Hungary Stands Alone Against EU Ceasefire Demand

The statement urges Israel not to “take military action in Rafah that would worsen an already catastrophic humanitarian situation."

Oslo University Severs Ties with Haifa University Over Oct. 7 War with Gaza

U Haifa Pres. Prof. Ron Rubin: "I call on the members of the board to withdraw - in their own interest - from their delusional decision."

Honenu to Defend Israelis Sanctioned by US, UK, France

"We expect the Israeli government to make it clear to those known as 'our friends overseas' that it will not allow this injustice to take place."

European Court Upholds Belgium’s Shechita Ban

The European Jewish Congress expressed "deep concern" for the future of viable Jewish community life in Europe in response to the ruling.

Senate Passes Foreign Aid Supplemental Package with Billions for Israel and Also Gaza

“History settles every account. And today, on the value of American leadership and strength, history will record that the Senate did not blink,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Freed Hostages Say Prescribed Medication Never Delivered to Them in Gaza

French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne warned during his visit to Israel that there would be "serious consequences" if it was discovered that the medications were not delivered as promised.

France Joins Harassment Campaign Against Israelis in Judea and Samaria

The harassment of Israeli residents in Samaria began two weeks ago with the first round of sanctions imposed on four Israelis by the United States.

France Offers Hezbollah Withdrawal Deal 9 Miles Short of UNSC 1701

A month ago, Hezbollah rejected a similar proposal by US envoy Amos Hochstein.

Dutch Court Bans Export of F-35 Stealth Jet Parts to Israel

Dutch Trade Minister Geoffrey van Leeuwen, who argued the case, said the decision will be appealed at the Supreme Court.

Berlin Film Festival Caught Up in Conflicts over Gaza War

The event, known for its staunch support of Iran's struggling directors, has called upon Tehran to permit the attendance of two filmmakers subjected to a travel restriction.

Israel’s Ambassador, Bnai Brith Portugal Warn Silence of Portuguese Politicians Could Lead to Antisemitic...

At a recent demonstration for better housing in Porto, some protesters instructed people “not to rent a house from Zionist murderers,” and "Neither Haifa nor Boavista, out with Zionist capital".

Macron Pledges ‘France Will Never Forget Victims of October 7

"Sixty-eight million French people mourn the Hamas attack ... Whoever kills through hatred will always find love opposing them."

Iran Sent Undercover Operatives to Sweden to Murder Jews

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps targeted Aron Verständig, chair of the Official Council of Swedish Jewish communities, and others.

House GOP Rejects Senate Compromise Aid Package, with Billions for Israel

GOP leaders, who proposed stand-alone Israel funding, said the Senate bill is “dead on arrival,” for insufficiently addressing the immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border.

Jewish Student in Berlin Hospitalized after Beating by Pro-Hamas Assailant

The Jewsh student was hospitalized with fractures to his face, but his life is not believed to be in danger.

EU Pushing Unilateral Plan to Create Palestinian State while Punishing Israel for Opposing It

The EU are frustrated Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they see as the main obstacle to their two-state vision.

Israel Agrees to Transfer to Norway Frozen PA Funds Earmarked for Gaza

The deal is meant to keep the money out of Hamas's hands while also reducing U.S. pressure on Jerusalem.

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt & Europe’s Jewish Communities, Receive the 2024 Charlemagne Prize

In March 2022, Rabbi Goldschmidt and his wife left Russia for Hungary after they refused to publicly support the invasion.

Israel Applauds EU Crackdown on Hamas/Islamic Jihad Terror Organizations

The Foreign Minister also congratulated the Israeli diplomats at the Israeli embassy to the EU, in Brussels and in all European capitals for their activities in recent months promote the adoption of such political, economic and legal moves against the Arab terrorist organizations.

EU Sanctions Yahya Sinwar, Hamas Chief in Gaza

Effective immediately, the terror master's financial assets in E.U. member states will be frozen.

Israel Reveals Major Hamas Terror Operation in Europe

Hamas “acted to expand its violent activity abroad in order to attack innocents around the world.”

Local Leader Calls Attackers of Breslau’s Synagogue ‘Antisemitic Rabble’

"Unfortunately, the antisemitic rabble has raised its head again in Breslau."

FM Lavrov: Russia’s Goals in Ukraine Identical to Israel’s Goals in Gaza

Lavrov praised Netanyahu who, despite international pressure, does not criticize Russia.

Report: Netanyahu Unable to Enlist the US and France in Pushing Hezbollah North of...

Netanyahu’s war cabinet apparently cannot count on American military support should it decide to make good on Minister Gallant’s threat.

Maersk Shipping Giant to Resume Red Sea Operations

The announcement means good news for both the Israeli and Egyptian economies.

French Aliyah Skyrocketing Since Start of October 7th War

By 1 pm Paris time, 1,045 people were already there. Young families, students, those before enlistment age and after; everyone was there.

Switzerland Votes to End Support for UNRWA

An aid cutoff would follow a similar move by Germany last month.

Al Akhbar: US, France Pressure Lebanon to Move Hezbollah North of Litani River

The US and France put a gun on the Lebanese government’s table.


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