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“Ein Hayam is the pride of the northern Sharon.  It is one of the last reserves of land for residential purposes next to the sea,” adds Eiran Barak, Marketing VP of Amram Abraham Ltd.  “The neighborhood has recently evolved, with new construction that has enabled many purchasers to achieve their dream of an apartment on the sea.  In future it will include all the communal services required by young and old families, a large green park, commercial center, schools and kindergartens.  This neighborhood enjoys easy access to main highways and is only about half an hour from Tel Aviv.”

The love affair between Hadera and new immigrants started in 2009, when the former Mayor of Hadera, Haim Avitan, came to an exhibition of apartments in Paris and began to market the town to new immigrants.  Since then hundreds of French immigrants have arrived, and it is estimated that the attractive prices and proximity to main traffic routes could attract thousands more to exploit the opportunity offered by areas such as Ein Hayam.


“Other towns in Israel have taken steps of development and renewal similar to those in Ein Hayam in Hadera”, adds Zakaria.  “Bat Yam went through a similar revolution, with new projects and neighborhoods along the coast;  Jaffa has been fundamentally upgraded;  Yavneh has the new Green Yavneh neighborhood, and in Kiryat Ono a massive urban renewal project has recently been completed.  All these areas had previously suffered from neglect that drove away potential purchasers of apartments.  Today, in all these places real estate companies are looking for investment opportunities and you won’t find an apartment for less than 2 million shekels.”

“Ein Hayam in particular, and Hadera in general, benefit from numerous environmental advantages, such as proximity to the sea, nature reserves, important traffic routes to places of employment, and urban renewal.  Increases in prices of real estate are just a matter of time.”

Average prices for a 4-roomed apartment

Town Apartment prices, in NIS thousands
By the sea In the town
Tel Aviv 5,047 3,060
Netanya 2,318 1,275
Haifa 1,761 1,224
Bat Yam 2,266 1,428
Hadera 1,304 887
Ashdod 1,854 1,224


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Ranit Nachum-Halevi is a consultant to real estate companies, and former senior real estate correspondent for The Marker, Haaretz's daily financial supplement. She has been working in Israel's media for more than 15 years. You can reach her at [email protected].