The Dementia Diary – Chapter Two

Years of love and caring can be hard to remember when your reality changes. Yet, one internalizes the commitment.

High Holiday Sermons From German Field-Rabbis During WWI

"More German than the Germans" is what aptly described many German Jews from the 19th century up to and occasionally including the Hitler Era.

Theodor Reik’s Studies On The Shofar And Kol Nidre

In Kol Nidre (1918), Reik begins with a recollection of visiting the home of a music-loving friend and having an inexplicably strong reaction to a haunting minor musical passage that sounded very familiar to him but which he could not place.

Word Prompt – SHUL – Adena Berkowitz

As we know, the concept of shul may mean different things to different people. Hopefully, for most of us it means the place to daven with a minyan, connect to HaKadosh Baruch Hu and feel spiritually recharged.

Word Prompt – SHUL – Anat Coleman

While I'm not about to compare Yankee Stadium to shul, I do think about the process of intentionally creating spaces that are meaningful and people want to return to time and again.

Word Prompt – SHUL – Rabbi Hanoch Teller

Even where minyanim gather in less grandiose houses of worship, the sums of money they expend for beautification and refurbishing are staggering.

Word Prompt – SHUL – Yonatan Milevsky

Literary evidence from the time of the Second Temple, such as the works of Josephus and Philo, and even archeology, indicates that it was a place of instruction and learning.

The Birth Of The Dementia Diary – Chapter One

I have chosen to release the chapters in the order they were written, to fully explain the changes which occur with time both for the patient and for the caregiver.

The Unattainable Uman – An Alternative During The Soviet Era

Describing the situation in 1918, R. Itshe Mater Korman, a Breslov hasid from Poland recalled, Then began the great dangers surrounding the Gathering in Uman – even from within the Ukraine – due to the bands of murderers, may their name be blotted out.

Rosh Hashana Greetings From John Dean (And Other Unusual Rosh Hashana Cards)

In this article, I present some of my more “off the beaten path” items that I think might be of interest to readers.

Word Prompt – SHOFAR – Rachel Tuchman

You can feel scared and excited, regretful and inspired to do better, broken but hopeful.

Word Prompt – SHOFAR – JJ Eleff

The previous rebbe of Chabad explains that the main thing is not the content of the cry, Father, save me, but rather the cry itself.

Word Prompt – SHOFAR – Ruchie Freier

The shofar blasts remind us that Hashem is the infinite and all-knowing king and judge.

Word Prompt – SHOFAR – Yisroel Picker

One of the lessons that I teach is that to blow a teruah, you need to blow 14 small sounds.

Word Prompt – SHOFAR – Shmuel Phillips

Sometimes our most inner yearnings cannot be adequately contained in words.

A Rare Sefer From 19th-Century Smyrna

R. Haim Meir Mizrahi overcame many tribulations to be able to print this volume. A large portion of his writings were destroyed in the great fire in Izmir, which occurred on the 11th of Av, 1851.

Wandering Jews: Israel’s Knesset Finds A Permanent Home

The cornerstone for the Knesset was laid on October 14, 1958, but the building was not formally dedicated until almost eight years later on August 30, 1966.

Word Prompt – LOX – Naomi Nachman

There is just something very Jewish about lox. Whether you are European or South African, any Jew anywhere can identify with lox.

Word Prompt – LOX – Rochelle Brand

Our fascination with being able to consume the same delectable non-kosher offerings gave rise to kosher pizza, kosher Chinese food, and of course what simcha would be complete without sushi?

Word Prompt – LOX – Yitzchak Sprung

Less sublime, however, is the phenomenon of bagels and lox Judaism, when these foods become a stand-in for being Jewish as a whole.

Word Prompt – LOX – Naomi Klass Mauer

In Israel I discovered that lox is a delicacy and quite expensive, so I don’t indulge very often.

Word Prompt – LOX – Nachum Segal

When salami or steak or facon is not available, what does one do?

NYSED to Vote Monday on Substantial Equivalency Guidelines

All classes are to be given exclusively in English by a competent teacher, with remedial instruction provided as needed for students to become proficient in English.

Two Sefarim From The 16th Century

Many authors who had no living descendants had a particular urge to write a book, both to leave a legacy and in the hope that the publication may serve as a merit to be blessed with offspring.

Major Alfred Mordecai’s Internal Civil War

Fighting for the Confederacy would put him in a position of possibly contributing to the death of his son, Alfred, Jr., who had followed in his footsteps, graduated from West Point, commenced his own army career, and was fighting for the Union.

State Department Warns Uman Travelers: Make End Of Life Arrangements Prior To Boarding Your...

Imagine a crowd of 50,000 or even more praying in Uman and [the Russians] decide to shoot missiles, said Korniychuk. Can you guarantee that won’t happen after they were shelling shopping malls and kindergartens and schools?


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