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Have you thought about this? We will be tomorrow’s leaders, parents of the next generation. What will we do differently to ensure a more prosperous, accepting tomorrow? What are we doing today to prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s new responsibilities? We often make the mistake of getting caught in the moment. When life gets tough we tend to get depressed and think the world is a terrible place and that we’ll never get past this hurdle. On the other hand, why not look towards the future and remember that it will be better than today? And if fortunately, things are going well for us, we should believe that the future will only get better.

Have you ever wondered what enables some people to go to sleep late, wake up early and still have a tremendous zest for life? I have. So I asked and have always gotten the same answer. These unusual human beings look to the future with firm belief that it will be better. How exciting! One who thinks this way doesn’t get bored with life, nor does he or she feel down or depressed. There’s no purpose, or even time, to dwell on the present tough spots if your brain already focuses on and anticipates a brighter future.


This brings me back to my original thought. Our teen years are very confusing. We leave the comfort zone of mom and dad and face the world on our own. It’s also a time when we’re introduced to ourselves, and we work very hard to get to know the person we’re becoming. It is a time of constant learning new ideas, and of recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. Often life appears bleak to teenagers – and confusing and scary. This is when its important to remember and realize that someday you will emerge from this stage and be a person of authority, whom others will rely on.  It may be family, a company with 1,000 employees, perhaps even an entire country. It just might be all three.

That sounds weird, right? That is because we look at our lives and naturally assume that it has always been like this and will always remain this way. But, as we all know, that’s not the way life works.  We always have the intrinsic ability to lead; to matter; to care; make decisions; and even be the object of admiration.

I admit that I’m a dreamer. So every time I meet someone I know, I’m always in middle of working on a new “crazy” project.  Many people support my out-of-the-box concepts, while others (perhaps the smarter ones) put a damper on them by trying to explain why my new ideas make no sense and will never succeed. There have been times when their explanations have convinced me to drop the project I was working on immediately.

However, three simple facts changed my negative reaction. One, every person who has succeeded, in some area, started off with just a dream. Two, it’s true that there are many good ideas out there already, but the world is always ready for new ones. Lastly, even if I fail, at least I can say that I tried.

So what are your big plans for the future? It’s time to get ready.


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