George Gershwin’s Jewish Music

Until George Gershwin, serious American orchestral composers were predominantly influenced by European schools of music. By composing original musical works based upon the rhythms,...

An 18th Century Map

Some of the Jews expelled from Recife, Brazil in 1654 by the Portuguese also settled in Suriname, and, not long after, Suriname was one of the most important Jewish population centers in the Western Hemisphere.

Kever Rachel And Me

While sitting in our home, watching over our two little boys, ages 3 and 1, it hit us: we had a mission. Mama Rachel needed us. She needed us to come daven over the fate of Klal Yisroel.

Holocaust Artifacts Tell Stories Of Hope, Courage, And Innocence Lost

Uncle Poczter stepped out of line and approached my brother with his pocket watch and told him: ‘Take the watch, I won’t be needing it anymore.’

The Story Of Ruth Elder – The Female Lindbergh

When The American Girl failed to show up at Bourget Airfield in Paris as scheduled, the international media exploded with extensive coverage mourning the pilots’ deaths, declaring them presumably lost at sea, but joyous coverage ensued soon after with news of their rescue and survival.

True Listening

Sometimes a person just wants empathy, understanding, and having someone just be there in the moment with a hug or a listening ear.

Alumni of the IDF’s Elite Search and Rescue Unit Share How Their Experiences Resonate...

Unit 669 shows a face of the IDF that many outside of Israel are not familiar with.

The Haskalah Series – Part IV: Haskalah at the Gates – Reforming the...

One of the shocking elements of this period is the masterful use of Torah to justify Haskalah ambitions.

Two Worlds

In sum, it's a mad, mad world we live in, but who can complain?

The First Recorded Shailah In The New World

By the time the Dutch took control in 1630, they found many New Christians (Jews forced by the Portuguese to convert to Christianity) present, many of whom continued to practice Judaism in private.

Buy A Friend

When we choose our friends and connect to certain types of people, we must make sure that they are good people inside and out.

The ‘Who Is A Jew?’ Question

In response to Rav Feinstein's call, thousands of Orthodox Jews...conducted a mass protest against Israel's handling of the "Who is a Jew?" issue.

A Hero

Once Irmgard understood what had happened to the Jews of Kittsee, she made it her mission to perpetuate their memory and do everything she could to prevent history from repeating itself.

A Shul With A Story: An Expanding Heart

Jews were in Texas as far back as the late 1500s, but there wasn’t an established Jewish settlement until 1820.

A 1915 Siddur – Published By The German Army

By publishing this siddur, the government wished to demonstrate its egalitarian values.

Yaakov Ben-Dov And The Origins Of Cinema In Eretz Yisrael

He always viewed his photographs and films more as documentation than art, and most cinema commentators agree, some cynically.

A Gift Called Shabbat

If we were to neglect or disregard such a gift, that would be a great insult and disrespect to whoever gave us the present. The greater the value, the greater the insult.

Decades Later, Burying The Ashes

Jewish law treats human remains with considerable respect, in accordance with a view of the body as the erstwhile dwelling of the soul.

An Interesting Case Of Censorship

The offending text states that this edition of the Talmud was approved by the censors of Russia and Poland.

The Wedding Of The Year

The sukkah, like the chupah, is pure and simple. It is symbolic of a strong spiritual connection.

The Judaism Of Harry Houdini

During his career, the great Houdini only failed to escape a pair of cuffs once – when he was presented with a rigged set stuffed with buckshot, rendering the locking mechanism inoperative, even with the key.

The Kuzari – The Original, The Second, The Third, And The New

Rabbi Dickman had great hopes for his Kuzari Shlishi, believing it would help defeat the assimilation and apathy of Jews of his day.

Etrog Boxes – In All Their Cardboard And Silver Glory

After we inspect an etrog to purchase, some of us will take the etrog and place it in a sturdy box so it can be kept safe from possible damage during the holiday.

First Haggadah Published In Chicago

The illustrations are described on the title page as being "in accordance with the instruction of the Talmud."

A Second Chance

And when the time finally comes to have the verdict read out loud, one can just imagine how tense and scared this person will be to find out if his life will now go back to normal, more or less, or be changed for the worse.

Claude Lanzmann’s 10-Hour ‘Shoah’

Some German interviewees were averse to being interviewed on camera, so Lanzmann employed subterfuge in filming some of his interviews, pretending to be pro-Nazi and using hidden equipment.

Legally Insane? The Tale Of A 19th Century Convert

The court ultimately overturned the lower court's decision, and he was declared fit and released.

The Lupovici Cousins: Tragedy And Mystery

We met very special people as we navigated this quest for history.

The Crystal Ball

I hope and pray that a strong, united Right will emerge and things will move forward.

Doing Fine with Nine

People show up at my door with books and activities for the boys, offering to arrange tutors and events for them and asking how they can help, he says. They say it takes a village. I have a village.


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