Trump Beats Haley by 20 Points in her Home State

Donald Trump emerged victorious Saturday night in the South Carolina GOP primary, with 59.8% of the votes, advancing him further toward a rematch with...

House Republican Says Hamas Should Be Killed and the World Is Outraged

Some individuals acquire their share in the World-to-Come in one moment.

Rashida Tlaib’s Sister Planning a Bloody Nose for Biden in Michigan Primary

Did you know Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has a sister? Her name is Layla Elabed and she is the campaign organizer of a group...

Poll: Majority of New York Jewish Voters Intend to Vote for Trump

“This poll tells us very little about how N.Y. Jews will vote,” said Mark Mellman, president of Democratic Majority for Israel.

Knesset Falls Short of 90 Votes Needed to Expel Anti-Israel MK Ofer Cassif

The missing five votes would have come from Yesh Atid and Labor, many of whose members boycotted the vote. Now you know.

Ben Gvir: Prison Guard Who Served Barghouti Shabbat Cholent Disciplined

Barghouti has been on Hamas’s shortlist of terrorists they want to be released in exchange for Israeli hostages.

AG: Without Extension of Haredi Exemptions by End of March – They’re All Enlisted

Baharav Miara’s latest warpath during a war * cracks in Netanyahu’s coalition wall * Haredim change from militant to military * Rabbi Yochanan and the draft.

MIT, Stanford, Brown Restrict and Punish Protesting Students

Some of the students who violated the law were not US citizens, and their suspension would have led to deportation.

Gallant Discusses Hostages and Humanitarian Aid with Dem Senators Coons and Blumenthal

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Sunday evening hosted two Democratic Senators who are strong supporters of Israel, Chris Coons (D-DE) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)....

Hostage Families Tell Ronen Tzur to Take a Hike

On Sunday, dozens of hostage families signed a petition demanding Ronen Tzur's departure.

Netanyahu Attacks Leftist Campaign of ‘Enormous Funds Pushing Incitement and Division’

Netanyahu’s Jerry Maguire question is still begging for an answer: Show me the money.

Cincinnati Arabs and Jews Can’t Reach Compromise on Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

"Since Oct. 7, we Jews have been the victims of violent antisemitism in schools, synagogues, even on the streets."

White House Protecting Thousands of Illegal PA Arabs from Deportation

“Give me your killers, your rapists, your baby beheaders yearning to wade in Jewish blood…”

Democrat Defeats Former IDF Soldier Mazi Pilip in Disgraced Rep. Santos’ District

Tuesday’s vote flipped one of the five House seats crucial for the Democrats to regain the majority in November.

Direct Polls: 73% of Israelis Favor Taking Rafah; Right-Wing Coalition Gets 59 Mandates

Both the US and Egypt have warned Israel against entering Rafah, but it appears that the vast majority of Israelis couldn’t care less.

Labour Drops Candidate Who Claimed Israel Invited Hamas to Kill Its Citizens

Ali apologized “unreservedly” for his comment, but it was too late.

Netanyahu Sends Delegation to Cairo Hostage Talks as Arm Wrestling with a Frustrated Biden...

It appears that Biden and Blinken want Israel to make an omelet with unbroken eggs.

TAU: Young Evangelicals’ Support for Israel Dropped by More than Half in 3 Years

The amillennial theological views see the Jewish people and the state of Israel as no longer necessary in the fulfillment of God’s plan for the second coming.

Berlin Film Festival Caught Up in Conflicts over Gaza War

The event, known for its staunch support of Iran's struggling directors, has called upon Tehran to permit the attendance of two filmmakers subjected to a travel restriction.

Dallas Jewish Councilwoman’s Home Defaced by Antisemitic Hamas Fans

On October 11, 2023, The Dallas City Council approved by a vote of 14-0 a resolution supporting Israel in its war against Hamas.

ACLU Calls on DOE to Reject IHRA’s Definition of Antisemitism

Usually, the objection to the IHRA list of definitions of antisemitism relates to attacks on Israel and pro-Israel Jews. But the ACLU is looking to quash the whole kit and caboodle.

Jewish Organizations Welcome Report on Ending Morningstar’s Anti-Israel Bias

The Jewish group noted that if implemented to their full extent, the expert recommendations will ensure that Morningstar has a superior ESG product.

Is This a Friend? Blinken Preaches Humanitarian Values to a Violated Nation

"A concrete, time-bound, irreversible path to a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel."

US Restricts Visas to Spyware Makers, Lumping Israeli Hi-Tech with ‘Violent Settlers’

The attack is intended to destroy Israel’s specialized hi-tech and severely damage its economy, in an effort to bring down Netanyahu.

Minister Orit Strook: If They Witch Hunt You, You Must be Doing Something Right

Between April and September 2023, Strook warned 15 different times against the criminal negligence of allowing the imports of dual-purpose goods into Gaza.

For Biden and the Arabs, Gantz Is the Bulwark Bringing Bibi Down

Mrs. Tzila Netanyahu did not raise a fool, and Bibi, who will turn 75 next October, is hoping to weather even the tsunami of October 7.

With Leftist Dems Threatening his Reelection, Biden Calls Netanyahu ‘Bad [Expletive] Guy’

Biden harbors a profound concern that Netanyahu wants to entangle the US in a broader conflict in the Middle East.

Ben Gvir to WSJ: Biden Hampers Israel’s War Effort, Trump Would Be Much Better

Ben Gvir he proposes a strategy aimed at motivating Gazans to willingly relocate to various destinations worldwide.

Netanyahu’s US Born Chief of Staff Ari Harow Convicted of Fraud, Breach of Trust

He is considered to have been one of Netanyahu’s closest confidants.


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