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Dear Mrs. Bluth,

I am absolutely horrified at the disregard I have witnessed in many communities I deliver to. I am not a woman with a marriage problem or a man with whatever issue he may have, I am a delivery guy, who brings wares to grocery stores in Williamsburg, Crown Heights, Boro Park, Flatbush, Lakewood, etc. I think you recall who I am as we met and I told you I would send you my complaint, so here it is. I slipped it in your mailbox at 4:00am this morning on my way to Monsey.


Almost everywhere I go, there are always numbers of people breaking the recommended distancing, going around without masks when there are little children and baby carriages everywhere, no gloves on and touching all the fruit and vegetables when there have been so many warnings that we are in a pandemic. What they are doing is spreading death, if not to their own, then to others who will die if they are infected with the virus passed onto the foods by these crazy, uncaring people, who might just be carriers. Don’t they care that they are killing their own children or others?

I yelled at a bunch of women in Lakewood who were jabbering right in each others faces with no masks on, one holding an infant right in this mix of spit and probably, Loshon harah circle. They looked at me and told me to mind my own business; that it is a free country and they could do what they wanted. The owner came to their defense, and told me to deliver my stuff and leave his customers alone. He wasn’t wearing a mask or gloves either. This is not just one place but almost everywhere I go in the Chassidishe neighborhoods. Do they think Hashem does not see their disregard for their fellow brothers and sisters? Do they think they are exempt from taking every precaution to protect others from the Coronavirus, let alone themselves and their families? If they infect anyone else and that person dies, chalila v’echas, they will be judged as murderers.

As it is, we are losing the best and the holiest amongst us on a daily basis. The rabbonim themselves have warned to conform to social distancing, wear masks and gloves and not to fraternize in groups. Do they listen? No! It’s as if they think because they live in these chassidishe enclaves that they are holy, and that Hashem will come down and personally shield them from death!

I know I sound bitter, and I am, because there is no Ahavas Yisroel here, so how will there ever be an end to our tzoros? How will Moshiach ever come because of such unloving, uncaring and unworthy people such as they? My problem, I know, is that I can’t hold back my tongue when I see such things and I expect any day to be let go from my delivery job because I can’t keep my mouth shut. I turn to you because I know that many people read your column. Please tell everyone that we ARE responsible not just for ourselves and what we want, we are responsible for one another, for the safety of Klal Yisroel, because when we don’t everyone suffers!

Just a Delivery Man



Dear Friend,

You are not “just a delivery man.” You are an Ohaive Yisroel, who at the risk of his own livelihood, seeks to jar the awareness of so many foolish, careless and ignorant people on what they are doing….or not doing. My mailbox is filled with such sadness and loss that I chose to print your letter because it comes from the heart from one who sees it on a daily and regular basis, not just singular incidents.

Dear readers, I want to confirm that what we are experiencing is something out of the norm and beyond belief. How many funerals will it take for us to understand the huge gravity that behooves us to employ every measure of safety. Social distancing mean exactly that…..immediate family only and not exceeding ten or twelve people at engagements and weddings, brissim and Bar Mitzvahs… and also at funerals. Neechum Avaylim is conducted outside at curbside and there must be no exception. Shuls are closed, schools are closed and mikvahs have a single rule protocol. These are the rules by which we must live this moment, until those in authority, Government, Rabbonim and Health authorities, deem it is safe to make changes and ease up on them. Please, please, adhere to the logic of masks and gloves whenever you leave your home, this is for your safety AND the safety of others. We are commanded to protect life, our own and others, at all costs, please abide by whatever regulations have been put in place towards that end. The day will come when we will be able to congregate with each other in safety, however, it has not yet arrived. Be patient, daven in your little area, because Hashem is there, and reaffirm your trust and faith in Him, and He will listen.

As for you, good Friend, I thank you for caring enough for your fellow man as to risk your livelihood to protect their well being. Should it happen that your fear of being fired comes to fruition, get in touch with me. I will make sure your livelihood is reinstated, but try to curb your enthusiasm whenever you see something that upsets you, you have already done your efforts in this area.


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