Andrew Yang’s Solidarity with Israel Earns him #YangSupportsGenocide

At least one Democrat, Rep. Ted Deutch from Florida, stood up for the sanity of the party of FDR and JFK

Pew: 17% of Young US Jews Identify as Orthodox, 27% of Jewish Adults Say...

Proving that intermarriage really is a slippery slope: among married Jews who say they have one Jewish parent, 82% have a non-Jewish spouse.

Right-Wing Triumph: Knesset Passes Preliminary ‘Settlement Regulation’ and ‘Override Clause’ Bills

Both pieces of legislation bring hope to the right-wing lawmakers who have been pushing them stubbornly but with little success over several years.

Mansour Abbas Suspends Talks with Lapid, Bennett over Security Tensions – Met Earlier with...

The prime minister met with Abbas to persuade him not to support the formation of the Bennett-Lapid government.

Haredim Ask Netanyahu to Take Leave, Smotrich Blames Him for the Arab Riots

The Haredi MKs letter is the first open expression of no confidence in Netanyahu, and much less blunt than those issued, reportedly, by Netanyahu's own senior party members.

Israel Guarantees Muslims’ Freedom of Worship: Jews Banned from Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

Everyone demands that Israel protect the right to worship and in the name of the same right it must forbid the prayer of Jews at the most sacred place for Jews in the world.

Somebody Tell the Media the Sheikh Jarrah ‘Evictions’ are of Arabs Who Stole Jewish-Owned...

In the 1950s and '60s, King Hussein of Jordan plied the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem under his rule with real estate to maintain their loyalty to the crown.

Jerusalem in 2021 Approaching 1 Million Residents, More Diverse than Ever

Jerusalem has the second-largest economy in Israel, with 344,300 employed, or 9% of the overall employed in the country (compared to Tel Aviv's 11%).

Liberman: Unity Government Likely this Week

One factor pushing for the rapid closure of the agreements on the next government may be the powerful attacks on Bennett and Shaked by the Religious Zionist Party.

German Anti-Semitism Czar Wants Ban on Yellow Stars of David in Corona Vaccine Protests

The city of Munich, which had banned wearing a yellow star as a condition in dispensing rally permits.

Heshy Tischler Gets 10 Days Community Service for Inciting Mob to Attack Journalist Jacob...

Kornbluh tweeted on Friday: "I welcome the fact that Mr. Tischler acknowledged in the court of law that he incited a riot against me."

Netanyahu-Ben Gvir Deal: Evacuate Sheikh Jarrah in Return for Massive Police Presence

The Prime Minister's people refused the condition of a permanent police presence and agreed only to boost police patrols.

Lapid and Bennett’s Left-Right Coalition’s Survival Secret: Don’t Sweat the Hard Stuff

"Whatever passes by this government passes – whatever doesn't, doesn't."

Lapid and Bennett Officially on the Clock to End Netanyahu’s Tenure

Naftali Bennett had explicitly pledged that he would not sit in any government with Yair Lapid, “not with a rotation and not without a rotation,” because he “is right while Lapid is left.” It is now clear that he was negotiating the terms of a rotation the entire time.

Jews Fired their Weapons under Arab Attacks in Sheikh Jarrah

The security establishment in Jerusalem had decided earlier on Thursday to increase alertness for fear of escalation in several neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem.

185 Israeli Scientists, Intellectuals, Israel Prize Laureates, Tell Hague ICC: Don’t Trust Our Government

"We wish to express at this early stage our deepest suspicion, based on past experience, that the State of Israel."

Shape of Things to Come: Reform Clergy and Labor MK Gilad Kariv Deplores ‘Discrimination...

In 1845 the Reform movement removed references to Palestine and a "Jewish State" from prayers.

Lapid Has the Mandate. Will Bennett Stay with Him?

Gafni: "No one here is stupid. Bennett from the first moment preferred to form a government with Lapid."

Rivlin Awards Lapid Mandate to Form Next Israeli Government

Naftali Bennett told President Rivlin that he does not rule out the possibility of forming a government with MK Yair Lapid.

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in Home Confinement after 252 Days in Prison

President Donald Trump was rumored to consider pardoning Silver but decided not to do so on his last day in office.

Phase Two in Which Ruby Meets Naftali and Yair

Sources in the Likud said that the chances of their recommending Bennett were low.

Netanyahu Mandate Set to Expire at Midnight

Netanyahu's right-wing and religious bloc will also lose control over the key Knesset Arrangements Committee, which was zooming through new legislation Tuesday.

Report: Speaker Levin Predicts Bennett Will Get Mandate to Hammer Out Next Government

The relatives of victims of terrorism stated that they would fight a government that would receive outside support from Ra'am or the Joint Arab List.

Tonight Netanyahu Might Return Mandate to Rivlin – But Today He Hasn’t Exhausted his...

It appears that Netanyahu's battle is no longer to form a government but to thwart the transfer of the mandate to Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid.

Report: Barkat Told Netanyahu’s Top Media Champions PM Must Be Replaced to save Right-Wing...

Meanwhile, Netanyahu's pick for his albeit temporary successor is his sworn rival, Naftali Bennett.

Sovereignty Movement’s Pushback: Fifth Elections Preferable to Government Leaning on Supporters of Terrorism

"A government of that sort will not promote settlement, construction, and sovereignty, will not battle terrorism, domestic marauders, and external enemies."

Iranian Dissidents on Manhattan Billboard: Don’t Trust Ayatollahs’ Apologists in US Media

"They intend to harm America. Do not trust the mullahs’ apologists in the U.S. media.”

Spiritual Leader of Noam Party Leaning on Smotrich to Accept Islamist-Supported Netanyahu Government

Bezalel Smotrich might as well be considered the leader of Religious Zionism, the concept.

Ousted Human Rights Chief Warns Poland Becoming ‘Undemocratic’

Bodnar said that the powers that be in Poland are "trying to incapacitate or take over additional power mechanisms one by one."


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