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Stories That Light Up Your Heart; By Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky; ArtScroll Mesorah Publications



The world can sometimes seem like a very dark and cold place. If you ever feel that way, or are looking for a good dose of inspiration, you must read Stories That Light Up Your Heart. When you read stories of people around the globe who had their prayers answered, who saw that indeed Hashem was with them every step of the way, or who experienced a moment when heaven touched earth, it will light up your heart as well.

These are amazing stories. There is the young man who thought he could never learn Torah until the power of his tears accomplished the impossible. The little boy fighting a terrible disease who decided that he would go directly to the King for help. The little girls crying at their brother’s wedding because they missed their mother, who had recently passed away – and the mysterious package brought to them that dries their tears and soothes their souls.

This is a book that speaks to all ages, with stories that touch everyone’s heart.

When life seems to be full of ups and downs and you are unsure about the future, read the story about the boy who loved to ride on rollercoasters because of the lessons they taught him. Read the story about Rav Yitzchok Grossman, shlita, who understood the power of a hot piece of potato kugel. When you want to strengthen yourself in mitzvos but need an impetus, read the story about a little girl named Gali whose mother undertook a difficult mitzvah, which changed her life and brought about a medical miracle. These are stories that fuel our faith and strengthen our hearts in a time when we all need chizuk.

There is no better time of year than Chanukah to read this book. Just as the menorah lights up the night, so these stories light up our hearts – and the world will never seem as dark and cold again.


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