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Title: Thank You, Hashem
By Debra Betesh



Thank You, Hashem is a concept book with an engaging back-story. The author, Debra Betesh, refers to herself as “The Happiness Queen” and she promotes herself with these words: “Her red aura glow exudes perseverance, tenacity, and an overall joie de vivre. As an out-of-the-box thinker, Debra takes on each day with chutzpah and sees the proverbial glass as full when participating in an array of undertakings.”

In the book’s introduction, Betesh shares that she was born two months prematurely and at a barely viable birth weight. She ascribes her survival to Hashem. “I know I am alive today, not only because of my own strength, but because G-d was there at my side from the beginning.”

Later in life, as a single mother facing a major career decision, Betesh describes how she was sent a clear sign in the form of a personalized license plate on a white van that cut her off as she exited the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel.

From these incidents, Betesh developed a philosophy that guides her life. “Hashem has taught me how strong the mind truly is, and that positivity is the key to living a happy, healthy life. We have the power to create our own happiness,” she writes in the introduction.

Thank You, Hashem is a by-product of the daily phone call Betesh made each morning for many years, precisely at 8:05 a.m. In that call, she would share an affirmation with her father. Eventually, she began posting these daily affirmations on social media. Convinced that her daily affirmations were reaching people and offering them a shot of positivity to get through their day, Betesh created Thank You, Hashem.

The book is printed in landscape format and each two-page spread has four daily affirmations on the left and a full color photograph on the right. The majority of the photos are nature scenes, and human faces are featured in some of the photos.

Each daily affirmation is quite brief. Betesh’s formula first identifies the day (e.g. “Today is feel-good day!” or “Good morning, Hashem. Today is infinite day!” ) and follows with two or three sentences on the theme of the day.

A typical affirmation is this one from July 4: “Good Morning, Hashem. Today is magnanimous day! Try to forgive those who may have wronged you. Life is short and full, and there is no time or room for grudges. The best weapon we have in life is prayer and acceptance. Trust in Hashem.”

Thank You, Hashem is a collection of 365 daily affirmations that can be used by those who seek to make meaning and increase happiness every single day.

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