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People scan the daily news
Give some gasps now and then,
They shake their heads at the tragic loss
Of a celebrity yet again.



“A pity, a shame,” they murmur
“Cut down in his very prime,
The drink or drugs or maybe worse
Which one was it this time?”


This devastating loss
For weeks is the top news,
But the assassination of politicians
Is squeezed onto page two.


An actor’s brawl at a public bar
Precedes the warnings of war,
Bombing or singer’s eighth divorce?
The latter comes before.


And when twenty-five people are murdered,
It may be in the paper and read,
Unless a model ties the knot
Making her dress the news instead.


Yes this is our glorious country
We report the essential stuff,
World War III won’t make the news.
You see, it isn’t important enough.

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