Will Trump Benefit in the Polls from Saturday’s Shooting?

10% of survey respondents believed forceful action was warranted to prevent Donald Trump from assuming the presidency.

Code Pink, PYM Face Lawsuit After LA Protest

Plaintiff Ronen Helmann detailed numerous acts of intimidation, including the threat “Slaughter the Jews.”

Biden Report to Congress Under Elie Wiesel Act Seems to Use Hamas Stats, Blame...

Although Israel has said that 14,000 to 16,000 Gazan noncombatants had been killed as of mid-May, the U.S. government said that the Jewish state killed "tens of thousands" through April.

Simply Unprofessional: US Sanctions the Wrong Israeli ‘Violent Settler’

It's not so much clumsiness as another example of how the Biden administration is getting its information on events in Judea and Samaria from anti-Israel NGOs.

IDF Investigation Exonerates Brig. Gen. Barak Hiram, Praises his Initiative on October 7

Edelstein's conclusions pave the way for Hiram to take over the command of the Gaza Division. He is scheduled to take office within a few weeks.

Colorado Democrat Sen. Bennet: If Biden Stays Trump Will Win by a Landslide

Bennet refuted Biden’s claim that only the party elite wanted him to drop out of the presidential race.

Committee MKs Drill IDF’s HR Chief on Proposed Haredi Draft

Yesh Atid, MK Karine Elharrar-Hartstein asked if separating yeshiva graduates from female soldiers was necessary.

Marine Le Pen’s 2022 Presidential Campaign Targeted by Investigation

Although begun in 2023, the fact that this investigation is becoming above-the-fold news in France's media may be a sign of things to come under the new extreme-left-led majority in the Assembly.

Gen. Fox and Jewish Settlers Clash for the Last Time (We Hope)

"The conceptzia that the IDF needs to preserve the Palestinian Authority in order to maintain Israel's security is what turned Jenin and Shechem into Gaza."

French Aliyah on Steroids May Follow Antisemitic Far-Left Victory

Some 700,000 French Jews are eligible to make Aliyah under the Law of Return.

Labour’s Muslim Justice Secretary Shabana Mahmood Is BDS Supporter but Also Condemned Hamas

The MP for Birmingham Ladywood since 2010 is a long-time supporter of BDS against Israel, and a regular at anti-Israel rallies.

Netanyahu’s Confidante Meyer Habib Lost his Assembly Seat to Macron’s Candidate

Habib has been considered PM Benjamin Netanyahu's confidant for years and was involved in various aspects of the relationship between Israel and France during Netanyahu's tenure.

Extreme Left Outmaneuvers National Right in France’s 2nd Round Elections, Recognition of Palestinian State...

Mélenchon firmly supports Palestinian statehood and is critical of Israel, describing it as a colonial state.

Israeli Jews Shift Rightward After Oct. 7

Almost "no one supports the old idea of a Palestinian state," pollster says.

Dems Fight GOP Bill Requiring Voters’ Proof of Citizenship

The most likely cause for noncitizens registering to vote are State DMV officials who are trained to inquire if while renewing their motor vehicle licenses.

Labour Lost 5 Seats in Pro-Hamas Districts

Jeremy Corbyn's win brings the total of pro-Hamas independent MPs to six.

Peace Now: 3 New Settlements, 5,295 Homes in Judea and Samaria; Minister Strook: It’s...

The Supreme Planning Council approved today and yesterday (July 3-4) the promotion of 5,295 housing units in dozens of settlements throughout Judea and Samaria.

Manchester Mosque Apologizes for Calling Invited Rabbi ‘Child killer’

“We regret what has happened,” said the Masjid Bilal Islamic Center.

Police: If We Cancel Gag Order on Israeli Who Killed Nukhba Terrorist the Hostages...

Judge Oded Maor shared his confusion with the police representative about the gag order.

Labour Got Rid of Its Extreme Leftists and Was Rewarded with a Landslide Victory

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, 61, denied repeatedly that he was actively blocking the path of extreme leftist candidates from running in the July 4 snap elections.

White Men Suing Northwestern Law School over Bias in Hiring

The lead lawyer for the plaintiffs, Jonathan F. Mitchell, a renowned conservative attorney from Texas, said in a statement on Tuesday, “We’re just getting started.”

With Lead Widening Across the Polls, Trump: ‘I Got him Out’

Even if Biden gives flawless performances in the coming days, senior Democratic strategists suggest that his position may be at risk.

Columbia Administrators’ Texts Reveal New Depths of Apathy and Disdain Toward Jewish Students

Several exchanges engaged in antisemitic stereotypes regarding Jews and money. One message stated, “Amazing what $$$$ can do."

State Prosecutor Seeking Criminal Investigation Against Ben Gvir for Inciting Violence Against… Gazans

This is an effort to show the Criminal Court in The Hague that the Israeli judicial system is handling extremists inside the government.

Andrew Cuomo Group Launches Ad Ridiculing Pro-Hamas Protesters

“We’re at a crucial moment in history where antisemitism is spreading unchecked and support for Israel in this country is waning."

Survey: Likud Members Punish Gallant, Barkat, Edelstein and Regev

When asked who is their choice for PM, Likud members voted – surprise, surprise – 68% for Netanyahu.


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