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Sunscreen should never be optional. It’s something you should wear all year around, but during the summer it’s important to be particularly vigilant in ensuring your skin is protected against sun damage and skin cancer.

Finding makeup products that contain sunscreen can be a beneficial way to give your skin extra protection. It shouldn’t be a replacement for sunscreen, but it definitely acts as a great second layer of defense.


There are plenty of BB creams and tinted moisturizers that contain sunscreen. Ideally, look for the ones that contain at least 30 SPF. These days, you’ll be able to find options at both the drugstore and department store, depending on your budget. Some options to consider are Coola Face SPF 30 Matte Tint BB Cream, Physicians Formula Super CC, Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream SPF 30, and Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35.

If you prefer a foundation (although some BB creams provide pretty decent coverage), try Bare Minerals Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation (SPF 30) or Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude (SPF 30).

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t think about sun protection when it comes to my concealers. However, we usually put concealer under our eyes which are a pretty delicate area, so why not use a product that offers additional protection against the sun’s harsh rays? Some options to consider are MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer or Estée Lauder Double Wear Concealer SPF 35.

Another important area to keep protected is one that is often forgotten about: the lips. Lips need sun protection too and there are some lip balms and tints that offer protection while providing some shine or color. Some great clear lip balms to consider are Jack Black Lip Balm SPF 25, Coola Liplux SPF 30 Sport, and Supergoop Açaí Fusion Lip Balm SPF 30. For lip balms that have some color, try Coola again- they have multiple colors to choose from while providing SPF 30. In addition, consider Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm (SPF 20) or Maybelline Baby Lips (SPF 20).


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