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Hillary Clinton. (archive)

The heated exchange was focused on Bennett’s rejection of Palestinian statehood. Indyk and Bennett each called the other deluded.

“How many people need to die in our country before you wake up from this illusion?” Bennett asked Indyk.


Indyk also pressed Bennett on past comments in which the Israeli said John Kerry, the U.S. secretary of state, encouraged terrorism and “amplified” anti-Semitism. Bennett said there were things he regretted saying and added that Kerry was a friend of Israel.



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  1. shows what a pathetic political tool Hilary is–only interested in her own well-being and career.
    Same woman who several years ago in NYC "warmly embraced" a Palestinian woman "leader" heavily involved in terrorism and said publicly what a "great job" she was doing!

    Politicians think we're like they are and don't remember or care what anyone says–"What difference does it make?" as Hilary infamously said during Benghazi Senate hearings.

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