Photo Credit: screen shot, BBC
Outside the Toulouse Jewish school where Islamists murdered a rabbi and two of his children last March.

Dozens of Jews might have been murdered by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud if police had not killed him in the counter-terror manhunt after the Paris massacres he orchestrated earlier this month.

A Reuters report by a witness stated that Abaaoud also plotted to attack the French school and transit systems. Jews apparently were the only group singled out to be murdered although no specific targets were mentioned in the report.


Abaaoud reportedly boasted about how easy it was for him to cross back in to Europe from Syria, where he was thought to be living at the time of the November 13 massacres in Paris. Police caught up with him five days later and killed Abaaoud, a Belgian citizen.

The same witness revealed that he planned to attack Jews and others after the Paris bloodbath and had asked his cousin to hide him, saying “they would do worse (damage) in districts close to the Jews and would disrupt transport and schools.

The cousin, Hasna Ait Boulahcen, also was killed by police.

French Jews have been at the top of the hit list by radical Islamists, who murdered four Jews nearly a year ago at a kosher supermarket in Paris and a rabbi and two of his children at a Jewish school in Toulouse two months later.



  1. “On Friday, June 17th, 1242, twenty-four cartloads of priceless Hebrew manuscripts were publicly burned in Paris. This attack upon Hebrew literature was the prelude to many more: and the Talmud was persecuted with such ferocity that, notwithstanding Jewish zeal and devotion, only one ancient manuscript of the whole text is now in existence..!” Not much has changed in France – many French Jews of late had taken flight to Israel because of drastic incidences against them; the burning of synagogues, beating up of religious Jews and many other situations had occurred because France had once again felt their bile rise with the same mediaeval influx showing their preference toward the islamic personnel, granting sharia law in sections of Paris. Now their preferences have overflowed and by the article on this page, the blame lies with the ISIS who wanted to attack Jewish areas. Unfortunately for them, there was no discrimination in the attack. – France batted for the wrong team…!

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