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Title: I Live With My Mommy
Publisher: Menucha Publishers
By Tzvia Ehrlich Klein
Illustrations by Dena Ackerman



Tzvia E. Klein has produced a very fine book for young children whose parents are divorced. The book is written through the voice of 5-year-old Rochel and doesn’t hesitate to express the feelings of all children who miss their two parent home.

The subject of divorce is dealt with great care. The book is exquisitely illustrated and young children will find it very easy to relate to every page. Young readers will even be able to read the book to their little siblings.

I live with My Mommy also opens up the door for young children to discuss their feelings with their parent and helps parents answer them.

This is a book that can also be read to children whose parents are living together to help them understand the feelings of what is probably a classmate or relative.


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