Summer Program 2013
June 24 – July 21
Holocaust Communication & Tolerance

That was then, this is now…

Don’t miss your chance to experience first-hand the metamorphosis of a city that evolved from the command center of the most tragic episodes in human history into one of the most vibrant cultural centers of the world.

TCB’s Summer Program offers a unique opportunity to study the Holocaust, Jewish culture and history in one of the most important cities in Western Europe. Undergraduates or graduates joining the program will gain valuable knowledge of the impact and consequences of the Holocaust from the midst of its political and social birthplace.

Spend your summer…

  • exploring the historical sites of the Holocaust
  • learning new ways of communicating history
  • experiencing Berlin’s many cafés, bars, and clubs
  • meeting people from all over the world
  • participating in the many social and cultural activities the program offers

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Housing, kosher food and Shabbat Services are available!