Dementia Diary – Chapter 79

You might be scratching your head (do diaries have heads????) and wondering why this irresponsible wife did not call the paramedics and rush hubby to the hospital for CT scans and MRIs. That would have been the proper approach for a younger and healthier person.

The Proud And The Prejudiced (Part XX – Conclusion)

Then I started working. I worked for two years at the sales office of Max Factor Cosmetics. Benno started working at Neutra’s, and then we, little by little, became very integrated into American society. And we wanted to. We wanted to become Americanized.

The First Hebrew Map Of Biblical Israel

The map is rather rudimentary, with just a border and a few place names, but its appearance in print was a major achievement, anything other than text was very labor-intensive to include in the printing blocks of the day and thus costly.

Nathan Straus: Shtadlan Extraordinaire, Zionist, And The ‘American Pasteur’

Over and above his public welfare efforts on behalf of milk pasteurization and preventing tuberculosis, Straus’s largesse and contributions were by no means limited to Jewish institutions and causes.

The KRSS of Pesach Cleaning

By the time Pesach rolls around on the calendar, we’ve already been through some. We’ve endured slavery, built the golden calf, and begged for water in the desert. Our practical day to day has not always been easy – our cleaning is practical.

Word Prompt – SHTREIMEL – Shlomo Litvin

Although not present in my circles, it's hard not to admire the grandeur. It’s also hard to mistake the shtreimel as anything but a sign of proud Judaism.

Word Prompt – SHTREIMEL – Jordana Baruchov

The shtreimel serves as a tangible connection to the rich cultural heritage of Eastern European Jews. By wearing the shtreimel, individuals affirm their identity and connection to their ancestors who also wore similar attire.

Word Prompt – SHTREIMEL – Ana Mandelbaum

Shtreimel signifies pride in Judaism and in traditions. It’s pride in connecting our current to our past.

Word Prompt – SHTREIMEL – Simcha Eichenstein

My shtreimel is my symbol of Jewish pride and not because it’s become trendy, but because I’ve been wearing it since the day I got married in the tradition that goes back in my family several generations. It’s my greatest honor and privilege to do so.

Word Prompt – SHTREIMEL – David Curwin

Another possibility is that shtreimel is related to the Polish word stroj meaning uniform, clothes. Maybe it meant the “uniform” of those Jews wearing it, or perhaps it also had a specific association with head coverings.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 78

Dementia is a bear. The questions he is asking are valid. The conclusions are not.

The Proud And The Prejudiced (Part XIX)

You didn’t have to be rich to have a cleaning girl in the house, a live-in. You always had live-in help because there were so many of those peasant girls who would come and… We would have sometimes two in the house.

Frum Faces Of Aliyah: The Rosenbergs – From Dallas to Beit Shemesh

The challenges of making aliyah on a short timeline and in the midst of lockdown were many, but Tali says, Once we made the decision, Hashem carried us on His back to our new life...

Printing Honorary Titles

Another well-known example that I obtained recently is the first edition of the Shu"t Meshiv Davar, containing the responsa of R. Naftali Zvi Yehuda Berlin (1816-1893), best known by his acronym the Netziv, who served as rosh yeshiva of the Volozhin Yeshiva for decades.

Woodrow Wilson: Philosemite And Zionist

Wilson recognized in American Jews a spiritual force that had adapted itself to the American spirit and made broad contributions to the advancement of the welfare of the nation and of the world.

Extending Birthright Israel’s Participants’ Connection Beyond Trips

This partnership comes at a critical time, following the tragic events of October 7th, underscoring the urgent need for balanced and nuanced educational material that can counter the surge in global anti-Semitism.

Word Prompt – EIGHT – Chani Miller

My watch is eight years old, its age unforgettable because my husband bought it for me the year I was in aveilus for my father. His death had left me untethered, disconnected; the watch promised connection – no more missed phone calls and texts delivered instantly to my wrist.

Word Prompt – EIGHT – Asher Yablok

These days, as was the case during many such difficult periods in our long history, doing the bris on the eighth day has taken on new meaning.

Word Prompt – EIGHT – Yisroel Picker

During the Pesach Seder, we say that eight is the days until the baby’s bris. But there is something else which also has the significance of the number eight, and that is Shmini Atzeres.

Word Prompt – EIGHT – Naomi Nachman

Have you ever considered that even the Hebrew word for eight, shemonah, literally means to nourish.

Word Prompt – EIGHT – Yonaton Milevsky

As my father, Rabbi Uziel Milevsky, of blessed memory, taught me, it is the number beyond the natural.

L’chaim: After 83 Years, Brooklyn Liquor Store Closes For Shabbos

They say one mitzvah leads to another, and that is certainly the case with Tops Liquor. Cohen says the place has become a hub with customers now inviting him to their homes for meals, bringing over challah, and he was even gifted with a new pair of tefillin.

Huge Counter-Protest For Israel Drowns Out Intifada Revolution Calls In Teaneck

The Jewish community stood up and showed we are not going to be intimidated, we are going to stand up for our rights, and we’re not going to let outsiders interfere with our programming, said Steve Fox, president of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Teaneck.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 77

On the one hand, I really do not mind if he is confused about these things. On the other, he is so anxious about the confusion that he tries to sort out the information by asking the same questions over and over again.

The Proud And The Prejudiced (Part XVIII)

Suddenly in the minds of others you become somebody because you survived. You know everyone who died had stories up to the point of his death.

Brandeis Celebrates Diamond Jubilee With Israel

Although Brandeis has a student body which is now about only 35% Jewish – half of what it used to be in the 1970s, it still offers a rich religious and cultural Jewish life on campus.

The Jewish Features Of The Infamous Rosenberg Case

The U.S. government offered to spare the lives of both Rosenbergs if Julius provided the names of other spies and if they admitted their guilt, but they refused, saying that they were innocent and would not bear false witness.


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