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Jewish Communal Fund Sends Out Record-Breaking $456 Million in Grants in FY 2019

In FY 2019, JCF distributed 23 percent of assets, well above the industry average.

Please Don’t Steal

To prevent their books from being lost or stolen, owners would routinely write their name or an inscription in them.

A Rosh Hashanah Gift From Chaim Rumkowski

In Rumkowski's infamous speech, "Give Me Your Children," he urged the Jews not to resist deporting 20,000 of their children to be exterminated.

The End Of The Year

Hashem, our father, is so merciful and He listens to us at all times. No matter how often we fall, He is always there when we want to get up and try again.

A Prayer From A Woman In Labor

The text of the prayer is riddled with grammatical irregularities and comprises odd mix of verses and pleas.

Marijuana Legalization Advocates Gain Victory; Rabbis Weigh In

Administered property by doctors, marijuana could be a samah shel chaim [potion of life]. Freely used by people at large, it could well be a samah shel maves [potion of death].

Little-Known Holocaust History – Bolivia: The Country That Saved 20,000 Jews

In the late 1930s, Bolivia’s president, German Busch, desperately sought ways to revitalize his country’s economy. Mauricio (Moritz) Hochschild – a Jewish business tycoon and a friend of the president – convinced Busch that Jewish refugees could be of help in this effort.

Sailing Aboard The Titanic: A Kosher Cruise?

All the kosher food on the Titanic was prepared in a small and crowded kosher kitchen located near the third-class kitchen on the F Deck of the ship.

Letting Go

With our children, whom we care for and do everything we can for from the time they are born, we tend to think that we control them.

A Seat In Heaven

We Jews have been coming to less-than-perfect tefillot for as long as synagogues have existed.

The Munkatcher Rebbe’s Passing

According to the headline, the funeral attracted 15,000 people, including hundreds of rabbanim and local government representatives.

Holocaust Footnotes: Escaping To Singapore

My father was an outstanding sportsman and in 1938 - after the Anschluss - a game of tennis saved his life.

The Jewish Advocacy And Zionism Of Felix Frankfurter

Frankfurter was a lifelong committed Zionist, beginning with his association with Brandeis, who enlisted him into ZOA membership and a leadership position with the Parushim.

We Have Free Choice, Hashem Is In Charge

The more one trains themselves to listen to this strong feeling in his heart, the clearer that voice will get and the easier it will be to do what is right each time.

A Shul With A Story: Rocky Mountain Chai

The shul is not only open to every Jew; it is accessible to every Jew.

Color War!

Some breakouts are smart, others are silly, but they all make for fun conversation and hopefully fond memories.

Conservative Jews, Lubavitch Chassidim Join For Gala Dinner

Thousands attended its religious services. Its members included Abraham Beame, New York’s first Jewish mayor, and the operatic tenor Richard Tucker served as the center's cantor for many years.

When Shul Membership Was A Privilege

Many of the provisions in these constitutions attempted to curtail assimilation or deter members from moving toward Reform.

Sunday Marks 80 Years Since World War II Broke Out

Rosenberg and his family escaped Germany on January 23, 1940, thanks to an affidavit provided to them by a complete stranger from Texas.

Nefesh B’Nefesh Celebrates 60,000th Oleh

Emotions were high as the olim walked off the plane at 6 a.m. where they were met with rousing cheers, shofar blasts, and an exuberant crowd of 1,400.

George Washington: Champion Of American Jews

Some academics suggest that Washington's letter, which virtually all agree presents his most prominent pronouncement on religious toleration, was actually drafted by Thomas Jefferson.

Changing Ourselves

What differentiates us from all other creations of Hashem, such as animals for example, is our ability to choose and make change.

Saving Lives

"Gruninger paid a high price for the choice he made. In the struggle between his sense of duty as a police officer, and dedication to the concepts of humanity, the latter triumphed," states Yad Vashem.

Amud Aish: Holocaust And Rebirth

This is not history to be relegated to the past and forgotten.

Adams & Jefferson Respond To A Jewish Leader

Noah tried to found a Jewish state at Grand Island in the Niagara River, to be called Ararat.

The Jewish Soul Of Meyer Lansky

In 1946, Lansky ordered his men to help bring Holocaust survivors to Eretz Yisrael and facilitate the establishment of the Jewish state.

My Trip Back Home

If a person only has one Jewish neighbor, he will appreciate him, but if all the neighbors are Jewish, he might not even know the name of the person living next door.

The Haskalah – Part II: Moses Mendelssohn: A Seductive Idea

If his writings did little to sway the masses, it was his life that acted as the heady perfume. His very existence presented an alternative – a highly seductive alternative – to the ghetto Jew.


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