Republican Senators Introduce Bill to Ban Antisemitic Country-of-Origin Labels

“Left-wing activists abuse county-of-origin labels in order to stigmatize products made in Israel,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said in a release. “Our bill will defend the integrity of the Jewish state by ensuring that Israeli products may proudly bear the label ‘Made in Israel.’”

Israeli TV to Compensate Zionist Yeshiva Rabbi They Vilified

The report, which slandered and shattered the public image of Rabbi Assaf Naumburg irreparably, was produced using unparalleled faking.

Ohio Special Election has Become Latest Battleground in Democratic Party’s Clash Over Israel

Two leading candidates—Nina Turner and Shontel Brown—have staked out vastly differing views on Israel, with pro-Israel groups throwing their weight behind Brown while deriding Turner’s hostility towards Israel and support from “The Squad.”

Illinois, Arizona, Take Steps to Reverse Ben & Jerry’s Israel Boycott

"There is a name for people who don’t want to do business with Jews, and the name is anti-Semite."

New Hope, Ra’am, at War over Defeated Cannabis Legalization Bill

Almost every Arab MK on Wednesday voted against the bill.

Knesset Plenum Adds 2nd Woman to Panel Selecting Rabbinical Judges

The Religious Services Minister will appoint a woman rabbinical court advocate.

Knesset Passes Law Making Sure Bennett Hands Keys Over to Lapid

“The alternate prime minister doesn't trust the sitting prime minister and vice versa."

Arabs, Meretz Won’t join 90 MKs’ Call on Unilever to Drop BDS, Sa’ar Appointee...

Prof. Mordechai Kremnitzer, picked by Meretz for a committee, signed a pro-BDS letter from leftist Israelis to Ben & Jerry's.

The Next Big Storm: Israel Commits to Demolishing 2 Homes in Jewish Settlement in...

Let's hope the Lapid-Bennett government find a creative solution to the Eli problem, as they did regarding the Evyatar outpost a few weeks ago.

Matan Kahana’s Kashrut Reform Bill Revealed, Here Are Some Key Items

Here are a few choice items I translated hurriedly. Clearly, a deeper discussion should follow.

Knesset Plenum Votes Down 3 No-Confidence Motions

The United Torah Judaism and Shas motion entitled “A trefah [non-kosher] Government" was rejected by a majority of 59-50.

ADL Partners with PayPal to Fight Extremism – Now Go Define It

Look out: PayPal and ADL have launched a research effort to understand how extremist and hate movements throughout the US leverage financial platforms to fund criminal activity.

Kof-K Announces Not Withdrawing Its Ben & Jerry’s Certification, But Does It While Singing...

This is a PR masterpiece. I want whoever composed it to write my eulogy after 120.

Ben-Gvir, Tibi, Perform First Class Street Theater in Knesset Plenum

Tibi probably won by points on Monday – although no one doubts there will be a rematch sometime soon.

Environmental Protection Rejects Pipeline’s Pollution Risks Survey, Crisis with UEA Looming

The idea of multiplying to a very large extent the amount of crude oil being pushed through the pipeline from Eilat to the Ashkelon terminal is dizzying.

Hadassah Sacks Prof. Zeev Rotstein

The Hadassah board's claim that the sacked CEO failed to rescue the hospital from its financial crisis is dubious, considering the year of the pandemic.

Report: PM, Education Minister Clash over Vaccinating Schoolchildren

Shasha Bitton denied the clash story, but confirmed that she opposes vaccinations in the schools.

Court Rebukes IDF Civil Administration: Doubtful It Took Effective Enforcement Against Illegal Arab Structures

"With each passing day, the citizens of the State of Israel are losing more and more state lands, the price of which we all pay."

Russia Continues to Claim Downing Israeli Guided Missiles in Syria

"Presumably, from time to time they may succeed in downing this or that Israeli missile,"

Algerian Judoka Suspended, Sent Home, for Chickening Out of Fighting Superior Israeli Opponent

The chance of getting routed by a much better, established Israeli fighter was too intimidating for Fethi "Chicken Heart" Nourine.

Ben & Jerry’s Graphic Designer Quits after 21 Years over Boycott, Texas & Oklahoma...

Israel’s ambassador to the US asked 35 US governors to enforce their states' laws which make it a crime to support the BDS.

Lapid-Bennett Blackmailed into Appointing Anti-Vax Minister

Why did I digress from the story of the MK who threatened to smash the coalition if he doesn't become a minister to the Bennett speech? Oh, you'll love it.

Dozens Quit CUNY Faculty Union over Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Resolution

Eugene M. Chudnovsky, Distinguished Professor of Physics at Lehman College and the Graduate School of CUNY, took offense at calling Israel “a settler-colonial state.”

Joint Arab List Leader Who Ate Ben & Jerry’s Rushed to Hospital

"He ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream, he was rushed to hospital" - a perfect construct of poetic justice.

Wednesday, Minister Kahana Also Reformed Conversions

The Conversion Authority in the Prime Minister’s Office provides services to Israeli citizens or permanent residents.

Secular, Haredi and Arab Lawmakers to Join Forces on Reducing Vote Threshold

It should be interesting to watch the Knesset becoming divided not along the traditional coalition vs. opposition divider, but as sharks vs. guppies.

Haredim Will Bear the Brunt of Government’s War on Disposable Plastic Utensils

Of course, if the finance and environmental protection folks really want to clean up Israel, and at the same time repress Haredi families even more, they should go after disposable diapers.

Matan Kahana Drives a D9 over Chief Rabbinate’s Kosher Certification Monopoly

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri said Kahana's plan is "crushing the Jewish identity of the state."

PM Bennett, Communications Minister Hendel Dedicate Fiber-Optic Cable in Remote Northern City

"They blazed a trail to reach everyone even if there is no initial economic interest in this connection."


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