Insubordinate Pilots’ Ground Crews Won’t Serve Until Judicial Reform Is Fully Implemented

"So far, we have gathered more than 200 signatures from second-class soldiers and we are handling additional responses."

IDF Reservists Suspend their Protest: ‘We Decided to Give Talks a Chance’

Brothers in Arms is estimated at several hundred IDF reservist soldiers and officers.

TASS: US Behind the Mass Anti-Government Protests in Israel

The protest demonstrations in Israel are well organized, indicating that there are experienced string-pullers behind them.

US Ambassador: Netanyahu Will Be Invited to the White House after Passover

“This democracy is alive and well,” Nides said. “It’s something all of us can watch with admiration.”

‘National Paralysis Week’ Continues, Proving the Success of Netanyahu’s Divide & Conquer

Netanyahu is betting that their fury and zealotry will alienate the majority of Israelis.

Citing Solomon’s Trial, Netanyahu Suspends Judicial Reform

“Either way, we will bring about a reform that will bring back the balance that was lost between the branches of government.”

With Coalition’s Fate in a Haze, Smotrich Submits State Budget for Preliminary Plenum Vote

"Here in the State of Israel, we have an opportunity to be an island of stability in a turbulent global economic sea.”

Netanyahu Tells Coalition Heads: I Will Stop the Judicial Reform

If the right-wing coalition government cowers before the leftist mobs – what do we need a right-wing government for?

Former Shin Bet Analyst: It’s a War between Netanyahu and a Polluted State Establishment

"It was hinted at, partly disguised, but now it becomes explicit, visible, and dangerous."

Airport Shut Down, Country paralyzed, Liberman Calls on Edelstein to Oust Netanyahu,

Ben Gurion International Airport was shut down in response to the judicial reform.

Deri 2 Vote Suspended, Reportedly by Deri

"Stopping the legislation would be surrendering to violence, anarchy, insubordination, and the tyranny of the minority."

After Night of Well-Coordinated Demonstrations, Fate of Judicial Reform in Netanyahu’s Hands

The PM will speak in about one hour from when this report is filed. Stay Tuned.

Opposition MK Benny Gantz Pleads for Government to Halt Judicial Reform, Cites ‘Nation Torn...

"I agree on the obvious need to change, improve and correct the system for the benefit of all the citizens of the country," Gantz wrote, but insists that cannot be accomplished by the elected government.

Jewish Lawmaker Punched in the Face by Man Yelling the Jews Have Taken Over...

The attacker also threatened to kill Zyskowicz by pushing him in front of the subway train.

Protesting Defense Ministry’s Neglect, Samaria Council Moves Its Headquarters to Huwara

“We demand the prevention of the traffic jams in Huawara whether by closing down shops or blocking roads."

Gallant in Action: Extends Administrative Detention of Young Jewish Man on Eve of his...

Four months ago, Yared was arrested on an administrative arrest warrant, despite a court ruling to release him.

Judicial Election, Deri 2, Gifts Law Going to Knesset Vote Despite Gallant’s Objection

Netanyahu and Justice Minister Yariv Levin have presented Gallant with an ultimatum.

High Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to AG’s ‘Neutrality’ on Judicial Reform

The petitioners asserted that Israel's attorney general has a conflict of interest regarding the bill to place limits on her powers.

Police Rescue MK Rothman from Angry Mob in Ramat Hasharon

Earlier on Thursday, a mob in Petah Tikvah tried to prevent Rothman from raising a glass to usher in the month of Nissan.

Military Threatening Netanyahu with Coup to ‘Save Democracy’

The PM ordered his defense minister to stay away from the microphones and spoke to the nation himself instead.

Coalition Defeats Ankle Monitors Measure, Ben Gvir Promises More Thoughtful Version

"It’s important to prevent false complaints resulting in damage to innocent men.”

Knesset Passes PM Incapacity Law Blocking AG, Court Coup D’état

Any reasonable person reading the original law understands that it deals with the PM’s medical condition.

Jews Looking for Arabs to Hide their Lambs for Temple Mount Paschal Sacrifice

If you’re Arab and read the Jewish Press, and happen to live in close proximity to the Temple Mount – this could be a nice payday for you.

US Rebukes Israeli Ambassador for Amended Law on Jewish Expulsion

These are not new settlements. These are Jewish villages that were ripped from the land.

Gideon Sa’ar to Fellow Opposition MK Opposed to Ending the Expulsion: ‘You Are a...

“Is this the time to give a hug to the people who violate the laws of the state with their staying in Homesh? The answer is no!"

Economy Minister Barkat: I Will Surrender If the Court Annuls the Judicial Reform

Barak’s announcement was the ultimate attempt to please everybody.

Levin Justifies Reform Downgrading, Will Not Accept Nullification by the Court

A court annulment of the judicial reform would "constitute crossing a red line – which we will not accept."


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