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Yankovitch-030714-Indy_HavdalahThe organization boasts 500 members, from 25 American states, Israel and Canada and maintains a web presence at  Among the services it provides is a listing of upcoming Shabbat-friendly educational programs, an informational e-newsletter and a 10-year Yom Tov calendar for members to give to employers and school administrators so scheduling issues can be avoided.

Its Shabbat Program has grown from the original 10 OT’s in San Diego to more than 40 in the past few years.  This year’s annual AOTA Conference and Expo will take place in Baltimore on April 3-6, and the OJOTC expects a record turnout.  Arrangements have been made for a special meeting room at the Hilton Baltimore for three Shabbat minyanim (a Sefer Torah will be borrowed from Chabad in Baltimore if necessary) and Dougie’s of Baltimore will be catering.  Shabbat afternoon will feature special sessions for those not wanting to attend the AOTA sessions on Shabbat (see sidebar for information).


What a world of difference ten years makes.

For information about OJOTC or the Baltimore Shabbat Program, e-mail

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The Shabbat program includes the following sessions:

Session A: “Dealing with Discrimination – From a Personal, Professional and Legal Perspective” – Speaker: Past AOTA President Barbara Kornblau, JD, OTR/L, FAOTA (2:15 – 3pm)

Session B: “Teaching a Person to ‘fish’ in Their Own way: Empowering People to Achieve Independent Multi-Sensory Education in Torah Education with Biblical Sources” – Speaker Shoshanna Shamberg, OTR/L, MS, FAOTA. (3:15 – 4 pm)

Session C: “Personal and Religious Issues in the Professional Arena; a Round-table Discussion led by Rivka Molinsky, PhD, OTR/L Chair/Director Touro College OTA Program. (4:15 – 5 pm)

At 5:45 pm, OJOTC’s founder, Peggy Gurock, is being honored at the Annual Awards & Recognition Ceremony at the Convention Center.  She will be installed in the AOTA Roster of Fellows.

Minchah and Seudah Shlishit will be at the Hilton and sponsored by friends of Peggy Gurock in honor of her induction into the AOTA Roster of Fellows.

At 8:14 pm there will be Ma’ariv and Havdallah


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