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COMMUNITY NEWS: Rabbi Israel Meir Lau will be visiting Dallas, TX on March 9.

WOMEN ONLY: February 25 at Beth Jacob San Diego, for the inaugural event of the shul’s new learning initiative, Devorah Kigel will be speaking on ‘Unmasking Your Potential: The Unique Power of the Jewish Woman.’


SINGLES: ShulShareLA has a data base of frum singles with representatives from each Orthodox shulwho network together on behalf of singles in their community.They currently have over 130 women signed up as representatives who are involved in setting up the singles on the database.They’ve all had training session and networking meetings. The website is secure and only viewed by the representatives.If you have questions, you can e-mail [email protected].You can register at


Mazel Tov – Engagements: Hal Cohen to Lindsay Simon.


Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Kayla Swartzberg, daughter of Kevin and Lynn Swartzberg…Rebecca Datnow, daughter of Paul and Julie Datnow.


Mazel Tov – Births: Yosef and Esther Mandelbaum, a son… Arik and Tehilah Wollheim, a daughter … Akiva and Deena Westreich, a daughter (Grandparents Steve and Rifki Weiss; Benny and Joyce Westreich)… Jonathan and Natalie Ravanshenas, a son (Grandparents Dovid and Leah Ravanshenas; Robert and Elana Drexler)… Avi and Lilly Gniwisch, a son (Grandparents Mendel and Rochel Duchman)… David and Atara Kramer, a daughter… Elie and Sharon Hendeles, a son (Grandparents Moise and Angie Hendeles; Barry and Sandy Goldman)… Yehuda and Avigayil Kram, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Dovid and Adina Kram; great-grandmother Sarah Kram)… Dov and Ora Rosenblatt, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Shlomo and Olivia Schwartz)… Ron and Naomi Zadok, a son… Richard and Gabriel Saadat, a son… Jeremy and Stefanie Sandel of NY, a son (Grandparents Michael and Susan Baum)… Rafi and Elimor Ryzman, a boy and girl (Grandparents Rabbi Tzvika and BettyRyzman)… Yossi & Elisheva Katz, a daughter (Grandmother Sylvia Heyman).

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Dovid Friedman, son of Robert and Judy Friedman.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Brana Ratner-Stauber, daughter of Jacqueline Ratner-Stauber and David Stauber to Avrham Harris of Kew Gardens, NY…  Chaya Cohen, daughter of Akiva and Debbie Cohen to Yitzchok Kravetz. Rena Friedman, daughter of Alan and Lisa Friedman to JJ Ribiat of Toronto, CA… Sara Arfa, daughter of Allan and Carmelith Arfa to Max Spielberg, son of Janet and Gil Spielberg.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Gitty Lehmann, daughter of Kenny and Libby Lehmann to Avi Horowicz of Monsey, NY.


Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Malka Feldman, daughter of Rabbi Yitzchok and Ellen Feldman.


Mazel Tov – Births: Shlomo and Malki Marks, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Yaakov Shari Marks).
Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Ahuvah Liebman, daughter of Donald and Louisa Liebman…Rochel Moskowitz, daughter of Rabbi Dov and Risa Moskowitz …Sarah Guenniche, daughter of Zeev and Rachel Guenniche.



Mazel Tov – Births: Alan and Diana Dabach, a daughter…Gabriel and Rachel Saadat, a son (Grandparents Mark and Elaine Goodfriend; Elias and Janet Sadat).

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Yonatan Goldman, son of Ahsaf and Hadas Goldman…Sarina Gottesman, daughter of Ashi and Tami Gottesman.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Haskel Ash, son of David and Peggy Ash to Rachel Kupferman of Riverdale, NY.

Congratulations: Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg on his appointment as president of the Rabbinical Council of California (RCC).



Mazel Tov – Births: Shloimy and Devorah Busbaum, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Yaakov and Chaya Meyer … Rodeon and Marina Volman, a daughter… Eytan and Chana Abrahams, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Yisroel and Leah Engel)… Boruch and Yaffa Swinkin in Israel, a daughter (Grandparents Nahum and Susie Swinkin; Great-Grandmother. Riva Weissbrot… Danny and Sara Wolfe of Albany, NY, a daughter (Grandparents Mike and Cindy Wolfe).

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Yitzi Klestzick to Deena Perl.



Mazel Tov – Births: Abby and Ben Rogoway, a daughter… Joseph and Rebecca Cox, a son.


Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Lev Silverwalker, son of Elior and Tzipora Silverwalker… Josh Negrin, son of Jody and Rick Negrin.

Mazel Tov- Bas Mitzvah: Emma Yagolnitser, daughter of Igor and Larisa Yagolnitser.



Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Ariel Allouche, son of Erez and Natalie Allouche.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: David Woolfson to Andrea Krimberg.

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