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Let’s face it ladies, all a man really wants to eat are… chicken and potatoes. Chicken and potatoes. Chicken and potatoes. No, that’s not my computer copying and pasting. If it were up to my husband, he would consume chicken and potatoes for 120 years straight and be completely satisfied.


As a new wife and mother, I am constantly on the lookout for original and exciting recipes. I subscribe to a few different food magazines and I am always dreaming up new ideas. A bunch of recipes I have found use smoked paprika. I thought it sounded interesting and scanned my local kosher supermarket for the spice, but could not find it. I was thrilled when I stumbled across it in Trader Joe’s. I now use it in almost everything, as it gives a subtle addition of a tangy, smoky flavor to any dish. Try it out, and you will not be disappointed. It’s a great addition to cholent, fish, meat, and even schnitzel.

Since I am a working mother always on the go, I am constantly looking for fast, easy, and different. I get bored easily of the same dishes and I like eating food that is new and fresh.

And yet, I decided one night to recreate the age-old dish: chicken and potatoes. Panko shnitzel with crispy leek mashed potatoes is an easy supper to whip up, as well as being a spin on an old classic.

Trust me on this one, there will not be one panko crumb left. Hopefully, you will be satisfied by the taste, texture, and easiness of this recipe. And don’t forget: Your hubby will be satisfied because this technically qualifies as chicken and potatoes. #Touchdown


Panko Shnitzel With Crispy Leek Mashed Potatoes


Family pack of chicken cutlets
Extra fine Panko breadcrumbs (I used Pereg)
2 eggs
Garlic powder, smoked paprika, onion powder, seasoned salt and garlic salt
1 bag of Yukon Gold potatoes
Smart Balance or other margarine substitute
1 large leek
1 small container Coffee Rich
Salt and pepper



Flatten out the boneless chicken with a mallet.

Whisk the two eggs in a small bowl.

Pour ¾ of the bag of Panko breadcrumbs into a Ziploc bag.

Sprinkle a generous amount of the smoked paprika, garlic and seasoned salts, garlic powder and onion powder into the bag while shaking well.

Meanwhile, peel the potatoes and put them into a pot filled ¾ of the way with water. Bring the pot to a rapid boil, and leave the potatoes in until soft.

Wash the leek, check it for bugs thoroughly, and cut into small pieces. Focus more on cutting pieces from the white stem of the leek, and less on the leaves. Coat a small frying pan with oil and lightly sauté the leeks until crispy.

Meanwhile, coat another frying pan with oil on a medium temperature.

Dip a chicken cutlet into the egg wash, then shake in the panko bag. Repeat with all the remaining cutlets.

Fry each cutlet until golden brown on both sides.

Drain the potatoes and add three heaping tablespoons of smart balance. Mash the potatoes and add salt and pepper to taste.

Add the crispy leeks to the mixture, as well as a cup of coffee rich.

The sautéed leeks will give your mashed potatoes an added burst of delicious flavor, while the coffee rich will enhance the fluffy texture. Enjoy!

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