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Our Political Parties and Complicated Electoral System Explained – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Prior to our General election, we bring you a series of Broadcasts explaining our political Parties and the complicated election system, with leaders or representative personalities from the Parties. Today you'll hear a general introduction and overview by two very well known and respected political TV and radio commentators.

A Meeting without Purpose International Holocaust Remembrance Day – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

And : Rabbi Shmulie Boteach arranged a meeting to discuss 'The Global Battle For Israel's Good Name' with several famous personalities including Rosanne Barr and Uri Geller. Unfortunately both had few positive ideas to contribute. Also on the platform were the ex-spokesperson of the Pentagon Dana Whyte who quit with US Defense Secretary John Mathis - and Seth Franzman the Op-Ed editor of the Jerusalem Post, who both saved the day!

A New Wind Is Blowing Through Jerusalem – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion's plans for Israel's Capital City, outlined in his keynote speech at his Municipality's New Years Reception for the leaders of the city's religious communities and members of the Diplomatic Corps. And: All about the very beginnings of B'nei Akiva, the religious Zionist youth movement - and how their members who came from all over the world got high, as they celebrated their 90'th anniversary year in Jerusalem. Plus: An update on last week's report from 2009 about 'Crossroads' that commendable organisation that cares for Jerusalem's youth at risk It's enlightening.

The USA and Israel in limbo – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This memorable sentence of the late Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, is unfortunately being realized today.

The Real Donald Trump ? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Today's total programme is a self profile of Donald Trump in his own words, seen through the prism of how he presents his Presidency and policies. It is a revealing insight into his psyche, how he sees himself in the context of the Presidency.

How Will Withdrawal Of US Troops From Syria Affect The Region? – The Walter...

Netanyahu: Talks at length about Israel's response to Hisbollah's attack tunnels and the UN's and UNIFIL's failed responsibility.

In the Shadow of Possible Indictment the PM Runs 5 Ministries! – The Walter...

In a Democracy should a Prime Minister hold five ministerial portfolios, or does this amount to abuse of power?

Israel’s Politics – A Guide For The Perplexed – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Walter presents to you how two distinguished commentators try to make sense of Israeli politics.

The escalation in Gaza – Modern anti-Semitism – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The South of Israel burns and Bibi looks on. If he cannot or will not defeat the enemy, he must make way for someone who can.

Walter’s Eyewitness Report of the Worst Nazi Pogrom – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The Holocaust, Kristallnacht, and harrowing reports of conditions in concentration camps, as described by a British Senior doctor during his visit just after liberation.

One Of The Solutions To Achieve A Better World Is Interfaith Cooperation – The...

Walter reports on a serious attempt to achieve interfaith cooperation, tolerance and respect for other religions. Sometimes however there are cases when politics can get in the way. Also: As this week's Torah reading is Lech Lecha, Gods command to Abraham to leave his father's house and go to a place he will show him; so you'll hear a true and very moving modern Lech Lecha story. Not to be missed.

Walter Gives His Thoughts Free Reign – The Nakba Nonsense – The Walter Bingham...

How this programme sets the record straight about the falsified Palestinian Arab claim about the 'catastrophe', the Nakba, of their story of the forceful expulsion from this land in 1948. Walter and his guest tell you who created the Nakba.

How Israel Repairs The World – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

This week the cinema film "Operation Finale", about the capture of Eichman, opens all over Israel with Ben Kingsley as Eichman and Oscar Isaak as Peter Malkin who captured him. It's a production with lots of artistic license. . .

UNRWA The Great Refugee Fraud – This Has To Be Heard – The Walter...

After: The defeat of Nazi Germany 73 years ago at great cost to the Allied forces and after the murder of 6 million Jews the world thought that the scourge of anti-Semitism has been eradicated.

The Nation State Law Changes Nothing and Why the Prime Minister Must Go –...

Hear: The new Basic Nation State Law fully explained. Why: I can no longer support Benyamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister. And: One Kosher step too far !

Brexit Drives Britain Downhill. UK Labour Party, Corbyn’s Double Talk – The Walter Bingham...

Hear: How a lifelong Labour Party supporter, - the editor of a Major UK Jewish newspaper - describes his divorce from the British Labour Party. It's all due to the institutional anti-Semitism in the Party, covertly supported by their leader Jeremy Corbyn, or at best not actively stopped. Also: A report - by painting pictures in sound, - from the largest Synagogue in the world.

Who are those so called “Palestinians” Who Claim Our Land? – The Walter Bingham...

Many of my age contemporaries carry the words "Place of Birth: Palestine" in their passports. They are Jews. They - are the real Palestinians. Arabs who claim a long history in this land as 'Palestinians' are either ignorant of the facts or political charlatans.

Remember Menachem Begin. You Must Know the Past To Understand Our Future – The...

Hear: How at this time of National Mourning in 2005 we demonstrated and held the largest ever prayer meeting at the Western Wall, to avert Prime Minister Sharon's evil decree to expel 8500 Jews from their homes and farms in Gush Katif and give to the Palestinian Arabs a large part of our land. They got it, and what followed is terrorism to this day.

Government Inaction – What Does Netanyahu Has In Common With Nero? – The Walter...

You must hear all about this busy week. Walter Asks: How much longer will the South burn. All About: Pay to Slay. Hear: The Enlistment Law explained. More About: Polish anti-Semitism. AND MORE. . .

Israel’s Northern Hospital Prepares For War – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: Walter's 'Pictures in Sound' from the amazing transformation of Haifa's Rambam Hospital into wartime mode - and how they relocated into their fully hospital equipped underground car park with all their patients. . .

A Week Of Momentous Events The Gaza Belt Is Burning – The...

My personal commemoration and recollections, on the 74th anniversary of 'D' Day, the invasion of Europe AND some history.

Will President Trump have Egg on his Face? – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

The US circus around President Trump's alleged Russian connections. All about the British Royal Family.


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