A Letter From R. Chaim Ozer

R. Bakst raised funds for the yeshiva in Cleveland, OH, and its environs, and this letter, requesting assistance, describes the sorry financial state of the yeshiva.

Jews And Chess

The national interest in chess grew even greater when over a million Russians, for whom chess was the national pastime, made aliyah when the Iron Curtain opened in the 1990s.

Clear Sailing Ahead

As Jews, no matter what we are experiencing and going through, it’s the Torah and all it entails that keeps us alive and riveted no matter what is happening around us.

A Few Of My Purim Favorites

We all remember as children waiting to spin our gragger or stomp our feet when the name of Haman was mentioned during the megillah reading.

The Origins Of The Purim Adloyada

Unlike carnivals in other countries, which were known for their licentiousness and violence, the Adloyadas were characterized by proper behavior.


When I think of Queen Esther I usually feel sad for her. Everyone was saved and she had to stay with Achashverosh.

The Chief Rabbi Of Prague’s Library

After his passing, the library changed hands a few times but was eventually cataloged in Koheleth David and subsequently purchased by the Bodleian Library in Oxford in 1829.

Hashem Can Do Anything

Mr. Weinstein responded, “I know, but whatever G-d tells me to do, I do the exact opposite.”

The History Of El Al And Shabbat Flights

Even after the El Al Shabbat law was passed, Lod Airport (later Ben-Gurion Airport) continued operations, and charedim and religious groups were concerned that Jewish workers were being forced to work at the airport on Shabbat.

Spiritual Movement

It felt like the time when the Jewish people left the land of Egypt. There was a terrible plague running wild outside, and inside Hashem was protecting all of His children from the worst of all.

A Sefer By New York’s Chief Rabbi

Orthodoxy in America at the time was in a dismal state, and R. Jacob Joseph's courageous attempts to raise the standards of the kosher meat industry faced fierce opposition.

A Mini Sefer Torah Among Items At Sotheby’s Judaica Double-Header

If not for the attention-grabbing Torah shields, I think the star of this sale would have been the most magnificent Esther scroll case for Purim I have ever seen.

Liberating Italy, Dreaming Of Israel: The Heroism Of Enzo And Ada Sereni

After a lengthy trial, the ship was ordered returned to its owner, and it sailed back to Italy. In an act of revenge, the Irgun blew up the British radar station on Mount Carmel.

Each Soul Is Gold

All the children of Israel make up one great entity of spiritual holiness. Each Jewish soul that lives in this world, no matter what their state of mind or being, makes up the Jewish nation.

A Kollel In 1946 Germany

A bookplate on the free-end of a copy I just acquired states that it was donated by the kollel to the Beit Medrash in the Windsheim, Germany, D.P. Camp.

Rabbi Menashe Ben Israel: The Chacham Who Opened England To Jews

He was fluent in 10 languages and had a broad knowledge of medicine, mathematics, and astronomy.

Varian Fry: A Largely Forgotten Holocaust Hero

He steered refugees to interviewers, found hiding places, delivered messages, and made deals with Marseille gangsters, but perhaps his most interesting contribution was marrying six different Jewish refugees so they could obtain American visas.

Two Great Leaders

Change throughout the generations are not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual one as well.

My Zaidy Sholom Klass

My grandfather loved to show me all his books and would ask me if I was learning as well. He would always tell me a story from the Gemara, and his face would light up as he would tell it.

A Shoemaker’s Sefer – The Only Known Copy In The World

The rest of his work remained in manuscript form, part of which is currently in the possession of the National Library of Israel.

Herbert Hoover And The Jews

In a move contrary to his own political interests – he hoped to win the 1940 Republican presidential nomination, and most Republicans were anti-immigration – Hoover fought hard for increasing American immigration quotas for Jewish refugees.

These Children Survived – Two Tales in Honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

People who saved strangers are called ‘The Righteous Among the Nations’ because we have to understand that not only did they risk their own lives, but they risked the lives of their entire family.

Try Just Once More

It’s sometimes easier for me to pray mindlessly from a Tehillim than to search deep within myself…and cry out with heartfelt words.

Sending Siddurim To Persian Jews

As Persian Jews lacked much of a printing press of its own, Morocco became the only country that still had an active Hebrew press that was not under an Iranian trade embargo.

A Front-Row Seat To History: Advising Ambassador Friedman

Peace doesn’t belong to one party or one religion, says Rabbi Lightstone. It belongs to mankind. But, we live in a region where talk is cheap and action is respected.

Tech-Savvy Jews Help Seniors Secure Vaccination Appointments

Why don’t we open this up so we can help more people? Because the evidence was pretty clear. This is not like ordering from Amazon. This is way harder.

The Assassination Of Lord Moyne

Bet-Zuri and Hakim did use their trial as a means to draw international attention to British atrocities and malfeasance in Eretz Yisrael and to advocate for the justice of a Jewish state...

Coming Home

Human nature is to get used to things and not wanting change.

21-Year-Old YU Student Designs Shoes For Professional Athletes

I love art and I love creating. I created my own graphic design business and was working locally, doing ads, flyers and bar mitzvah logos.


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