As Coalition Talks Hit Brick Wall, Poll Gives Likud 42 Seats Vs. Disintegrated Left...

According to sources around the prime minister, Netanyahu's son Yair is also working to thwart concessions to Blue&White in the Justice Ministry and judicial appointments.

Deri: Jerusalem Haredi Neighborhoods Have More Coronavirus Cases than Bnei Brak

The city with the largest number of coronavirus patients is Jerusalem, where 1,253 residents have been diagnosed, a 10% increase since Friday. Bnei Brak has 1,192 infections, up 12%.

Likud, Blue&White at Loggerheads over Committee to Appoint Judges

"In the upcoming term, at least 4 judges will be appointed to the Supreme Court. This is a historic opportunity to formulate a conservative majority."

Meretz-Labor Merger Collapses

The forced merger of most of Israeli political parties fell apart once the anti-Netanyahu glue holding them together was dissolved.

Politicians, Health Officials, Demand Litzman’s Sacking for Flagrant Defiance of Ministry Guidelines

"A health minister who violates the emergency provisions that the office he is heading has issued, while putting himself and others in jeopardy, has no place in government."

Interview with Former Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein

Outgoing Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein has a lot to say about the events of the past few months. Having recently become the first Knesset Speaker in history to resign, he says he's learned to stand up for his principles, even if it comes at a price.

Israel’s Rate of New Cases on Slight Decline as Efforts to Slow Down Spread...

43,389 Israelis are in voluntary isolation at home, having spent some time near an infected person.

Evangelical Leader Cardoza-Moore: COVID-19 Not Punishment for Jews for Rejecting Jesus

“Rick Wiles professes to be an Evangelical Christian Pastor, but he never quotes scriptures."

As Bibi’s Coalition Starts to Veer Left, Yamina Threatens to Bolt

Netanyahu told his rightwing partners not to believe the media reports about the portfolio distributions to Blue&White... they don't believe him.

After All-Night Meeting, Netanyahu, Gantz, Ready to Declare New Government

Here's a wild prediction: Israel Resilience may turn out to be a perfect fit with Likud.

Generals’ Party Capitulates as So Many Have Done, before a Masterful Netanyahu

Bibi understood, with the mystical foresight of a hunter, that Gantz did not have it in him, Gantz did not have the killer's instinct, the total dedication, the unbound desire.

Unexpected Twist: Benny Gantz Appointed Knesset Speaker

Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid), Gantz's partner strongly opposes the move.

Hey, It’s the 41st Anniversary of the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty.. Crickets…?

President Rivlin asked to send his warmest wishes to the Coptic community in Egypt ahead of the Easter holiday, which will be celebrated in a more limited way this year because of the virus.

Liberman’s Finance Chairman Plans to Dry Up Haredi Budgets

Meanwhile, finance committee from the Likud, Shas and UTJ boycotted Wednesday's committee meeting, and may also boycott the meeting Forer has called for Thursday morning.

In Bloodless Coup Victorious High Court Appoints Amir Peretz to Replace Edelstein

The High Court of justice ordered overnight Thursday the transfer of the authority to convene a Knesset plenum to the eldest MK, Amir Peretz (Labor).

Speaker Edelstein Passing the Gavel to Amir Peretz, Tells Court to Back Off

Edelstein said the court had been "dragged into political negotiations" instead of allowing the Knesset to elect a new speaker with a broad consent.

Blue&White to Appeal Edelstein’s Resignation to the High Court

Edelstein's resignation thwarted the possibility of holding a vote for a new Speaker until Monday.

Knesset Speaker Edelstein Resigned Over High Court’s Meddling: I Won’t Support Civil War

Edelstein's resignation was made in protest, and also to avoid a precedent in which the High Court of Justice is obeyed when it intervenes in the workings of parliament.

Joint Arab List Gets Chairmanship of Committee Dealing with Compensating Terror Victims

They will manipulate the committee agenda, seeing as many of the List MKs openly support anti-Zionist terrorism.

Massive Convoy Protests High Court’s Overreach

The protesters showed up in their cars to say the High Court had crossed a red line by unlawfully interfering in the Knesset's agenda and by ruling in direct contravention of the Basic Law of the Knesset.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Convene Own Decapitation Session

Edelstein is reportedly furious at the High Court panel of five justices, especially since they obviously didn't bother to read his lengthy and well annotated response.

High Court Orders Speaker Edelstein to Declare If He’ll Let the Knesset Replace Him

"In one of the most difficult crises since the establishment of the state, the legal system is attempting a government coup in the State of Israel, no less."

Haaretz Radical Leftist Gideon Levy: Gantz Must Surrender and Join Netanyahu

"Surrender, withdrawal, and even breach of election promises are not necessarily the worst choices."

The Solution: Both Netanyahu and Gantz to Be Sworn In as Prime Ministers

The Joint Arab List sees itself as naturally entitled to what has to be the most vital Knesset committee, bar none, because they are the third largest faction in the Knesset.

Netanyahu: Unity Government Terms Reached, Waiting for Gantz

Netanyahu described an offer that is far too generous, yet still being rejected by Blue&White.


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