Tu B’Shvat And The Ten Commandments

When the Torah and the nation are constantly compared to trees, this gives us a better understanding of the importance of keeping all the laws written down in the Torah.

A Book Stamped With Swastikas

This volume, Land Israel, by a Jewish author, Ludwig Strauss, was published in Berlin in 1935, during the Nazi period.

Hate Now Served Online Against Kosher Restaurants

"I'm not surprised that people hate," Goldberg told The Jewish Press. "I'm surprised that Google, a company worth billions of dollars doesn't have a way to stop this. How I could get 100 negative reviews on a Saturday when I'm not open.

‘Digging’ Into The Yadin/Sukenik Archaeological Family

Whoever hid the scrolls did an incredible job, as they were not discovered for 2,000 years and, in fact, they could well have remained hidden but for a fortuitous accident in 1947 when a goat wandered into a hollow.

Splitting The Sea

An act that seems so natural and easy, which is to bring a man and woman together to build a home and a life together, is associated with the difficulty and impossibility of splitting the sea?

Bergen Hatzalah Receives Licensure From NJ Dept. Of Health OEMS

Being accountable to the Department of Health is important for the confidence of our patients and demonstrates governmental verification of Bergen Hatzalah’s commitment to the highest quality of patient care,” said Bergen Hatzalah Chief Joshua Hartman.

Conquer Anger With The Four D’s

Mid-lecture, loud noises and music began playing behind a partition in the room, as the hotel was setting up for a concert and the musicians in the adjacent room were preparing for the show.

The Talmudic Encyclopedia Reaches 75

This magnificent project, the Talmudic Encyclopedia, gives students the breadth of the Torah…I read the entry on ‘chazaka’ ... this is a very difficult topic ... But if one reads this entry in the Talmudic Encyclopedia, it is so clear, it is so organized, all the intricate details, it’s astonishing.

Music And Murder: A Memento Of Theresienstadt

For a time, cultural life at Theresienstadt was allowed to develop. Authors, scholars, musicians and Yiddish theatre actors gave performances.

The Philosemitism Of Hans Christian Andersen

Less known is that Andersen had deep affection for the Jewish people; that he was very familiar with Jewish tradition and culture... and that he maintained very close relationships with Jews and with the Jewish community.

Dear Zaidy (Rabbi Sholom Klass)

You, Zaidy, were always spoken about in my home at all times to my children, who didn’t really get a chance to know or meet you as I did. You would have loved them all.

Facebook Removes Suspension Of Conservative Book Publisher

Mandel said that by suspending the account, Facebook seems to have initially agreed with the inaccurate assertion that the advertising content violated its rules.

Books From Rabbi Eliyahu Rusoff: Do Not Rely On What I Write

The author printed this story that happened to him on the title page of every book he published after this event.

‘Kids Speak’ Author Chaim Walder Dead At 52

I think it is assur for people to be near anything connected to him, said Rabbi Eliyahu.

The Holocaust Saga Of The “Bais Yaakov 93” – Myth Or Fact?

The Feldman Letter was similarly not intended as a true historical account but rather as a call to rouse the American Jewish community from its lethargy in the form of an updated version of the kinah.

List Of Selichot For 1935-1938 Found In German Volume

Over the generations, German Jewry had accumulated numerous different Selichot prayers, and the custom developed to rotate the selections for each year...

Whisked Away From Old Bombay

Your Mizrach is indeed beautiful, with depictions of Moshe and Aharon, symbols of The Twelve Tribes, and more.

The “Tehran Children” Affair

The children were initially welcomed by the Iranian public, but it grew hostile to the Jewish refugees, particularly after rising bread costs led to mass demonstrations in Iran.

A Tribute To Rabbi Waldman

He personified a gentle, soft spoken soul who cared so much about every one, and especially about the land of Israel.

On a POSITIVE Note:Turning The Pages

Hashem gives us everything we have, but distractions abound, and we busy ourselves with everything besides connecting with our Creator.

An Ancient Prayer – Not By R. Levi Yitzchok Of Berditchev

The mis-attribution is the result of a book titled Shnei Hame’orot published in Kishinev in 1896.

Solicitor General To Weigh In On Terror Victims’ Supreme Court Case

The question under review is whether the bank knowingly transferred substantial funds that aided and abetted terrorist acts and is therefore subject to civil liability under Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

The Eighth Day

Though not prohibited, circumcision became highly regulated, and circumcision laws were passed with the stated purpose of promoting health and sanitation to conform with “German sensibilities,” but which were actually calculated to make performing a bris more difficult.

Summer-Home Residents Help Decide Fallsburg Election

Explaining why many Jewish homeowners in Fallsburg voted against Vegliante, Friedlander said, “Sometimes people are too parochial in the way they look at the issue as it pertains to them and only them. And they don’t understand the more complex picture.”

Vayechi – So We Shall Live

It's Hashem's beautiful and merciful way to always ensure that we know where we are heading and what to expect. Hashem never leaves us and is constantly there guiding us every step of the way.


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