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Abbas Conducts Solidarity Meeting with Gantz’s Terrorist-Designated PFLP Groups

In turn, the members of the six terrorist delegations promised to stay in touch and coordinate with Abbas’s office.

Survey: 4 in 10 US Jews Conceal Identity, See Far-Left as Serious Threat

22 percent said they had changed their habits when it comes to going out.

State Dept: Gantz Never Warned Us He Was Planning to Outlaw 6 Terrorist NGOs

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price on Monday responded with a huge pivot.

While Cabinet Approves Plan to Curb Arab Sector Murders, Arab Politicians Demand Promotion of...

The Kafr Qassem event marked the highest point of mistrust between Israel's Jewish rulers and its Arab citizens.

‘The New Jew’ Docuseries Fostering US-Israel Ties Is Coming to America

“The New Jew” helps Israeli viewers explore the fundamental differences between Judaism in Israel versus Jewishness in the US.

Military Coup in Sudan, Government Ministers Arrested

Protesters filled the streets of the capital Khartoum early Monday morning in response to news of the arrests.

Report: Global Climate Tech Funds Ignore Surging Israeli Startups

"Climate innovation is not just an important stage in the war against the climate crisis, but also a significant business opportunity."

Putin Invites Bennett to Visit St. Petersburg

Israeli PM accepted the invitation and said he would be pleased to make another visit to Russia.

A Satisfied Ra’am Says It Will Support Bennett’s Budget

The obstacle was the provision of budgets to the Arab municipalities at the expense of the Jewish municipalities.

Both Ben-Gvir & Meretz Condemn Bennett’s Area C Housing Plan – for Opposite Reasons

Of the housing units that will be approved in the Jewish settlements only 1,800 will receive the final approval.

Liberman’s Tax Pushes Up Coke Prices, Sugar & Diet

Haredi politicians claim that this government decree is aimed against their constituents who are significant consumers of sugary drinks.

Trump Launching ‘TRUTH Social’ – Looks a Lot like Twitter

Trump asked a federal judge earlier this month to compel Twitter to reinstate the former president's account.

Report: US Weighing 2nd ‘Palestinian Consulate’ in Jerusalem

Does anyone in the Biden White House understand that opening one, never mind two consulates in Jerusalem would constitute a violation of US law?

US, Israeli Diplomat, Dangling Saudi Relations in Return for ‘Palestinian Consulate’

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand pick up a trillion bucks (in promissory notes).

Israeli Right Blasts ‘Anti-Netanyahu’ Bill

The bill, proposed by Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar, would bar those under indictment from forming a government or serving as alternate premier.

Report: US Urging Saudis to Normalize Relations with Israel, Join Abrahamic Agreements

Jared Kushner met with Jake Sullivan in January and encouraged him to push Saudi Arabia to join the Abraham Accords.

Arab Minister: Frankly, Israel’s Jewish Majority Is Endangered

His prophecy of Jewish extinction probably reveals Minister Frej's wishful thinking but does not reflect reality.

Bennett ‘Surprised’ by US Pressure on Settlements; Biden to Reopen Jerusalem’s ‘Palestinian’ Consulate

"To declare the establishment of such a consulate while the Prime Minister opposes it is simply to turn the State of Israel into a banana republic."

Internal Security Minster Barlev: Murder Rate Will Continue to Rise in Arab Society

An estimated 400,000 illegal weapons are circulating in the Arab sector (the entire Israeli Arab population is estimated at 1.9 million).

Watch: MK Aymen Odeh Physically Assaults MK Itamar Ben-Gvir

Aymen Odeh was visiting a Hamas terrorist in Kaplan hospital.

Putin: Russia and Israel United by Zero Tolerance for Anti-Semitism

“In big cities, Jews have everything they need for observing traditions – like minyans, kosher food, and mikvahs."

NY City Council Cancels Thomas Jefferson, Fellow Slave Owner George Washington May Be Next

Change YU's address to Frederick Douglass Heights because New York City is getting canceled.

Nasrallah to Lebanese Christians: Behave Yourselves Because We Have 100,000 Trained Fighters

“You are very mistaken saying that Hezbollah is weaker than the Palestine Liberation Organization,” Nasrallah said.

Knesset Holds Contentious Memorial Session On Anniversary of Rabin Assassination

As usual, the Left used Rabin Day to attack their opponents to the right.

10% of Tel Aviv’s Kosher Restaurants Now Under Tzohar Supervision

This marks a significant step for the Tzohar Kashrut service which was launched in February 2018.

Zapomniane Foundation Exorcising Poland of Its Haunting Unmarked Jewish Victims

"There are hundreds or even thousands of forgotten, not commemorated graves of the Holocaust victims in Polish cities and villages."

Report: 89% of Netflix’s ‘Palestinian Films’ Directed by BDS Supporters

“It is unfortunate that Netflix is giving a platform to directors who advocate division and bigotry in the arts of all places."

As Panic Erupts over Anarchy in the Arab Sector Justice Minister Sa’ar Seizes Unchecked...

"I tell you: I will submit more laws so that we can succeed in the fight against crime in the Arab sector."


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