Israeli Government, European Jewry Condemn Poland’s New Restitution Law

“It is outrageous that someone who survived the Holocaust, who will be in their later years, will still be deprived justice by this cruel, illegitimate and discriminatory law."

160 New Immigrants to Israel From France Amid 137% Surge in Aliyah

Israel has seen a 137% jump in the number of new immigrants from France so far during 2021 compared to the same period last year.

Report: Delta Variant to Take Over Ukraine by Rosh Hashanah

Last September there were reports of at least six Breslov Chassidim who made it past the border lockdown and reached Uman only to contract the virus.

Israel Willing to Help Flood-Ravaged Germany ‘in Any Way,’ Tel Aviv-Yafo Shows Solidarity with...

"Condolences to the German people and to our many friends in our partner cities in Germany."

Germany, France, Boycotted US Jerusalem Embassy July 4 Reception

The reception was modest this year, with only a few hundred guests.

Lapid to EU: Israel Will ‘Do Whatever It Takes to Defend Itself’

"If there is eventually a Palestinian state, it must be a peace-loving democracy. We cannot be asked to take part in the building of another threat to our lives."

Report: Belgium Airport Scare Believed to be Iranian Test of Israeli Security Protocols

Brussels Airport evacuates two departure halls, recalls Qatar Airways flight to Doha over a suspicious bag • Local authorities arrest an Iranian woman suspected of involvement in an attempt to gather intelligence on Israeli targets.

Arab Organization Waives Millions in European Funds After Refusing to Disavow Ties to Terrorism

Burj Al-Luqluq stated that it completely rejects “conditional funding that affects the sanctity of the Palestinian national struggle.”

Israel Sends Aid to Cyprus to Help Fight Blazes

Massive fires are raging north of the cities of Limassol and Larnaca and have affected at least six communities in the foothills of the Troodos mountain range.

Biden Nominates Daughter of Jew Who Fled Nazi Germany as Ambassador to Berlin

Gutmann's father, Kurt, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Feuchtwangen, Germany, and fled Nazi Germany in 1934 after Adolf Hitler had risen to power in 1933.

Three Children Destroyed Jewish Cemetery in Poland

The criminals turned out to be three teenage boys, two aged 12, one 13.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid: Polish Property Restitution Bill Hints at Anti-Semitism

The Polish ambassador was summoned by the Foreign Ministry over the draft legislation • Yair Lapid: “We will not allow any parliament to pass laws the purpose of which is to deny the Holocaust.”

Israeli Ambassador Rebuked by Polish Foreign Office over Lapid’s Protest

"Poland is counting on the Israeli side to base its claims on facts rather than accusations."

Row Between Israel and Poland over Holocaust Property Restitution Escalates

“We are not interested in Polish money and the very implication is anti-Semitic. We are fighting for the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, for the pride of our people, and no parliament can enact laws aimed at denying the Holocaust,” Lapid stated.

PM of Luxembourg Diagnosed with COVID-19

It is not yet clear which form of COVID-19 the prime minister has.

Iranian Parliament Speaker: Deal Extension with IAEA Expired, Will Not Be Renewed

"Iran has been the most active party in Vienna, proposing most drafts.”

2 Weeks In, Yair Lapid Picks Up a Fight with Poland – Guy May...

A source in Poland's ruling party told Kan 11 that "the aim of the law is actually to stop most property claims."

Jewish Communities Alarmed by Belgium Move to Remove Military Protection

"I am urging the Belgian government to reconsider this decision or at the very least offer a solution in its stead.”

Germany to Ban Hamas Flags in Response to Anti-Semitic Incidents

However, bans on the groups themselves require lengthy legislative processes in which sufficient material that is legally valid must first be collected.

EU Releases Delayed Report Confirming Incitement, Antisemitism in PA Textbooks

Nearly two dozen European lawmakers sent a letter to the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, demanding the withholding of aid until such content ends.

Ukraine Ambassador: U Um Uman Is Ready for Breslovers

The three participants also agreed to address illegal construction in the city of Uman ahead of the Jewish holiday.

Bar-Ilan Co-Leading EU Vaccines Research for Measles, STD, in Under-Served Populations

In Israel, despite socio-economic disparities, the Israeli Arab population achieves very high vaccine uptake.

Jewish Kreplach Saved this Polish Restaurant from Ruin during the Corona Pandemic

"Before the war, Jews constituted a significant part of the population of Bobowa," Szczepanek explained.

German Jews Condemn Swastika on Torah Ark in Frankfurt Airport

It isn't clear how long it had been since the desecration, because the prayer room had been closed for months on account of coronavirus pandemic.

After European (Unpublished) Report on Anti-Semitism in PA School Books, Israel Demands EU Act

The PA has named at least 28 schools after terrorists and at least three schools after Nazi collaborators. The PA Ministry of Education is directly and solely responsible for naming schools.

Last Surviving Liberator of Auschwitz David Dushman Dies at 98

Dushman suffered severe injuries on three separate occasions during the war and was one of 69 soldiers out of 12,000 in his Red Army division to survive the war.

German Military to Get Chief Rabbi for First Time in 100 Years

Conference of European Rabbis president hails move for sending “a clear message of tolerance and pluralism.” Germany last had a chief military rabbi in World War I.

Netanyahu Slams ‘Brazen’ and ‘False’ Claims by French FM that Israel is On Way...

Le Drian said that “if in the future we had a solution other than the two-state solution, we would have the ingredients of long-lasting apartheid.”


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