PM Netanyahu Speaks with Vice-President Kamala Harris

The two seem to have held slightly different conversations with one another.

100+ California Scholars Expose New Round of False Claims by Sponsors of Ethnic Studies

“This entire process goes to the heart of what is wrong with Critical Ethnic Studies.”

Gantz on Fox News: Israel Prepared to Strike Iran’s Nuclear Sites

Gantz said: "The American policy should be American policy, and Israeli policy should stay Israeli policy."

Knesset Committee Warns: No Money to Deal with Next Large Scale Oil Spill

"We all understand that it is only a matter of time before a wide-scale contamination disaster takes place at sea."

Poles Outraged: Germany Paid Them Only $2.41 Billion in WW2 Reparations

Poland's overall losses reached more than five million citizens, both Jews and gentiles – as much as 17% of the population.

Shunning Pro-PA Critics, Leaders of Denmark, Austria, Come to Talk Vaccine Plant in Jerusalem

PM Frederiksen told reporters in Copenhagen on Tuesday that partnering on a vaccine plant with Israel “isn’t an unrealistic scenario.”

Blinken ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by ICC Decision, and the ICC Ain’t So Happy Either

Judge Péter Kovács, the dissenting judge on the ICC panel, issued a minority opinion that asked, "Did the Majority provide a practical answer to the Prosecutor?" and answered that it didn't.

‘Purim Controversy’ Erupts When 4 Lakewood Kids Put On Afro Wigs and Blackfaces

There was also an emergency meeting of the Lakewood school board.

Tom Friedman Accuses Israel of ‘Abraham Accords Washing’ and Ignoring the Much Preferred ‘2-State’

Friedman says "Biden needs to move fast" if he wants to be able to thwart all those efforts in favor of the old, familiar, and bloody 2-state solution.

Syria Set to Join UN Commission Fighting ‘Subjugation of Peoples’

The announcement of Syria's promotion to the post was made on the same day a UN commission accused Syria of crimes against humanity including genocide.

Report: Amnesty International Helped Putin Destroy Dissident Alexei Navalny

Alexander Artemev, a spokesman for Amnesty in Moscow, told BBC the wave of requests that the group de-list Navalny was part of an "orchestrated campaign" against the dissident by the Kremlin.

Elections Committee Bans Netanyahu’s Stand-Up over ‘Election Propaganda’

Netanyahu’s Likud party stated it will appeal the decision to “censor Netanyahu.”

Nassau Democrat Calling for Cuomo’s Resignation over Sexual Harassment Complaints

This may be a good place to ask, what is it with NY governors and their predilections?

Zionist NGO Sues for Data on Extent of Israeli Power Company’s Support for Illegal...

"Beyond the safety hazards that accompany unauthorized electrical connections without any supervision, this move constitutes making permanent the illegal construction in the area."

Likud Whip Blames Corona Chairwoman for Death Rate as Infections Are Down Again in...

MK Zohar was unhappy with Israel's media, too, and asked why they insist on criticizing for all the people who died but have nothing to say about all the people who didn't die.

Michigan University Professor Fired for Saying ‘Covid19 Is another Jewish Revolution’

"Their end-goal is a technocratic, one-world government, where everyone, Jew and Gentile, will be microchipped and tracked 24/7."

Yesha Council Chairman Cancels Participation in Haaretz Conference Co-Sponsored by B’Tselem, BtS

Last month, B'Tselem launched an international campaign depicting Israel as being an apartheid state.

Netanyahu Blames Iran for Blowing Up Ship, Tehran Newspaper Admits Same

Israel is convinced the IRGC Navy is behind the attack.

Anglican Vicar Targets ‘Masa Israel Journey’ in Latest Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Campaign

Of course, this is how we know Sizer is a rabid anti-Semite, when we read his equating Israel's war of liberation with ethnic cleansing.

Anti-Zionist Group Withdraws Impeachment Complaint Against Tuft Jewish Student

"They tried to intimidate the Jewish community into silence, to force Jews to renounce their shared heritage, to exclude Jews from leadership."

Dov Hikind Leads Rally Outside NBC Protesting SNL Joke

The show is equally as crass regarding Black, Hispanic, and Asian sensibilities, in a milieu of a shock-tolerant bon ton.

Yamina Concedes It Prefers Netanyahu-Led Government Over 5th Election

Bennet also vowed that "Yamina will not sit in a government led by the left, including with Lapid as prime minister."

Stone Throwers Injure Police Officers Who Enforce Purim Night Curfew in Jerusalem

In order to prevent Purim gatherings in Jerusalem, bus and train traffic to and from the city has been blocked starting Saturday night.

Report: Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain Seek Military Alliance

Saudi Arabia resolutely promotes the alliance. But Saudi sources neither denied nor confirmed the report.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Long Time Contributor to the Jewish Press, Dead at 84

Gerstenfeld was considered one of the deepest and most influential thinkers in the study of anti-Semitism.

Report: Left-Wing US Jews Ask Biden to Revoke Labeling Settlements’ Products ‘Made in Israel’

The six anti-Israel Jewish groups warned against the new regulation which "would worsen tensions in the Middle East if allowed to go into effect."

Haaretz Disproves NY Times’ Libel that Israel Withholds Vaccines from PA Arabs

How lucky we are to have Nir Hasson report on Wednesday in "Israel's NY Times," a.k.a Haaretz: "Israel Opens Vaccination Center at Checkpoint to Reach Palestinian East Jerusalem Residents."

Tufts U Student Government Official Threatened with Disciplinary Action by Anti-Zionists for Identifying as...

The Jewish student's legal advocates demand Tufts' president to intervene immediately, but were rejected.


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