Will This Government Last Even A Year? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

We Have: A ‘Government of Change’ for the worse, in which every party pulls in a different direction.

Are Lapid or Bennett The Prime Ministers You Would like ? – The Walter...

Here is: An assessment of the twisted, contortionist maneuvres of our politicians in their quest to get a comfortable ministerial chair.

The Thin End Of The Wedge and Israel In 2004 vs. Today – The...

Why: We cannot allow Israel’s Supreme Court to rule on Halacha (Jewish Religious Law)

Why does Prime Minister Netanyahu not keep his promises? – The Walter Bingham File...

Hear: How Walter views our political parties’ feeble election preparations and their low opinion of the electorate’s intelligence.

An Assessment Of Our Uncertain Political Future and The Election Debacle – The Walter...

Hear: How Walter views our political parties’ feeble election preparations and their low opinion of the electorate’s intelligence.

How One Man Saved The World’s Yiddish Literature From Being Lost – The Walter...

Today: The programme is devoted to extraordinary stories and some of the history that shaped the Jewish world.

Antisemitism 76 Years After Auschwitz – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: How some parts of our country are sick, affecting every segment of our population, yet the compassionate society thrives.

22 Doctors From Hell & International Holocast Remembrance Day – The Walter Bingham File...

Hear: The eyewitness Report by the first Rabbi who entered the Nazi Concentration Camp at Bergen Belsen and had to step over 10,000 unburied corpses and then conduct mass burials of thousands at the same time.

Brief Reflections on 2020 and A Study Of Cultural Assimilation – The Walter Bingham...

It: Would have been an excellent year for Israel, had it not been for the virus from China.

Assimilation is a Weapon More Dangerous than Guns – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This programme concentrates on the creeping assimilation of Jews and enquires into the reasons.

The US Election Endgame Without End and A Jerusalem Treasure Revitalized – The Walter...

Counting the votes of the American Election developed into Chaos. Hear how it brings out the worst in usually law abiding citizens.

Our High Courts are Corrupted By Politics & Time To Ditch The Foreign Laws...

Who Decides: Our Covid 19 restrictions? The Prime Minister who chose to leave the country in the midst of a second wave for a photo opportunity in Washington, or the ‘know All’ government ministers, or their appointed expert health professional ?

Why Netanyahu Must Resign and Let Israelis Get a New future – The Walter...

Netanyahu is up to his old tricks in the political field and is not putting an end to the Gaza terror.

Naftali Bennett’s Outrageous Punishment – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

A Look: At Netanyahu’s diplomatic achievements, failures and misguided decisions, including his false promises about sovereignty, and about the almost impossibility of dealing with matters of state, while preoccupied with his legal future.

Dedicated To The Memory Of Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz sz’l – The Walter...

This programme: Brings the recording of Walter’s historic interview with Rabbi Adin Even Israel Steinsaltz sz’l, exploring the life, times and psyche of this great man, in fact what makes him tick. Not to be missed.

The Facts Behind the Beirut Explosion and More – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The Outrageous: Insulting action by Tel Aviv’s Mayor who seems ignorant of the distinction between humanitarian help and honouring an enemy.

Reminiscences and Reports from the Shameful Expulsion from Gush Katif – The Walter Bingham...

Walter: Brings original live reports from the preparations in Gush Katif with most informative interviews showing the mindset of the organisers.

A Snapshot Of Life Under Joe Biden And The New Socialists – The Walter...

First: There are the variety of views and varying instructions about the Corona virus that has the population in total confusion. Is it hysteria or trustworthy research?

Sovereignty Now – or Wait for Moshiach – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Sovereignty Now - Or Wait For Moshiach . Why Is It Now Time To Extend Sovereignty

Greedy Politicians and Generals Make Incompetent Diplomats. – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Albert Einstein: Was right. Our politics are insane. We have not learned from Moshe Dayan’s inexcusable error and the consequences today. The skills of a General do not lend themselves to diplomacy.

Auschwitz As Seen Through The Eyes Of The Commandant’s Grandson – The Walter Bingham...

There are: Some locations in the world that conjure up images of cruel events long gone by. Today I’m going to talk with my guest in great detail about a more recent one, one that trumps even the barbarities of the Inquisition.

Why Is This Passover Different From All Others? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

"In the presence of an old person shall you rise and you shall honour the presence of the old". Even our buses display this sign !


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