Call Of The Wolf: David Ze’ev, The Voice Of Israel

The truth is that if we weren’t in the midst of Covid-19, I would have sat down to hear his story. Instead, I simply told him that I am honored to live with him in the same city in the Jewish State.

As Chasidic Jews Increasingly Become Targets, One Self-Defense Program Teaches Them To Fight Back

“I felt safer fighting in England because I wasn't worried someone would pull out a gun. Here, you never know."

Treasured Teachings Of The AriZal

A handful of books, all exceedingly rare, were printed in the 16th century in Fez, Morocco, and possibly in Egypt by Jewish exiles from the Iberian Peninsula. Following that brief period, no Hebrew books were published until the Chok Leyisrael in 1740.

Building Your Resume (Part I)

Unless you are in academia and even then, this week’s key takeaway is that less is more.

Shabbat Is Shabbat

Inside, the store was a disaster. There was much broken glass, and empty showcase boxes had been thrown all around.

Louis Brandeis’s Passionate Belief In Aliyah As Necessary To Jewish Survival

The purpose of the Menorah Movement, which originated at Harvard University in 1906, was to win for the field of Jewish history and culture its rightful place at Harvard...

The Art of Networking

Be curious; it’s much more important to listen carefully and be “in the moment” with them than to get through all your prepared questions.

Picture Imperfect – A Group of Shadchanim Is Pushing to Get Rid of Photos...

While we are visual beings, and it is natural to want to see how the person looks, the problem is that when you see the picture before you meet the person, you create a single image of who the person is.

Elie Kligman Is Willing To Gamble, Due To His Faith

Kligman, who is shomer Shabbat, said he will not play on Sabbos and whatever team he goes to will have to adjust their schedule to accommodate him... "It's important for me because that's not the way G-d intended me to use the day," he told The Jewish Press by phone.

Chagall’s Inspiration For His Jerusalem Windows: Eretz Yisrael, The Bible And Jewish History

Before their final installation at Hadassah, the windows were on view at the Louvre during the summer of 1961 and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York at the end of the year, where an all-time record of 175,000 visitors came to see it during the seven weeks it was on display.

Tu B’ Av

Hashem, in His infinite wisdom, created our lives and the Jewish calendar so that we live through every day, in a way that will help us deal with whatever comes our way.

A Lament For The Impact Of Covid On Our Professional Lives

Given the scale of larger, readily identifiable losses such as death and job loss, we may unwittingly disenfranchise the loss of others.

The Torah u-Madda Journal: An Appreciation

An extension of Rabbi Lamm's Torah u-Madda Project, the journal spent its early years working out some of the questions and objections relating to the validity of combining secular studies with Torah.

Boris Schatz And The Bezalel School Of Art

Schatz had always thought of Bezalel in almost religious terms as a present-day Third Temple, a source of mystical, divine, spiritual and artistic power that would inspire a renewed national identity among the Jewish people in both Eretz Yisrael and the Diaspora.

Remains Of Our Temple

I opened my eyes and there I was opposite the western wall, no hunger in the air, no Roman soldiers, no fear and no Yirmiyahu. Where were they all?

Building More Than A Resume

I’m powerless to restore what was lost in the Holocaust, but I’m grateful for a chance to apply my skills to protecting others from harm and ensuring their dignity.

Yup, She’s One Of Us

Michal realized no one was going to do it. Without thinking, she walked into the bathroom and pulled out the offensive blockage.

Sefer That Lists The Halachic Portions Of The Zohar

The first sefer to systematically list the halachic portions of the Zohar, Yesh Sachar was printed in 1609 in Prague, and authored by R. Yisochor Baer ben Petachiah Moshe of Kremnitz, Hungary (d. before 1648).

Tokens Of A Tzedakah-Minded People

Going into a bit more detail about this specific pogrom, it is sickening to learn that rioting Polish soldiers claimed that their officers allowed them 48 hours to pillage Jewish quarters as a reward for capturing the city from the Ukrainians.

So Your Daughter Is Home From Seminary… Now What?

When asked about concerns they have about returning home after their year, one of the most popular responses is something like, “I am dreading all the questions about my skirts and sleeve length."

‘When You’re Running, It’s Just You And Hashem. You’re Connected To Infinity.” Catching Up...

In 2017, Deutsch ran a marathon while she was seven months pregnant. She claims the subsequent pregnancy, labor and birth were here easiest.

You Are Not Alone

The world is filled with so much good and yet there is so much sadness all around. Look at people's faces, there is a lot of stress and worries that no one knows how to fill.

Rav Goren And The Early History Of The IDF Chief Rabbinate

The chief military rabbi, who is appointed by Israel’s Chief of Staff and is the highest religious authority in the IDF, is not subordinate to the Chief Rabbinate.

Taking A Page From Har Sinai

The one strength of Har Sinai’s response as portrayed in the Midrash is that she references the other candidates. Reminding your interviewer in a subtle way that they're free to choose is a psychological strategy that has powerful persuasive powers.

A Classic Work Of Early Publishing In Eretz Yisrael

The new reality of Jews living in the land of their fathers led to the publication of his Pe'at Hashulchan, a work dealing with halachot of the Land of Israel, particularly shemittah...

Some Defy, Some Comply With BDS Demands To Cancel Rock Concerts In Israel

Other performers have resisted enormous pressure from BDS and its supporters, and this is the story of three of them.


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