100 Progressive Jews Boycott Elon Musk, Urge Big Advertisers to Join

Jonathan Greenblatt has managed to elicit the support of his fellow Jewish progressives against the offending X and Elon Musk.

Channel 14 Reporter Exposes Protest Leader’s Tweet to Sink Saudi Invite

Let’s hope the Saudis read her old tweet with great interest.

Anarchists Who Crashed Yom Kippur Prayers Drove Secular Israelis Back to their Yiddishkeit

Only Ben Gvir can turn a fledgling movement of secular Israelis who are curious about their tradition into a train wreck of monumental proportions.

A Belligerent Ben Gvir Declares Public Prayer in Protesters’ Faces at Dizengoff Circle

"On one side is Ben Gvir, on the other side Ehud Barak and his emissaries. In the middle, there is an entire nation that’s simply fed up with extremism."

What a Difference a Year Makes in Tel Aviv

You know, the Internet has a very long memory.

Yesh Atid Candidate for TLV Mayor: If You Fail to Meet my Liberal Standards...

Those oxymoronic statements belong to morons who do not understand the meaning of the term “liberalism.”

Antisemites Crash Yom Kippur Prayers in Tel Aviv with Gantz & Lapid’s Support

“One protester positioned herself behind a very elderly woman in a wheelchair who came with her Filipino nurse."

Netanyahu Returns Home after Successful US/UN Trip

Netanyahu met with some 20 leaders from five different continents during the 6-day visit.

Social Security Checks to Continue Despite Anticipated Government Shutdown

Out of the 61,869 SSA employees, only 8,512 will be furloughed, leaving 53,357 employees on hand.

Rosh Yehudi: Yom Kippur Prayers Will Take Place as Planned at Dizengoff Circle

It remains to be seen whether the anarchists will be brazen enough to crash the public prayer service.

Majority of Israelis Object to Protests Against Netanyahu in US

Despite the disappointing showing, American and Israeli Media have devoted about half their attention to the protesters’ shenanigans.

Ehud Barak Shares Murder Fantasies on CBS

When I contemplate Ehud Barak, I am reminded of another highly self-appreciating and gifted man, American poet and fascist collaborator Ezra Pound.

IDF Bows to the Court’s Command, Opens Special Forces to Qualified Women

“The chance of a woman on average reaching the physical achievements that a man reaches is significantly lower.”

MK Ups the Ante on Amiram Ben-Uliel’s Case Calling him a Tzadik

Believe it or not, this story has a happy ending. Ben Uliel may be removed from solitary confinement to the religious ward.

Likud MK: Israeli Anarchists in the US Are Worse than the PLO & Iran

"You have crossed every red line, you are dragging the entire nation of Israel into the abyss."

Liberman to State Comptroller: Netanyahu Not Authorized to Make Concessions on Saudi Nuclear Program

“The law explicitly requires that any war and peace decision must be brought to the cabinet for discussion and approval.”

Justice Minister to High Court: Judicial Appointments Committee Is Strictly My Purview

Levin listed three reasons why he cannot be compelled to assemble the committee.

DeSantis ‘Hit Right Notes’ in New York Meeting with Orthodox Leaders

“He clearly sought our input in order to best serve us, along with all Americans, in a future administration,” said Rabbi Yaakov Menken, who was a part of the meeting.

Ramaswamy Defends New Hampshire Co-Chair’s Right to Call Israel ‘Apartheid’

“I’m not going to toss someone to the wolves and cancel them,” the presidential candidate said.

3 Years Later the Abraham Accords Still a Miraculous Success, But Israel’s Sour-Faced Media...

The Trump administration actively supported the expansion of the Abraham Accords, Biden has no such goodwill in store for Netanyahu.

Speaker Ohana: We Will Establish a Constitutional Court Above the High Court of Justice

Ohana is borrowing a page from FDR’s playbook on packing the courts, and doing so brilliantly.

Ben Gvir Maintaining Low Flame Dispute with Netanyahu

“I say to the dear Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, we have no mandate not to address and change the conditions of the terrorists."

Democrat Sam Berger Beats Republican David Hirsch in Queens Assembly Seat Special Election

Republican Hirsch managed to get a much bigger share of his voter base to the polls than the Democrat Berger.

Man of the Year 5783: Yinon Magal Who Crushed Israel’s Left-Wing Media’s Monopoly

He figured out how to tap into Israel’s silenced majority and gives them a voice. This genie is not going back into the bottle.

The High Court Hearing: Where Do We Go from Here?

The most likely outcome was suggested by Justice Stein, who favors submitting a restrictive interpretation of the restrictive amendment.

The High Court Rejected in 1948 Israel’s Declaration of Independence as Constitution

Several Supreme Court justices attempted to use the May 1948 Declaration of Independence as the instrument with which they could strike basic laws.

We Are Happier! TAU Study Shows Right-Wing Resilience Rising, Left-Wing Declining

The gap between the two groups representing Israel's Jewish population has increased constantly.

Judges Heckled Rothman’s Arguments? Want to Read What He Wanted to Say? No problem

"Public trust in the court is waning as a result of the court's extensive involvement in social, economic, and political matters."

Watch: 15-Judge Panel Hears Petitions Calling to Annul Constitutional Law

There will certainly be a session of the High Court this Tuesday, but not of Justice.


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