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Paint shooting


Focusing on the process of creation, rather than the finished product, can be extremely satisfying; especially when that process involves shooting jets of paint and bubbles at a canvas. This activity works best with liquid watercolors, such as those made by Colorations and available from Discount School Supplies. But in a pinch you could soak some old markers in water to make your own. You could also dilute food coloring, but be sure to cover up clothes and surfaces to prevent staining.


Watercolor paper (regular craft or printer paper will buckle when wet)
Liquid watercolor
Tape or easel for hanging your canvas

Separate your soap/water into several containers and mix in desired colors. Fill the reservoir of your water or bubble gun with one color at a time, or fill several guns with colors for an easier transition during the activity.  Have a race to see whose color reaches the bottom of the canvas first, or just experiment with different squirting methods for interesting designs. Focus on the process, and have fun!

And hey, the finished product may turn out to be beautiful after all.


So my little pseudo-campers, are your creative juices flowing? Have you been arm deep in paper mache this summer? Outspun all those rusty fidget spinners with a whirligig of your own design? Is your room filled with stacks of books you intend to fill with quirky corner bookmarks? I hope all the projects you have glimpsed in these pages have jump-started your imagination and given you a taste of all that you can accomplish with your own two hands.

Remember that specialized or “extra” supplies are just icing on the cake.  Household staples have the potential to become beautiful collages, adorable paper crafts and whimsical toys.  You can be a Maker with little more than what you have around you right now.

Delve deeper! If you found yourself drawn to a particular medium, do it again. Then again. And keep on delving. Expertise comes from exploring and making mistakes; let your instincts take over and see where they take you.


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