who threw stones at IDF soldiers, rolled burning tires towards the soldiers, and fought with Border Police.

Knesset Committee Removes Speaker Edelstein’s Power to Influence Netanyahu’s Immunity

"No democracy in the world has changed the rules of the electoral process during a vacation. "

Update: Appointment of Terrorist-Defending Lawyer to Military Court Committee Now Frozen

Lea Tsemel has represented a long list of terrorists. Families of terror victims expressed their outrage at her appointment.

Knesset’s Legal Advisor: Edelstein Can’t Block Committee Formation to Rule on Immunity; Edelstein: Convening...

The Likud believes that the Knesset Advisor has a conflict of interest, as his wife participated in the state prosecution’s ruling on Netanyahu’s cases.

Corbyn: Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination ‘Illegal Under Any Law’

Corbyn was critical of the fact that the call for calm that was issued by the UK following the assassination of Soleimani was directed at Iran, which he called the injured party.

Pelosi to Force Trump to Seek House Approval for Future Attacks on Iran

Would lawmakers neuter the presidency over an insult? Pettier things have happened.


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