Photo Credit: Feldheim Publishers

Title: Is It Ever Enough? A Journey Toward Joyful Living
By Sarah Pachter
Feldheim Publishers, 400 pages




Are we ever enough? Do we ever have enough? Do we ever do enough? The answer lies in our perspective. Sarah Pachter doles out great perspective in short, easily read chapters on how to feel not gratitude so much as awareness of all we are, all we do and all we have. Her favorite literary tool is metaphor and sharing relatable stories from her life with messages that we can easily incorporate into ours.

Something I took away from this book is the need to be present and mindful, and Pachter explains why and how to do this in a practical way.

Pachter explains that it’s “a book that can teach us to become satiated, to feel full with who we are and what we are doing. It’s about becoming happy with our lot, with ourselves, with our lives, and with the people in our lives.”

By dividing the book into mini-topics and specific times, Pachter helps us to embrace the goodness in our lives a little bit at a time. And somehow, a little bit becomes more than enough.

With accolades from big names in the Torah world, you can be sure that this book is as elevating as well as practical, spiritual as well as psychological, and meaningful in every topic it addresses. Is It Ever Enough? is a book that makes you think by (to use a metaphor) focusing the lens on the situation the same way an optician does when trying to determine your best vision potential, until finding the lens with the perfect focus.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, and suggest reading it more than once. The chapters are like tidbits because it is a meal to be digested slowly in order to be well-absorbed.

Is It Ever Enough? is truly a guidebook on the journey toward joyful living.


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