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I suggested we simulate her experience at home by setting our router on a time switch to go off at 9 p.m., but was dissuaded by the look of horror on his face.

A Rare Volume From The Time Of The False Messiah

One custom that gained popularity during this time was the practice of saying additional prayers and selihot in the early mornings.

Deciding Happiness

We often ask, “Why me?” when faced with a challenge. Hone said when her daughter passed away, she realized the better question was, “Why not me?”

Carl Jung: Kabbalist And Anti-Semite?

In contrast with the broad scrutiny brought to bear by the critics on Jung’s apparent anti-Semitism, little attention has been given to his preoccupation with Kabbalah in general and with his Jewish mystical visions in particular.

The Circle Of Life

Sometimes a family member went through some harsh experience and only generations later do one of their grandchildren see the good that came out of their experience and hard work.

Noach’s Midlife Transition

Did Noach get any mentorship (Mesushelach perhaps?), or take any professional development courses during all those years? Might the outcome have been different if he’d had coaching to enhance his efficacy and persuasiveness?

History In The Margins

One such volume I recently acquired is a very fine copy of the responsa of the Noda Beyehuda. The title page sports the signature of a noted Frankfurt rabbi and dayan, Rabbi Moshe Meintz (1805-1886).

Austria’s Dreyfus Case: Photographer Philippe Halsman’s Murder Trial

In a remarkably disingenuous move reeking of anti-Semitism, the prosecution argued that the family’s desire to dispose of the “evidence” as soon as possible evidenced their awareness of Philippe’s guilt.

Boat Of Hope: Denmark’s Rescue Of 7,200 Danish Jews

I went to school and I was the only Jew in the class, Philipson said. Everybody knew it, nobody ever mentioned it. Nobody. They couldn’t care less. Religion is like a private atmosphere. It’s not a public affair.

The Flowers In Jerusalem

Being a grandparent has the privilege of enjoying the children, while the actual caring and challenging long hours of bringing them up, rests upon their parents.

Ask Not What Others Can Do For You…

Some of our colleagues will be anxious about a return to the workplace following the remoteness of Covid…. And some may simply appreciate and be uplifted by the fact that someone noticed them.

The Jewish Influences Of Edna Ferber’s Life And Work

In the book, Ferber recounts her own personal experiences with anti-Semitism and movingly expresses her horror at the rise of Nazism, and she actively promoted the purchase of war bonds during WWII.

To Everything – A Season

The scene etched in my memory reminds me that it’s never too late. The Amshinover community embodies the concept that there’s always more time to do what you love.

The Role Of Philip Habib, America’s Anti-Israel Diplomat, In The Lebanon War

During his 30-year career as a Foreign Service Officer, he had mostly specialized in Asia but he became instrumental in 1968 in halting the escalation of American involvement in Vietnam.


Hashem wants all the Jewish people to return home to Israel and not only for a visit. All the Jews belong in Israel, and there is no better time than now.

Rearranging The Deckchairs

Sometimes however, a change of scenery is insufficient, and bringing in a plant or forest, whether real or virtual, achieves little more than rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Etrog Boxes – In All Their Cardboard And Silver Glory

In the world of antique Judaica, it appears that containers made specifically for the purpose of holding an etrog is a rather late development, as the oldest verified etrog boxes... date no earlier than the 18th century.

A Fashion Mogul’s Success Story

We spend a lot of time researching the best fabrics, the best designs, and the best factories to produce in. We create our own embroideries and appliqués from scratch. Every dress is as unique as the woman who is wearing it.

The Most Beautiful Sukkah In Jerusalem And Bella Chagall’s Childhood Sukkah

Bella's text, accompanied by her husband’s chapter-by-chapter 36 pen and ink drawings, conveys their mutual tenderness and love for the Jewish holidays.

Jews Fighting In The German Army

In World War I, an estimated 100,000 German Jews served in the German Army of which over 12,000 were killed.

Holy Days

We are simply showing Hashem how much we love Him and how much we really want to change despite the fact that we realize that we probably won't be consistent in our change.

One Good Turn

As with resumes and most professional correspondence, so in Judaism: Less is generally a lot more.

Tribeca Synagogue On 9/11: The Untold Story Of the Shul Near Ground Zero

Rabbi Glass still didn’t know what happened to his wife. He rushed over to the neighborhood police station, the 1st precinct, to get advice about what to do. “I can’t give you any guidance,” the police officer said. “But if you want my personal opinion: get out of New York.”

How Does Free Will Work?

What we can say for now is that today’s best neuroscience knows of no true impediment to the ability of people to make decisions and act according to their best beliefs and desires.

A Dictionary To Help New American Immigrants

The volume, published in 1898, is a first edition of Hakrvay's Yiddish-English Dictionary, an indispensable aid for American Jewish Immigrants.

Tragedy Revisited: Some Jewish Lessons Twenty Years After 9-11

In the face of tragedy and evil, there are naturally two responses. One is to help the victim of the wrong and the second is to punish the evil-doer and make sure the wrong does not happen again.


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