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Dear Mrs. Bluth,

I can’t understand what is happening in this world! Is it just me or are there others suffering from this new gender reversal of power that has sprung up everywhere? This lunacy has jumped from 0 to 100 in a matter of months. Suddenly, women have taken to the streets to march for equality and self esteem, wanting top positions whether or not they are qualified for, simply because. Male employees are shaking in their boots when thinking about how to say no or disagree with any woman, in fear that he will be accused of abuse or misconduct. Now that women have become the “new men” and men have become wimps, is everyone happy?


It was hard enough for my husband to find a job before, now it’s next to impossible for him to find any kind of work in his skill-set. Every white-collar job is now being offered to female candidates and guys who are equally qualified and with more years of experience are being crossed off the list without an interview. I guess I should apply to be CEO of a corporation and let my husband stay home and take care of the kids.

As if that’s not bad enough, we have two sons in the “parsha.” The older one, who is twenty-seven, has just about sworn off dating because the girls being redt to him are so tough, demanding and opinionated that there is nothing feminine or attractive about them. Our second eldest son, who is twenty-four and has been dating for close to two years, corroborates this point of view. Both are entertaining shidduch possibilities from abroad in the hopes that they will find their soul mates.

What is wrong with being soft, feminine and modestly attractive? Why has this now become a badge of frailty, weakness and vulnerability? I have four daughters who are sweet, gentle, yet strong in the understanding of their worth and the value of their contribution to home and hearth. They dress fashionably, within the realm of modesty, and are very intelligent – able to hold their own in any conversation and fit in anywhere.

I worry if there will be any masculine men left when they are old enough to marry or are we truly turning into an Amazonian-type society.

I would be interested in hearing your take on this issue.


Dear Friend,

I read your letter with a sad smile on my face. Yet, bear in mind, it is not our world you are upset with. We have a far different and greater respect for the role of both men and women. Unfortunately, it has become overshadowed and in some regard infiltrated by the ugliness, deceit and the falseness of the secular world. As you noted, this madness has infiltrated every sector of our lives from the business world to the government.

I don’t have any concrete words of comfort or wisdom to impart here, as I don’t see any way out of this quagmire. And I’m afraid, that time will only exacerbate an already toxic situation.  What I will tell you is that in our circles there are still lovely, sweet and intelligent young women and, G-d willing, your sons and your daughters (when they are of age) will find their zivugim when the time is right. Don’t despair, Hashem knows when to make the right couples meet – there must be faith, trust and hope that it will happen soon.  Encourage your children to look forward to this and not bend to the present trends.

As for your husband’s difficulty in finding a job, since I am clueless as to what his area of expertise is, there is little I can say except to encourage him to keep looking and attend job fairs.  Keep sending out resumes to jobs listed in our paper and other publications that stress experience as a first priority and hope that he finds his place in the work force in a timely manner.

These are, indeed, strange and discomforting times, but they attest to the fact that we have entered chevlei Moshiach, which was prophesied to be hard, strange and painful years.  Let us hope that Hakodosh Boruch Hu, in His infinite mercy, will stretch out His Hand and lift up Klal Yisroel, as He did at Yetziyas Mitzrayim and take us home to His House and our land sooner than later.