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Young Readers


Pinny the Peanut Learns About Allergies, by Rochel Burstyn (Feldheim): With so many of our schools peanut and nut free, and allergy rates continuously on the rise, a book that demystifies allergies is long overdue. With simple explanations and great illustrations, Pinny the Peanut gives allergic kids the confidence not to feel bad about their dietary restrictions while informing their non-allergic counterparts why their beloved PB&J can be a real problem for some.

A Treasure for the Princess by Ilana Keilson (Judaica Press): This beautifully illustrated book and its accompanying music CD was created for Bnos Bais Yaakov in Far Rockaway and presents tznius in a positive light, giving girls an appreciation for tznius and explaining why it is not a burden but a mitzvah to be embraced.

Let’s Go Free with Miri & Tzvi by Devorah Benedict (Feldheim): The Seder can seem awfully long, but not when you are following along with this great Hagada, full of fun tidbits and great illustrations. Last year, I let my kids argue over who got this one the second night of Pesach. The first night of Pesach it was all mine!

Noach and the Flood presented by Rabbi Mordechai Chalamish with illustrations by Devorah Benedict (Feldheim): A fascinating illustrated look at the life of Noach, augmented with commentaries and midrashim, that is simple enough for young readers to grasp, but with enough content to leave even adults enthralled. 15 pages of sources in Hebrew are included for those who want to delve even deeper.


Grade Schoolers

Mimi in the Middle by Chani Altein (Judaica Press): What to do when your summer vacation plans totally self destructs and you find yourself stuck home with rambunctious twins, a disapproving Bubby and your only company is a new neighbor who seems to radiate disapproval? Join Mimi in this 252 page adventure that is simultaneously sweet and entertaining.

Twin Trouble by Tova Shkedi (Judaica Press): If you haven’t read the first two books in the Twin Discovery series, fear not. This electrifying full length adventure that mixes science with fun is still a great page turner as the Abrams twins try to extricate themselves from an experiment gone wrong that gives new meaning to the phrase “mind over matter.”

Tuky: The Story of a Hidden Child by Shterni Rosenfeld (Hachai): Prepare to be blown away by the bravery of a six year old Hungarian girl who clung to her faith and took care of younger family members while she was hidden during the Holocaust. Be aware that this true story may written be on a 3rd or 4th grade reading level, but the subject matter may be too intense for more sensitive kids.

The Book of Amazing Facts and Feats 4 by Nattan Hurvitz and Aharon Yosef Hoffman (Feldheim): Think Guinness Book of World Records, but with a Jewish perspective. This 189 page book will keep kids (and adults) enthralled for hours!


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