Arthur Rubinstein’s Extraordinary Zionism

Although Rubinstein’s maternal grandparents, with whom he and his family lived in Lodz, were strictly Orthodox, his parents were not, and he received little religious education, despite the plethora of Jewish schools in Lodz.


However, being friendly and or having lots of friends doesn’t necessarily mean that these friends are true ones.

Karl Marx: A Self-Hating Jew

In On the Jewish Question, Marx contemptuously criticized Judaism (and, to a lesser extent, Christianity) from the standpoint of social emancipation, regarding Jews as the embodiment of capitalism and the creators of its evils.

Together We Stand

This week Jews in Israel and all over the world celebrated the founding of the Jewish state. Unfortunately, positive recognition of the State of...

Our Changing World

Gone are the days when culture connoted fine art, music, refinement or even polite behavior. Good taste is no longer governed by rules.

Losing 10 Brothers, Writing A Haggadah From Memory…

He said that in the Death March toward the end of the war, he drank his urine, again and again, to survive.

Dubnow And The YIVO-Einstein Connection

The study and teaching of Jewish history established his own Jewish identity and constituted for him the ultimate proxy for Judaism itself.

Super Jew Forever

We as Jews have a special power and energy to never be defeated. This was passed down to us by our father Avraham, the first Jew in the world.

The Incredible Zishe Breitbart

Zishe’s parents wanted him to learn a trade, but wherever he was apprenticed, his masters took advantage of him by using his strength for business and taught him nothing.

What I Have

This time I felt that G-d had sent that message especially for me. I was suddenly able to look at what I have and not at what I was still missing.

Good Night Moon

Although not observant, Ramon understood his role as Israel’s first space diplomat. During the mission, he ate only kosher food, made Kiddush Friday night, and recited Shema Yisrael as the shuttle flew over Jerusalem.

Rav Henkin’s Chalitzah Shoe

After the Holocaust, chalitzah complications also arose since many widows had no information on the status or whereabouts of their brothers-in-law.

Matzah Ball Soup In Strange Lands

[I]n every generation, our enemies stand up against us to destroy us, but G-d always saves us from their hands.


Often the only thing preventing one from doing something is a bit of encouragement from another.

The Anti-Semitism Of Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) was a British writer best known for his iconic Sherlock Holmes detective stories, but he was also a physician (Holmes...

Zechariah Baumel Comes Home

No matter what was left physically, Zechariah’s soul was soaring high above the crowd even after 37 years.

A Messianic Tale

Life is full of surprises. The party did much better than expected and Yechiel found himself a member in good standing in Israel’s new government.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe: Israel Is Not Yours To Give Away

Never has there been such a debased situation whereby the Jewish people are so dependent on the nations as today....

Einstein And Freud: How Do We End War?

However, Hitler’s rise to power presented a great challenge to Einstein who, though a pacifist, understood that to prevent war, it was sometimes necessary to use force, especially against a threat as monumental as that posed by the Nazis.


A person can get hurt, insulted, or offended by anyone. And when a person gets hurt by someone they care for and love, the pain is even greater.

The Hollywood Shtiebel

It was time to not just start a new synagogue, it was time to create an atmosphere that assured that davening with kavanah was an attainable goal.

Israel’s Educational System And Chinuch Atzmai

Secular educational experts argue that the state has the right – indeed, the duty – to prepare children to become responsible members of a democratic society, based upon Jewish values, including dignity, tolerance and love for the land of Israel.


The more natural something is, the less attention we pay to it. Every morning we get up and take care of the morning routine almost by rote.

Adar Artwork

It was customary to hang decorations such as yours on the synagogue wall at the start of the month of Adar, and for them to be taken down once the Purim holiday concluded.


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