Marrying Nine Daughters With A Eulogy

Over the course of the 18th century, the Ashkenazi population of The Hague grew to surpass that of the Portuguese, the latter being the earlier and more establishment community in the Netherlands.

The Chief Rabbi And The Archbishop

Temple proved to be one of the great outspoken advocates for the Jewish victims of the Reich. ... He regularly and unabashedly took publicly unpopular positions, including advocacy for England and its allies to grant asylum to Jews able to escape Hitler.

Past Mistakes

When we make our mistakes, we feel it here and now. However, our mistakes are also written up in heaven, in our books.

Masechet Kiddushin – With A Government Warning

We can see that the rabbis in the Talmud themselves understood and found error in the practices of those times.

Hitting Auction High Notes Amid The Pandemic

On September 13th, J. Greenstein & Co., located in Brooklyn, offered a wide array of Jewish ceremonial objects, both antique and modern.

When Ben-Gurion Met The Chazon Ish

On several occasions after the meeting, Ben-Gurion expressed his enchantment with the Chazon Ish.

True Justice

No matter what truly happened in any given situation, the media is there to chop up whatever "meat" is offered in the town square and hang that victim up by a noose for life.

Yossele Rosenblatt’s Signature

Under his signature appears the address 50 West 120th St. in New York City – his address in Harlem when Jews were a dominant presence in the neighborhood.

Bringing Home One Of The Lost Tribes? An Interview with Rabbi Michael Freund, Founder...

Once I met with members of the community, learned more about their history, traditions, and customs, I became convinced – as fanciful as it may sound – that they are in fact our lost brethren and that we needed to help them.

Was The Founder Of The World Scouting Movement A Nazi Sympathizer?

Baden-Powell supporters reason that given its emphasis on discipline and the supremacy of the “greater good” and his belief that “every boy ought to learn how to shoot and obey orders,” it is hardly surprising that authoritarian governments were drawn to some aspects of Scouting philosophy.

A Drivers License From G-d

The distance between what they know and can do is so far from actual driving, that it seems almost impossible.

Lubinsky Talks About Cancellation Of Kosherfest

By and large I think people expected it. I don’t think anyone was surprised that Kosherfest wasn’t going to take place in November.

Tehillim – For Gentiles

Publishing a linear translation in early printing was a remarkable achievement considering the primitive printing process available at the time.

World War II – A Turning Point For American Jewry: Marking 75 Years Since...

Henry Kissinger, who had fled to America when he was 15, served in the Army during the war, and later noted that his service had made him into a real American.

Agudas Yisroel, My First Love

Perhaps I idealized Agudas Yisroel too much and as such have consistently been let down by reality.

The First BAA/NBA Field Goal And Assist: Both Scored By Jews

For example, New York Daily News sports editor Paul Gallico wrote in the mid-1930s that basketball "appeals to the Hebrew with his Oriental background [because] the game places a premium on an alert, scheming mind and flashy trickiness, artful dodging and general smart-alecness."

A New Book

Do we appreciate things while we have them? Or do we only appreciate them once they are taken away?

Oceanliner China & A North African-Style Chanukiah

There really is no market for this type of ware among collectors of Jewish items, except perhaps to be purchased on a whim if seen at a flea market.

Israeli Rabbi Forms After-School Program For Americans

Rabbi Samson will teach a special 32-session course designed for bar mitzvah boys that will provide an overview on the 613 mitzvot, with a concentration on the daily mitzvot such as prayer and those related to Shabbat. A parallel course for bat mitzvah girls will also be offered.

A Letter By Rav Soloveitchik

The letter is written on behalf of Chinuch Atzmai, the independent education system of the charedim in Israel which was led at the time by Rav Ahron Kotler.

J. Robert Oppenheimer: Indifferent To Judaism, Concerned About Israel

Oppenheimer was a strong Israel supporter who played an important role in the development of the Jewish state’s nuclear capability.

The Wedding

She was finally there, watching her son get married. Eva kept telling herself, one day also Nachum will return to me and I will tell him that I was there for him.

Coming Soon To A Shul Near You…

Many Jews may not get an opportunity to pray with their synagogue of choice – or any synagogue for that matter – unless they signed/paid up well in advance.

Rebbetzin Lans, Retired Intelligence Officer (U.S. Navy), Holds Down The Fort In Upstate New...

We just feel completely blessed by Hashem. Wherever we go after this stop we know that it’s G-d’s blessing.

A Satirical ‘Talmud’ In The Soviet Union

In post-1917 Russia, Judaism and Zionism (and the Hebrew language) came under attack, so manuscripts such as this one often had to pass secretly from hand to hand.

Former Mossad Agent Marks Anniversary Of Operation Diamond

An Israeli pilot later flew on the aircraft with Redfa, simulating war games against other Israeli pilots so they could discover problems associated with the plane.

How To Be A G-d-Fearing Investigative Journalist

In the case of a non-serious violation of procedures, it is better to address the violation in private.

The Incredible Rav Yehuda Leib Maimon

Though Rav Maimon lost his battle to include the phrase “and its redeemer,” he had the final word when, after Ben-Gurion completed his speech at the signing ceremony that fateful Friday afternoon, he rose and proudly recited the Shecheyanu blessing.


After this uncertain year which hit everyone in the world and not just an individual here and there, we come to this time of year feeling and thinking differently than just any year.

R. Weissmandl’s Unique Settlement

Surviving the war with Rudolf Kasztner's assistance in Switzerland, R. Weissmandl made every effort to alert the world to the Nazi’s crimes, mostly to deaf ears.


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