Netanyahu’s Janus Face and Israel’s Political Impotence – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Listen How: Some ten years ago, on his show, when Walter was still young and spirited, he lost his cool. His thoughts went wild. It's how you never heard him before. You will not want to miss this. BUT nothing has changed. Everything he said applies today. Israel's government seems beholden to the EU and foreign powers. We have not learned.

The Compassionate Society + Israel’s Crazy Political Scene. – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: About the tail (Avigdor Lieberman MK), who tries to wag the dog. and how the ego-driven Israeli politics is heading the country to uncertainty.

UNWRA The Great Refugee Fraud and The Most Anrisemitic Party in Europe – The...

Hear: About the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Britain, led by the Labour Party - that supposed bastion of democracy - erroneously thought by British Jews to be their natural political home. of the

The President Laid Bare The Real Donald Trump – A self Profile – The...

Today's total programme is a self profile of Donald Trump in his own words, seen through the prism of how he presents his Presidency and policies.

The Most Important Show This Year: How Successfully Fight BDS – The Walter Bingham...

Walter Says: There are one or two conferences or symposia in Jerusalem almost every week. They discuss anything from medical matters to relations with Diaspora Jewry, politics and even climate change. Most are 'talking shops' without the means to change anything, except to make us aware of the problems surrounding those subjects which of course is helpful.

From Shows You May Have Missed – The Tragedy Of Gush Katif – The...

Walter Is taking a break this week to recharge his batteries. So here are some shows you may have missed.

Senate vs. The House of Representatives & Was Muller a Closet FBI Agent? –...

And: How the Senate passed a by partisan Bill on anti-Semitism and how Senator Ted Cruz slates the House of Representatives.

Jews Helped To Save The World & Ayeket Shaket, A Future Prime Minister? –...

Condolences to Our President and His Family. We Celebrate: 52 Years united undivided eternal Jerusalem, the liberation of Judea and Samaria and the capture of the Golan heights.

It’s Been A Crazy Week – Will We Get A Government Or Another Election?...

Hear: What Yom Ha'atzmaut means to the people in the street. And: Who will give in, Bibi or the parties in his block? Celebrating: One Year American and Guatemalan Embassies in Jerusalem .

The Electorate Voted – After That, Chaos And Confusion – The Walter Bingham File...

The Election of 2019 will be long remembered. Not only for Prime Minister Netanyahu's fifth term in the job, but also that the Central Election Committee under Judge Hanan Melcer have not yet learned how to control and supervise the voting and how to conduct the count. It is a 'shameful shambles'. Even Tomorrow Wednesday, there will be ANOTHER final result !

We Are All Be Glad That It’s Over – A Shameful Election Display –...

How: Walter views those who now insult their former colleagues as a tool to get votes.

Life in the International Space Station – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: An Astronaut tell how for 197 days he experienced a sunrise and sunset every 90 minutes and about his work, leisure and spirituality while 408km above the earth. Warning: Don't drive while you listen, because it will make your imagination wonder. Also: More thoughts about American politics. And: Our expert travel consultant talks about news for travellers and about planes to Israel and our hotels.

The Week in Politics – Hear Caroline Glick About Her New Role – The...

Hear: The well known writer and commentator Caroline Glick as you never heard her - or read about her before; her early years - and why she decided to put aside her pen and paper to enter politics in the New Right Party.

Bibi Or Benny A Comprehensive Explanation Of Israel’s Election Procedure – The Walter Bingham...

Hear: All about the mammoth logistics involved and the materials required in preparing for a list of 46 parties to be voted for by more than 6 1/2 million eligible citizens, at 1200 locations.

A Miscellany Of Events in Hanoi, Washington DC, Jerusalem and London. – The Walter...

Hear: The well known writer and commentator Caroline Glick as you never heard her - or have read about her before; her early years - and why she decided to put aside her pen and paper to enter politics in the New Right Party.

Naftali Bennett & (Bogey) Ya’alon Explain The Policy Of Their New Parties – The...

Hear: Bennett and Ya'alon Also: A report from the annual meeting in Jerusalem of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

Our Political Parties and Complicated Electoral System Explained – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Prior to our General election, we bring you a series of Broadcasts explaining our political Parties and the complicated election system, with leaders or representative personalities from the Parties. Today you'll hear a general introduction and overview by two very well known and respected political TV and radio commentators.

A Meeting without Purpose International Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

And : Rabbi Shmulie Boteach arranged a meeting to discuss 'The Global Battle For Israel's Good Name' with several famous personalities including Rosanne Barr and Uri Geller. Unfortunately both had few positive ideas to contribute. Also on the platform were the ex-spokesperson of the Pentagon Dana Whyte who quit with US Defense Secretary John Mathis - and Seth Franzman the Op-Ed editor of the Jerusalem Post, who both saved the day!

A New Wind Is Blowing Through Jerusalem – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion's plans for Israel's Capital City, outlined in his keynote speech at his Municipality's New Years Reception for the leaders of the city's religious communities and members of the Diplomatic Corps. And: All about the very beginnings of B'nei Akiva, the religious Zionist youth movement - and how their members who came from all over the world got high, as they celebrated their 90'th anniversary year in Jerusalem. Plus: An update on last week's report from 2009 about 'Crossroads' that commendable organisation that cares for Jerusalem's youth at risk It's enlightening.

The USA and Israel in limbo – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This memorable sentence of the late Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, is unfortunately being realized today.

The Real Donald Trump ? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Today's total programme is a self profile of Donald Trump in his own words, seen through the prism of how he presents his Presidency and policies. It is a revealing insight into his psyche, how he sees himself in the context of the Presidency.

How Will Withdrawal Of US Troops From Syria Affect The Region? – The Walter...

Netanyahu: Talks at length about Israel's response to Hisbollah's attack tunnels and the UN's and UNIFIL's failed responsibility.

In the Shadow of Possible Indictment the PM Runs 5 Ministries! – The Walter...

In a Democracy should a Prime Minister hold five ministerial portfolios, or does this amount to abuse of power?

Israel’s Politics – A Guide For The Perplexed – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Walter presents to you how two distinguished commentators try to make sense of Israeli politics.

The escalation in Gaza – Modern anti-Semitism – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The South of Israel burns and Bibi looks on. If he cannot or will not defeat the enemy, he must make way for someone who can.


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