The Jews Are To Blame: Scapegoating During Plagues

When the plague struck Vilna in 1848, Rav Israel Salanter directed all his energies toward relief efforts and sent his students out to care for the victims of the disease.

A Judeo-Arabic Purim Poem

Sephardic and Near-Eastern communities originally recited the entire 82 stanzas of the poem on Shabbat Zachor in the middle of the final beracha before Shemoneh Esrei.

The Samaritan Paschal Sacrifice

Before King Solomon built the Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem in the mid-10th century BCE, Jews did have other places where they worshipped.

Lev Echad – A National Volunteer Force In Times Of Crisis

As the situation continues, they are focusing on opening additional regional operational centers enabling local communities to play a role helping one another within their own local community and providing to one another their basic needs.

Crowns And Quarantines: From Purim to Pesach 5780

One young mother I met bemoaned the fact that due to the general shutdown of air travel, she will be forced to stay home and actually make Pesach this year.

Was Proust A Jewish Anti-Semite?

Proust read the Zohar and frequently made observations and employed language in 'Lost Time' that can only be characterized as Jewish-mystical.

What Has Corona Done For You Lately?

While we are going through some hard times it seems like a lifetime. Once the trauma or bad experience passes it doesn’t seem like it was so long.

A Beacon Of Orthodoxy In Central New Jersey

It was while serving there that he realized there was a large contingent of worshippers coming for services from the Covered Bridge development, a retirement community comprised of elderly Holocaust survivors and an assortment of mostly Jewish, but religiously diverse, “over 55” residents.

Predicting Mashiach In 1740

I recently acquired a fascinating work titled Et Ketz, which was printed in Amsterdam in 1710. Its author is R. Isaac Chayim Cantarini of...

Settling The Land, Marrying As Teenagers, And Defying Israeli Law

Honenu came to the rescue with legal assistance, and thanks to its help Akiva served only three months, followed by eight months of very strict house arrest.

The Origins Of Magen David Adom

MDA in Israel was arguably born twice: first after World War I and then again in 1930.


Corona in Spanish means crown. The bacteria Corona is in the shape of a crown as well. Why all the mention about a crown? Why a crown? Why the language Spanish?

The Haskalah Series – Postscript: The Birth of Self-Hate

If he bashes loudly and vociferously enough, then maybe, just maybe, he will be excused for being a Jew.

A 1520 Meseches Avodah Zarah – Uncensored

The copy I acquired is notable because it is uncensored, which is rare for a Masechet Avodah Zarah from the first few centuries of printing.

Addicted To Saving Lives

Eric was not willing to give up on his quest to save lives. He has donated blood platelets every month for the past 11 years – almost 140 donations.

The ‘Zionism’ And ‘Judaism’ Of Esperanto Founder Ludwik Zamenhof

Nonetheless, Esperanto itself, stripped of its religious machinations, grew in popularity worldwide, albeit gradually.

COJO Flatbush Joins Citywide Effort To Ensure Complete Census Count

The Census will determine how over $650 billion in federal funds for public education, public housing, roads, bridges, and much more is distributed annually throughout the nation.

Marrying Off A Child

Ora's oldest son was close to her all along, while Ora and her daughter Sara's relationship took off to a bad start almost from the very beginning, when Sara was only 10 years old.

Velvety, Brown And Oh, So Good

If so many people eat and spend such staggering amounts on something as trifling as chocolate, there must be more to it than meets the eye (or mouth).

Praying For A Dutch Victory In 1832

It was produced for a special prayer service convened at the Spanish & Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam on December 2 to pray for the success of the Dutch Kingdom in its war against the Belgians.

Ireland, Judaism, And The Promise Of Immigration

It is also through Ulysses that we’re forced to consider the complicated relationship between the Irish and the Jews.

U’mishloach Manot Ish Lerei’ayhu . . .

Micrography, a creative medium particularly relevant to Jewish religious artistic expression, is a centuries-old manifestation of what is today characterized as “modernist art.”


Avraham Avinu was the leader of his generation and he guided all the souls of his time to recognize Hashem.

An Unfinished Sefer By The Rogatchover Gaon

When the Rogatchover Gaon passed away in 1936, his daughter left the safety of her home in Israel to return to Dvinsk, Latvia, to assemble her father’s many unpublished manuscripts.

The Levush: Its History And Halachic Significance

And I say that this was in their time, but in our day and age, due to our many sins, many are engaged in machlokes for no good reason and their whole intention is not leshem shamayim.

Real Antique Or Tourist Kitsch?

Although you have used it as a piece of Judaica, it cannot be defined as such in the strictest terms, as it was made for the public at large, both Jewish and gentile.

Lakewood Donor Meets Bone Marrow Recipient

“I don’t remember having such a feeling of happiness and satisfaction since my wedding day,” Gewirtz told The Jewish Press.

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

A momentous and hostile philosophical battle ensued between Visser, who single-mindedly advocated non-cooperation with the Nazis, and Cohen and Asscher, who urged collaboration as the only way forward to maximize Jewish survival under the circumstances.

G-d’s Loving Hand

About a month ago I finally received my teaching license. I was so excited it took me a few days to calm down just thinking of what great effort went into getting this degree.

A Shul With A Story: Aish HaTorah St. Louis – Changing The World, One...

Along with Rabbi Shmuel Greenwald, the Director of Education who has been at Aish St. Louis for almost twenty-five years, Rabbi David tries to connect and inspire community members, young to old, primarily focusing on suburban families.


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