First Edition Of A Classic Depicting Eretz Yisrael

Schwartz spent the coming years traversing the country, studying the history of its villages and towns and attempting to determine the locations of biblical sites.

The Jewish Catacombs Of Rome

The catacombs also include beautiful illustrations of animals, which include birds, peacocks, ducks, and eagles; bulls, sheep and rams; and hens and roosters; as well as flowers and fruit trees, many of which may symbolize paradise.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ -Yitzchak Sprung

Would that we could sweat out impatience, addictions, anger, and our many other self-destructive behaviors that leave us worse off, closed off, and far off the mark!

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Maayan Zik

One of the most important schvitz-making projects of our lives is the journey to be more of ourselves.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Ruchama Feuerman

Language academics created an entire discipline – phonoaesthetics – to figure out what makes a word pleasant-sounding. Idyllic appears on that list, and so does mellifluous and cellar door. Shvitz doesn’t.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Shlomo Zuckier

Yiddish – and by extension, modern Hebrew – offers us yet another use for this term – the 'shvitzer,' or braggart, someone who's trying too hard and constantly showing off.

Word Prompt – SHVITZ – Sarah Pachter

Hashem views the past, present, and future in synchronization. We too must broaden our scope.

A Rare Tanach And The Ladino Renaissance

These books constituted a complete collection of texts necessary for everyday Jewish life, something that had existed among the Western Sephardim and Ashkenazim for over 200 years.

Gone With The Wind In Nazi Germany And Eretz Yisrael

Notably – and not surprising in Nazi Germany – the reviewer praised Mitchell’s description of the patriarchal character and racial and social hierarchy in the antebellum South.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Avi Ganz

The Gemara (Kiddushin 30b) says, I have created the yetzer hara and I have created the Torah for it as a spice. A spice? Not a defense, an antidote or a vaccine?

Word Prompt – SALTY – Eli Lebowicz

When Sodom is destroyed, Lot’s wife looks back at the city because the angels said not to, and she gets turned into a pillar of salt.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Ann D. Koffsky

If you describe someone as salty? It’s someone who is not in the best of moods. A sailor with salty language is not speaking eloquently; a salty person is one who is upset over minor nuisances.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Naomi Nachman

Something that is salty in terms of cooking means it’s not seasoned properly, but too much salt or being salty could also be applied to balance as well.

Word Prompt – SALTY – Ariel Rackovsky

Lot’s wife was indeed warned not to look back, a warning she ignored. But when she did, she saw the city she loved, and which she missed dearly, in a state of utter desolation.

The Bad Guy Works For The Good Guy

Judaism is not just a religion, but a relationship. Our challenges are tailor-made to build character. When passing our tests, we grow and gain self-respect.

An Original Overshadowed By An Imitation

Shem-Tov ibn Falaquera was a great Jewish Spanish philosopher and author, best known for his strong defense of the Rambam in a period when Maimonides was still under continuous attack by the opponents of the study of philosophy.

Official Postcards Of The First Zionist Congresses

I present here the official cards of the first seven Congresses accompanied by a brief description of the Congress highlights.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Shani Taragin

As reflections of the image of Hashem we must maintain our healthy bodies, selves and souls.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – David Pardo

Health is like anything else: the set of circumstances within which we operate.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Yehudah Pryce

I was powerless to influence his health in any measurable way, save for fervent davening. Yet is that not what is implied when we utter gezunt in well wishes?

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll

When we allow extremes to become norms, the community is not healthy. When we place one value over all others, the community is not healthy.

Word Prompt – GEZUNT – Daniel Finkelman

Its impact is far-reaching and beyond all proportion to its quantity.

Bogus Bezalel & Other Israelia

Although well-made, with little red paste stones and a carnelian in the center, all in a tightly spun silver filigree setting, the way the Hebrew letters of “Bezalel” are formed and that the mark is rather lightly struck is not how a proper Bezalel hallmark appears.

A Book In Ladino Especially For Women

The haskamot note that this is the first work in Ladino geared to women, despite the era being the height of the Ladino printing period, with numerous rabbinic as well as fictional works being published.

Jewish Students Win Awards for Inventions

Josh and Caleb said they believe their invention is important because in many different sports including football and hockey, many players end up having some sort of brain damage after they end their careers...

The Zionism Of Warren G. Harding

Harding’s Zionism may be rooted in his Baptist faith and his knowledge of the Bible and, over and above his support for a Jewish homeland in Eretz Yisrael, he often expressed positive sentiments about the Jewish faith.

Word Prompt – SINAI – Shira Boshnack

Shavuos is our wedding day, when we recommit ourselves to our relationship with Hashem. We don’t just look at our photo album and videos from the wedding, we re-experience it.


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