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Keep the Shavuot atmosphere around long after your last bite of cheesecake, with these sweet and easy ways to reuse your Shavuot bouquets.

For older kids, set up a gardening station using black playdough, flowers and gardening tools. Or shape the playdough into a mountain to decorate Har Sinai.


This faux-soil playdough is easy, cheap and lasts much longer than its store-bought counterpart.

No-cook, Faux-soil playdough


2 cups of flour (plus more for adjusting)
2 tbsp oil, any kind
½ cup of salt
2 tbsp cream of tartar
1½ cup boiling water
Wilton Icing Gel, Black (I’ve found this to work the best)


Combine the flour, salt and cream of tartar in a bowl. Then add oil. Pour in the boiling water, and carefully mix together to form dough. Exercise caution, as dough will be hot. Knead together and form a ball.

Form a small indentation in the ball to pour in the food coloring. Mix until thoroughly combined, adding more color as needed.


For younger children who are still mouthing, laminate some flowers and cut them into easy to handle shapes. My son loved examining the delicate petals, and handling the laminated circles was great for his motor development.

Once your little one is done with them, use the shapes to create a mobile or suncatcher by hanging the pieces from a branch or taping them directly to your window.


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