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Acting Leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (front left) and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) in Ramallah, June, 2013

Incitement is Ignored

While Israeli society has steadily moved over the years towards accepting Palestinian Arab self-determination, this has not been shared on the Palestinian Arab side- especially in the past 20 years since the Oslo Accords. The incitement rampantly permeates through Palestinian culture, in its schools, textbooks, mosques, and media and has ensured that an entire generation of Palestinians has been brainwashed and fed a diet of hatred towards Jews and Israel.


The elephant in the room is the global jihad against a dhimmi people, the Jews.   The demonization of Jews as subhuman, the delegitimization of a Jewish state regardless of its borders, the negation of Jewish history, and the glorification of terrorists who have murdered Jews is endemic.

The Israeli government’s recent release of its PA Incitement and Culture of Peace Index noted:  Adolf Hitler is quoted on the websites of Palestinian Authority schools; a young girl appears on Palestinian television describing Jews as ‘barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs’ and the ‘murderers of Muhammad,’ the Islamic prophet; maps on the Facebook page of the Palestinian presidential guards do not show Israel; President Mahmoud Abbas himself embraced as ‘heroes’ released Palestinian prisoners who killed Israelis.

Right of Return/ Judenrein State

PA officials and leaders have repeatedly stated not only their opposition to a Jewish state living peacefully alongside a Palestinian state, but that one of their red lines is the “right of return” which will flood Israel with potentially millions of descendants of refugees who left Israel during the 1948 War, and the concomitant refusal to allow any Jews to live in the Palestinian State. Not only is this designed to destroy the Jewish nature of Israel proper, it is pure racist in ideology and effect. And it is not a secret.

Prisoner Exchange

Israel was forced by Kerry to release over 120 Arab convicted prisoners, many murderers with blood on their hands, as a “good will gesture,” just to entice the Palestinian Arabs to come to the negotiations. No concessions, of course, were asked of the Palestinian Arabs.

Yet, hypocritically, the Obama Administration made express reservations about the release of one man, Othman Amar Mustafa. Why? Because it turns out he had killed an American.

As reported by Nadav Shragai, statistics compiled by the Defense Ministry revealed that nearly half of the 13,000 terrorists whom Israel has released since 1985 within the framework of agreements, gestures, and diplomatic outlines resumed terrorist activities either as planners of attacks, executors of attacks, or accessories. Hundreds of Israelis have already been killed by freed terrorists and 3,000 have been maimed.

The 1,150 terrorists freed as part of the Jibril exchange in 1978 went on to serve as the backbone of the leadership during the First Intifada. At least half of the 7,000 terrorists freed following the signing of the Oslo Accords were reintegrated into terrorist organizations and took an active role in the Second Intifada.

So the bottom line seems to be that this is the price Israel is being forced to pay just to sit at the negotiating table with these alleged “peace partners.”

A Peace Deal must be made at all costs and is key to entire Middle East

As U.S. foreign policy under the Obama Administration is coming unglued around the world, it is evident that it is ever more desperate for a peace deal, and that it intends to lean on its ally Israel, to seal its legacy (and actually earn that Nobel Peace Prize).

Abbas is not the man of compromise the media portrays him to be, and his people have deliberately not been prepared for peace but instead have been brainwashed for hatred, violence, jihad and terrorism. He cannot deliver the goods, nor does he want to bring the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” to an end.


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Lee Bender is the co-author of "Pressing Israel: Media Bias Exposed From A-Z" (Pavilion Press), and co-president of the Zionist Organization of America-Greater Philadelphia District.


  1. It is the republicans fault. I can remember the republicans talling Israel to sit on its hands while SCUDs were hitting it. Americans are stupid but the title republican tells us which ones are. \If Israel recalled it diplomats or sent American diplomats home it would send a clear message who ran Israel. The US goes around the world talking freedom, and assorted crap, but then pushes its allies around like trash. How much different is it from other dictators?

  2. Just ignore Obummer and crying Kerry and do what’s right for Israel as a Jewish state! Send the Arabs back to where they came from Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Saudi and remember your proud past and traditions! I think you might have missed some of those Amalakites you were told to take care of!

  3. They are liars. Only fools believe them. G-D sees everything. They will pay dearly for their terrorism against the Jewish nation of Israel. Israel will someday be totally abandoned by every nation, she will stand alone against her enemies. And G-D will then intervene for her and will supernaturally destroy all her enemies, and Israel will once again be a land of peace forever! Amen!

  4. Who can stop this idiot Kerry??
    Let him go back to the USA and let him stay there for ever en never come back for peace, because the palestines do not want pas at all.
    They want The whole land of Israel, But don't be worry Israel will survive and will overcome.
    Shalom Israel

  5. They don't want peace, that's great, because Israel will not need to give them anything for nothing, they love war, that is great, send a notice out to the region for civilian to leave, then start a war, and destroy the enermy completely. Then there will not be a peace problem with PA, and no more ..piss negotiations..
    which only ended up in the sewage system. Israel is well able to destroy her enermy once and for all, because G.D loves and fights for israel.

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