A Chanukah Heirloom Plus A Sotheby’s Treat

If you want to see some remarkable, museum-worthy pieces of antique Judaica (some dating as early as the 17th century!) or some modern-made, opulent, dazzling creations made by skilled artisans in Israel, I highly recommend you make the time to stop by.

The Proud And The Prejudiced (Part I)

The all too familiar sequence throughout Jewish history with its devastating consequences once again ran its course.

American Olim Encouraged To Open Their Homes To Evacuees

Today there are approximately 250,000 displaced Israelis and the hotels have filled up. This led Hassan-Nahoum to launch an initiative encouraging people with empty homes or a second home in Jerusalem to open their homes to families in need.

The Brisker Rav and Chief Rabbi Isaac Halevi Herzog Exchange Letters Concerning An Agunah

Despite the Brisker Rav's known anti-Zionist stance, it is interesting to see the respect and honorary titles he bestows upon Rav Herzog, the official Chief Rabbi of Israel at the time.

Acheinu – A Modern Classic

Shortly after the outbreak of the Gulf War, while Scud missiles were targeting Yerushalayim, Tel Aviv and Bnei Brak, and the threat of chemical weapons from Iraq forced Israelis to obtain and wear gas masks, Acheinu took off worldwide as an anthem of courage and hope.

Nelly Sachs And Shai Agnon: Joint Recipients Of The Nobel Prize In Literature

In Eli, Sachs made evident her belief that the future could not be built on the ruins of hatred and revenge; instead, she hoped that her poetry would be an agent of healing and a source of renewal.

Word Prompt – OHR – Pesach Sommer

Attending the first rally in New York City, and watching the D.C. rally, I was reminded that while we are pretty powerless by ourselves, when we join together, we shine a bright, powerful light.

Word Prompt – OHR – JJ Eleff

Hamas tried to tear us down, they tried to cast a darkness that would scare us away from our land. But we told them no. We will not run, we will not be afraid, instead we will unite and stand together as one nation.

Word Prompt – OHR – Ariel Rackovsky

We live in a world in which there is plenty of darkness. Why do we need to search for more?!

Word Prompt – OHR – Kylie Ora Lobell

In these times, I take my obligation as Ora very seriously. I strive to be a light in this world.

Word Prompt – OHR – Solly Hess

Israel and my Zadie have now been a constant, intertwined thought since the horrific events of October 7 as well. And now I understand what happened during the summer.

In Memory Of Dr. Ivan Mauer

On challenging days, I close my eyes and I can feel your embrace which makes me feel safe and secure.

Samaritan’s Purse Sponsors 21 Ambulances, Seven Of Them Armored, For Magen David Adom, Israel’s...

The vehicles will replace MDA ambulances destroyed by Hamas and put additional lifesaving vehicles into service.

Dementia Diary – Chapter 60

At no time did I contemplate that he actually thought there were people sitting at the table with him as he was chattering away for hours. I thought the hallucinating had stopped when we corrected his medications long ago.

Shapiro Insists Everyone Must Take Part In The Media Battle

Shapiro said he would not speak about Candace Owens. She is a popular host of a show on his platform who appeared online to be questioning if she should work for Shapiro any longer, and he tweeted that she could quit if she felt like it.

The Prayerbook Of A Famous Agunah

This book has ownership markings and signatures of Milka Paks, wife of Meir Paks, the protagonist of a famous agunah case that the Chasam Sofer presided over during his period of rabbinate in Mattersdorf.

Monsey Volunteers Visit Jewish College Students With Steaks, Songs And Support

Students expressed their gratitude to the volunteers in a two-minute video, sharing how they went from feeling frightened to uplifted in the span of just a few short days.

Charles Evans Hughes And The Jews

Although corporate interest underscored both his former clients and his campaign supporters, he showed independence in his two terms as governor, supporting the creation of a Public Service Commission with strong powers to regulate corporate activity.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Ana Mandelbaum

As a frum Jewish educator, I am acutely aware of the thousands of “Yitzchaks” in our care. Each child a guarantor of Hashem’s promise to make Avraham Avinu, and by extension all Jews, into a great nation.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Bin Goldman

We really do have no place in this world. Yet our survival defies nature anchored not in military might or the validation of world leaders, but in our transcendent essence.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Ira Stoll

Whether Yitzchak or Yitzchok, the biblical explanation of the name from Sarah, in Genesis 21:6, that G-d has brought her laughter, and that everyone who hears will laugh with her, always brings a smile, if not laughter, to my lips.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Daniel Finkelman

Tranquility is great, but it's not a reason to live. Joy comes from conquest: from the dragon-slaying campaigns of youth, but ultimately from the self-conquest that is life's fiercest and most silent battle.

Word Prompt – YITZCHAK – Anat Coleman

Over these past few weeks, with the loss of so many lives and the fates of so many others unknown, it's been a challenge and struggle to laugh.

Student Lawsuit Alleges ‘Virus Of Antisemitism’ At NYU

The plaintiffs repeatedly reached out to the dean of students and other administrators expressing their concerns about the escalating antisemitism, all to no avail.

Judge Ruchie Freier Sworn into New York State Supreme Court as First Chassidic Female...

Judge Freier’s daughter and COO of Ezras Nashim, Leah Freier Levine, recounted how her mother would listen to people say she couldn’t do things, then do them anyway.


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