Armed Man Arrested Outside Jewish School in France

The suspect attempted to enter a kosher supermarket.

Report: European Powers Scrap US-Backed Plan for IAEA Rebuke of Iran

Britain, France and Germany withdraw their support for a resolution criticizing Tehran for failing to explain the presence of uranium particles at undeclared locations.

Poles Outraged: Germany Paid Them Only $2.41 Billion in WW2 Reparations

Poland's overall losses reached more than five million citizens, both Jews and gentiles – as much as 17% of the population.

Shunning Pro-PA Critics, Leaders of Denmark, Austria, Come to Talk Vaccine Plant in Jerusalem

PM Frederiksen told reporters in Copenhagen on Tuesday that partnering on a vaccine plant with Israel “isn’t an unrealistic scenario.”

Blinken ‘Deeply Disappointed’ by ICC Decision, and the ICC Ain’t So Happy Either

Judge Péter Kovács, the dissenting judge on the ICC panel, issued a minority opinion that asked, "Did the Majority provide a practical answer to the Prosecutor?" and answered that it didn't.

Suspected Terror Stabbing Attack in Vetlanda, Sweden

"These are terrible events. My thoughts go to the victims and their relatives."

Israel Rules Out Greek Tanker as Suspect in Mediterranean Oil Spill

The “Minerva Helen” was not the source of the ecological disaster, says Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry after inspecting the vessel.

Israel’s Mobileye, France’s Transdev ATS Team Up to Deploy Autonomous Shuttles by 2023

The three companies will initially test vehicles on roadways in France and Israel, aiming to ready technology designs for production by 2022.

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Long Time Contributor to the Jewish Press, Dead at 84

Gerstenfeld was considered one of the deepest and most influential thinkers in the study of anti-Semitism.

Israel to Sell German Military Its Trophy Tank-Protection System

Trophy protects against a wide variety of anti-tank threats, while also maximizing the vehicle's ability to identify the enemy location.

International Auschwitz Committee Says Germany Lackadaisical in Chasing Nazis

"People must realize that the defeat of the Third Reich in no way signifies the disappearance of the Nazi ideology."

Human Rights Watch Attacks Aussie FM for Saying There’s No ‘State of Palestine’ So...

Payne's argument—matching similar arguments made by the US and Israel—is that since the Palestinian Authority never received statehood, it cannot be a party to the ICC.

Dozen-Plus Medieval Jewish Headstones Discovered Inside Wall in Germany

Germany’s Ministry of Culture spokesman said the tombstones “are centuries-old evidence of Jewish roots and tradition in Mainz.”

Yad Vashem ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by Polish Court’s Verdict Forcing Historians to Apologize for their...

In her ruling, Judge Ewa Jonczyk said that “the court’s ruling must not have a cooling effect on academic research."

Synagogues in Switzerland Targeted with Pork Products in Anti-Semitic Attacks

The use of the pig theme is intended to humiliate,” said CICAD.

Poland’s Chief Rabbi: Those Who Interrogated a Journalist for Saying Poles Handed Jews to...

The good rabbi did not explain why on God's good Earth do Jews need to live in the cursed country where so many millions of our family members were murdered with the support of Poles.

Germany Indicts Concentration Camp Secretary, 95, on 10,000 Accessory to Murder Counts

The woman will be tried for her crimes in juvenile court because she was under age 21 at the time of the alleged murders and attempted murders.

White House, UN Boost Iran’s Yemen Meddling, Clip Saudi, UAE Resistance

Aid agencies in Yemen welcomed President Biden’s plan to revoke the Houthis' designation as a terrorist group.

Belgian Court Convicts Iranian Diplomat of Bomb Plot in France

Assadolah Assad, who served in the Iranian embassy in Vienna, was convicted of transporting explosives for an attack on leaders of the National Council of Resistance of Iran at the group’s annual rally near Paris in 2018.

Jews Lose: Unanimous US Supreme Court Sides with Germany on Nazi-Looted Art

Chief Justice Roberts warned that a broad reading of the exception in the law could invite lawsuits against the United States in foreign courts.

Lithuanian MP Who Said Jews Shared Responsibility for Holocaust Quits Freedom Commission

Clearly, this faux pas has allowed us a glimpse into the mind of a modern-day Lithuanian anti-Semitic politician.

Yad Vashem ‘Concerned’ over Polish Prosecution of Holocaust Scholars

Prof. Engelking and Grabowski accused the Polish village head of responsibility for the deaths of several dozen Jews.

Polish Births Shrinking as Covid-19 Deaths Reach 36,000

The high death rate continued in January 2021, with close to 29,000 deaths.

Presidents of Israel, Germany, the EU Mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day

"We will work together to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust and the sacred vow of ‘Never Again’ are passed down to our children."

ID Tags Worn by Children in Sobibor Death Camp in Poland Unearthed

Yoram Haimi, Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologist: “I have been excavating this site for ten years, but today I broke down.”

Palestinian Authority Appeals to EU to Send Election Observers to Eastern Jerusalem

As part of the assault on Israeli sovereignty, the PA and Europe are trying to include Arab residents of Jerusalem in the Palestinian Authority elections..

Tefillin Discovered in Hidden Bunker in Warsaw Ghetto

The Tefillin were discovered as Polish authorities began to demolish buildings inside the Warsaw Ghetto.

Israeli Lawyer Joins German ‘Team Liberty’ Fighting Covid-19 Vaccination Drive

Attorney Turgal petition to the High Court of Justice regarding the obligation of wearing facemasks in public places in Israel was rejected.

Michelin Star Awarded to Israeli Chef Assaf Granit

Granit’s Paris eatery, Shabour, opened a year and a half ago and immediately became a hit with both customers and critics.


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