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The year 2019 ushered in a gust of fresh air for buyers in the Haneviim Boutique luxury real estate project. Five apartments have already been sold since the beginning of the year (January – February 2019), while over the past year (from January – December 2018), a total of thirteen apartments were purchased in Azorim’s elegant project in the heart of Jerusalem.


The apartments sold include two- and three-room apartments, as well as the model apartment, which is a four-room apartment. The latter was purchased by Mr. B. of New York, who heard about the project, fell in love with the apartment and bought it for 4.6 million NIS. It is a 118 sq.m. apartment with a 20 sq.m. porch, fully equipped and designed by Dudy Samra, Azorim’s marketing architect.

An additional four-room apartment spanning 128.5 sq.m. with a porch of 26.5 sq.m., and a gorgeous five-room apartment spanning 147.5 sq.m. with a porch of 11 sq.m. were sold for 5.5 million NIS.

At the moment, there are only four- and five-room apartments left for sale in this stunning project.

All of the buyers will also receive a storage room and private parking space in the underground parking lot, which is under security camera surveillance 24/7.

Most of the buyers are Israeli couples from central Israel who, as they put it, are coming “to fulfill a lifetime dream – to live in the heart of our captivating capital city, Jerusalem,” but there are also many buyers from France, England, Switzerland and the United States who are in the process of immigrating to Israel. They searched for the right place to start their new lives and found it in the heart of Jerusalem.

One of the advantages of Haneviim Boutique is its excellent location and relatively high stature, which provides breathtaking panoramic views of Jerusalem in all its glory – with ancient and modern Jerusalem spread before the inhabitants’ eyes. The Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives are in full view, creating a gorgeous landscape that is second to none. This in addition to the unique location, which is central but not right in the middle of the masses and the noise. The project is located in a corner abundant with greenery that is still close enough to all of the great things that the center of town has to offer, such as the light rail train and the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall, and the magical feel of Jerusalem of the past.

A small, classy boutique hotel is slated to open in the complex soon with 49 spacious suites. The hotel provides the residents of Haneviim Boutique with a unique option of comfortable accommodations for their children and grandchildren to stay when they come to visit. The hotel will also feature a kosher restaurant and all of the other amenities of a hotel. The building, which is an architectural gem in itself, is surrounded by a private Jerusalem garden that spans five dunams, encircled by a stone wall and filled with shady trees, a fountain and comfortable benches – an authentic Jerusalem courtyard that blends perfectly with the city’s unique atmosphere.

The property is registered in the Land Registry (Tabu) under the buyer’s name, because the land upon which Haneviim Boutique was built – in contrast with most of the land in this area, which belongs to various churches – is private land that was redeemed by Jews many years ago. This provides increased security to buyers looking to purchase a quality home without being surprised later on by additional monetary liabilities.

“It touches the heart to see Jews from all over the world coming to this wonderful project and being moved by its location, its proximity to the center of town, Machane Yehuda market, shopping and entertainment centers, synagogues and most of all – by the breathtaking views visible in all directions,” says Yechiel Greenberg, Sales Manager at Haneviim Boutique. “A significant portion of the apartments were purchased buy Americans, British and French Jews who understood the quality of the real estate and couldn’t let this diamond slip through their fingers.”

Yechiel Greenberg points out that there are still a few apartments of varying sizes left for sale in the Haneviim Boutique project, with prices ranging between 3,950,000 NIS to 6,070,000 NIS.

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