A Remarkable, But Forgotten, Judeo-Arabic Translator

When Algeria declared its independence from France, the situation for Jews in the country became dangerous almost immediately.

Yom Yerushalayim, Rubinger’s Photgraph, And Me

Rubinger says that he shot his photos with tears streaming down his cheeks and watched as hardened paratroopers all around him wept.

I Was On Mt. Meron

I didn’t know what to think or where to go. I wanted to turn around and see that it was just a bad dream and that the music would start playing again.

The Vilna Gaon’s Mathematics Sefer

The Vilna Gaon is known to have valued all fields of knowledge and educated himself in them as tools to understand the Torah.

The Tale Of Israeli Spy Wolfgang Lotz – The Unsung Hero Of The Six-Day...

It was quite remarkable. Lotz was not only invited to tour top-secret bases near the Suez Canal, but he was also granted access to airports where the Egyptians stationed their MIG fighter aircraft, where he took close range photographs of the pilots posing proudly near their planes.


The more successful we are and the more money and power we have, the more we forget who gave us all that success.

Weeks And Days

These days, we have a particular craving for control, and tend to worry about everything!

Beethoven’s Kol Nidre And Peretz’s Version Of Ode To Joy

At the time of the quartet’s composition, Beethoven had become interested in the music of George Handel’s Saul (1738), which led him to study early Hebrew music.

Our Beloved Land

We must also stop on this very special day and say is that all? Is that all Hashem wants from us, to return home and that’s it?

On Addressing Anti-Semitism, These City Council Candidates Had The Best Response

If teens are attacking people, today it’s our Jewish brothers and sisters and tomorrow it could be the rest of us.

Where G-d Wants Him To Be: Chaverim, Hatzolah Member Running For City Council In...

There are other Jewish candidates (in the running for District 29), but they are progressive and pro-defunding the police.

R’ Yaakov Emden’s Siddur – First Edition

The Yaavetz was unusual for a man of his stature, not holding a rabbinical position but rather supporting himself by publishing books.

A Winged Menorah & A Ketubah From Afar

I did some extensive research on where other examples of your Chanukah menorah may be found, and lo and behold, I located two other examples.

High-End Herring – With Hisorerus

I asked the guy for the recipe, and he started telling me: "First, you have to dance with the fish, then say a little Tehillim, then go to the mikveh, and then learn Likutei Moharan with the fish."

The State Of Israel Is Born!

The historic vote was followed with unmatched excitement by Jews around the world, and news of the vote brought tens of thousands of people out onto the streets to dance and celebrate the great moment.

Counting Love

The days of Sefirat HaOmer are divided into sections of our attributes. We are meant to fix a different aspect of our middot as we count each day.

The Widow Who Mourned For 10 Years

A widespread custom at the time among Syrian Jews was to have a pizmon written and composed in honor of major life-style occasions such as bar mitzvahs and wedding celebrations.

A Moses Montefiore – David Roberts Connection

Correspondence between two famous personalities are particularly valued by collectors, particularly when it establishes a heretofore unknown connection between the individuals involved.

The Growth Of Our Nation

Hashem in His infinite wisdom created the holidays for His children.

It’s An ‘Inside’ Job

Inner refinement is in our control, and tending to it is the most effective way to change a healthy relationship.

The First Ladino Book

The author writes in his introduction that he believes Sephardic Jews need to view themselves as Levantines, no longer as Sephardim, and adapt and modernize themselves to continue to be competitive in business.

The Szyk-Bergson Connection

Szyk’s sui generis work is notable for its rejection of contemporary avant garde artistic styles in favor of medieval painting, particularly as expressed in illuminated renaissance manuscripts.

Selling Books Amidst Murder

Remarkably, I just came across a fascinating remnant of the ghetto’s defiant Jewish spirit this week: a Russian-Yiddish Dictionary.

Israel’s Largest Trade Deal – The Annual Sale Of Its Chametz!

The military governor of Jerusalem decided to allocate the scant matzah supplies to the city’s civilians, but Rav Goren could not stand the very idea that the first Jewish soldiers to fight for Jerusalem in two millennia would be forced to eat chametz on Pesach.

On This Night We Are All Redeemed

It's written that only in happiness can we be redeemed. We leave the bad behind and in peace we will be led to salvation.

Read About America – In 1870, In Hebrew

Shevile Olam Chadash gives us insight into the widespread longing for the New World felt by the oppressed Jews in Eastern Europe...

Rapeh Takes Aim At Covid Rules, Hopes To Make It Into Knesset

Experts generally support coronavirus vaccination programs, but Daniel said not all scientists do and “the idea of science being settled is a fallacy of what science actually stands for.”

The Secret Judaism Of Max Berlitz And The Berlitz International Myth

Pursuant to another corporate legend, when Berlitz was forced to take a leave of absence due to exhaustion, he put Joly in charge of the language classes only to discover to his chagrin that his trusted assistant did not speak a word of English.

Love And Pain

The opposite ends of love and joy, to pain and sorrow are great. We tend to live somewhere in the middle between great joy and great pain.

Kabbalah – A Happiness Charm?

This printing is remarkable because of the many illustrations and diagrams depicting Kabbalistic ideas.


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