Yad Vashem Book Of Names Of Holocaust Victims On Display At The United Nations

Each name is a living legacy and testament of each person who once existed and made an indelible imprint on the world... Every name is also a stark reminder of how life can be cut short due to unbridled prejudice and hate.

From Textiles To Torah Crown, A Rare Collection Comes To Auction

While most of the items offered sold within the estimates set by Sotheby’s, quite a few far surpassed them.

Mayor Adams Addresses Anti-Semitism At Holocaust Remembrance Event

We will push back against this rise in antisemitism and hate, and together we say ‘never again.’ – Mayor Eric Adams

Two 20th Century American Inventors With The Most Individual Patents: One A Jew, One...

There is also evidence that Edison's financial legacy helped to fuel the Institute for Historical Review, a movement dedicated to denying that the Holocaust ever occurred.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Yitzchak Sprung

A good shmooze reveals ourselves to others and reveals others to us; it is a learning experience.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Yehuda Pryce

It’s been said that the Chofetz Chaim enjoyed a good schmooze, with the understanding that the halachos of lashon hara can and should be adhered to so that a schmooze can still serve the function of us maintaining a connection to Hashem.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Nachum Segal

Some shmoozes result in important decisions being made, points of view being changed and relationships being solidified.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Sari Kopitnikoff

It’s the little light bulb moments, the pithy nuggets of wisdom, and the sharing of life perspective that came about during those teacher shmoozes.

Word Prompt – SHMOOZING – Ziona Greenwald

The origin of the word confirms this negative association: Shmooze comes from the Yiddish shmuessen, which in turn derives from the Hebrew sh’muah, meaning tidings or rumor (read: juicy gossip).

COJO Flatbush Tax Prep Puts Money Back in People’s Pockets

The point about accuracy warrants elaboration. All VITA/TCE volunteers who prepare returns must pass tax-law training that meets or exceeds IRS standards.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 19

Hubby's avoidance tactics were so frustrating, that I began drawing a big heart on our paper calendar every time he was willing to enter the bathroom and face the ‘trauma’ of a shower.

The Music Of Abraham Zvi Idelsohn

Using the most modern method of recording, his recording device being the first such in the Holy Land, he found a group of Yemenite Jews to sing for him in return for payment.

The Nuremberg Photographer

Notwithstanding the tribunal’s strict imposition of restrictions on taking photographs... D’Addario proved to be incredibly prolific, as he took many thousands of amazingly sharp photographs in both monochrome and color.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Rivka Press Schwartz

The clerk in the registrar's office was having none of it. When she heard about the name I wanted to change, and why, she gave me a buck-up talk about having pride in my background (I had plenty, thank you), and not being worried about others' confusion.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Maayan Zik

This venture seems like an introvert dipping her toes in extroverted waters, trying new things she’d never imagine doing before. This experience brings her tremendous blessings.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Rachel Freier

As Jewish mothers, we should learn from our matriarchs to use the unique inner strength we possess. Inner strength based on binah yeseirah – divinely inspired intuition.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Bin Goldman

One of the key lessons that Rivka teaches us about leadership is the importance of balancing confidence and a willingness to push boundaries with considerations of morals and character.

Word Prompt – RIVKA – Elli Fischer

I see a lot of my grandmother in my daughter, who is also a preschool teacher, and it is shaping her persona, too.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 18

Immediately after the nurses hooked Hubby up to all the monitors, he demanded to leave. He pulled out all the leads to the machines and became furious when no one would listen to him.

A Founding American Rabbi Of A Jewish Agricultural Society

By WWII, there were four synagogues – one still exists today – and a well maintained Jewish cemetery.

The Jewish Exile To Mauritius

After considering various sites in the Caribbean to deport the Holocaust survivors, including British Honduras, and Trinidad, the British decided to transfer them to Mauritius.

Word Prompt – KAVOD – Dr. Rivka Press Schwartz

True kavod habriyot is not about treating well those whom we know, or like, or feel comfortable with. It is about honoring the bit of the Divine inside every human being we encounter.

Word Prompt – KAVOD – Shani Taragin

Kavod, honor, respect and esteem judged by societal standards, is in fact taught by chazal, a value and sense of self-esteem bestowed by us to other creations of Hashem.

Word Prompt – KAVOD – Asher Yablok

Indeed, kavod is a two-way street. We often think of it as something we give though we receive much more from showing kavod.

Word Prompt – KAVOD – Shlomo Zuckier

Kavod means honor, but it means so much more. Related to the word kaved, or heavy, it refers to things that are weighty, that are deserving of our respect.


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