Saint-Exupéry And The Little Prince: The Jewish Connection

After going into hiding at a village near the Swiss border, Werth wrote 33 Jours (33 Days), a searing memoir of his feelings during 33 days of terror before finally finding refuge.

My Bubby’s Tree

We all come from a special tree that belongs just to our family. Yes, all the trees together make up the forest, or the orchard. However, each tree in itself is special and one of a kind.

My Mother, Irene Klass – 10 Years Later

Speaking of her feelings for Israel, Irene says, ‘my heart always beats a little faster, and I experience a moment of inner joy, when I land in Lod Airport and feel the ground of Israel under me.’

The Printing Of The Taj

One of the Yemenite Jews’ first projects upon settling in Eretz Yisrael was printing the Taj (whose literal translation is “crown”).

A Tale Of Two Morgenthaus: Zionist And Anti-Zionist

As a result of his meeting with Roosevelt, the president issued an executive order on January 22, 1944 which created the United States War Refugee Board (WRB), the first major American attempt to address the extermination of European Jews.

A Mother’s Heart

There is a story of a mother who saw that her child was stuck under a very heavy object and in great danger, and she suddenly had great energy to lift it, in order to save her child.

Ruined By A Flood

In the New World – from the late 1800s through the 1950s – there were many attempts to create Jewish farming settlements as an alternative to the clusters of city tenements many immigrants found themselves in.

The Hebrew-Based Judaism And Zionism Of Eliezer Ben Yehuda

Few people know that one of his first projects upon making aliyah was printing the first Hebrew daily wall calendar (1885).

Jewish Communal Fund Sent Out Record-Breaking $536 Million In Grants In Latest Fiscal Year

A leader in the world of Jewish philanthropy, JCF continues to be the largest and most active Jewish donor advised fund in the country with more than $2 billion in charitable assets under management.


It's very hard to see Hashem's presence in such hard times, it's very difficult to see G-d's plan when all around things seem so unfair and challenging.

How Did This Shas Survive The War?

The lone surviving members of the entire family clan was one granddaughter of R. Menachem Mendel and her elderly grandfather, whom she cared for in hiding during the war.

The Jewish Theological Roots Of Sir Isaac Newton’s Scientific Discoveries

Newton was a devoted Christian raised in the Puritan tradition in the Church of England who nonetheless rejected key elements of religious orthodoxy, including principally the doctrine of the trinity, which he characterized as idolatry.

The “Song Of Songs”

When Rachel "cries" to G-d she is actually singing to him from the depths of her soul.

Giving Back While Being A Judge

As a judge, she appreciates the opportunity to “give back” by mentoring young people.

Treating People With Compassion From The Bench

Judge Mastro credited his grandmother’s influence for leading him into a legal career: “She taught me how to treat people with compassion and she truly was the one that influenced me the most.”

‘Court is like the doctor’s office. There was a wrong and they want it...

Judge Ciccotto enjoys being a family court judge because it allows her to get to know litigants directly (with their attorneys present, of course): their feelings, expectations and fears.

A Judge Who Makes Sure To Really Listen To Everyone

Colon learned about the court system and the various positions. She recommends that people take the Civil Service exam to help their own communities.

An Interesting Inscription

This copy has a beautiful intriguing inscription by the author to Leo Herzberg-Fränkel, a famous Austrian/Galician writer and journalist of the period.

Are Our Children All Zoomed Out?

In addition to the challenge of making lessons interesting, it’s difficult for teachers to gage the progress of students.

Yeshiva University Launches Updated Version Of The Lamm Heritage Archive

Timeless Torah also has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed that all share these sermons.

The Jewish Prisoners Of Cyprus

The experience of surviving both the Holocaust and imprisonment on Cyprus only strengthened the resolve of the Jews to get to Eretz Yisrael, who began referring to Cyprus as “erev Eretz Yisrael” (the eve of being in Israel).

In Our Father’s Footsteps

Each and every one of us is part of Am Yisrael, and we are made up of many souls and many missions that we are expected to fulfill.

Israel Cancels Jewish Learning Program For Russian Youth

For three decades, the Russian-speaking program at Machon Meir has made menschen out of thousands of Jews.

A 500-Year-Old Rif

The edition I acquired was published alongside the first complete edition of the Talmud published by Daniel Bomberg, a landmark in Hebrew printing which standardized the layout of the Talmud daf.

A Pre-WWII Chassidic Yeshiva – With Classes In Weaving

About 20 percent of the student body took weaving courses and attended daily courses in addition to their yeshiva sedarim.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky Returns To The Homeland

The government, ruling out a state funeral, decided that the reinternment would be a private affair, to the point that Shimon Peres, then the Deputy Minister of Defense, refused to even permit the formal participation of the IDF.

Beautiful Blue Sea of Galilee

Hashem in His infinite wisdom, sent us from the heavens above the holy Torah, down to us so that we may learn, grow and purify ourselves.


Now we are faced with a different challenge. How do we fit our newfound Shabbos, filled with reinvigorated ruchniyus and marked by a greater focus on family, into this recently changed and mostly positive reality?

An Unusual Moroccan Rabbi

Daily, he would lie in a coffin to remind himself of the day of death and dispel any thoughts of haughtiness.

The Jewish-Historical Philosophy Of Heinrich Graetz

In his first essay, a well received article published in The Orient (1844-45), he emerged as a powerful champion of traditional Orthodoxy and, as per his mentor, an opponent of Reform Judaism.


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