German Intel Agency Labels BDS Movement as ‘Suspected Extremist Case’

"We absolutely have to break the spiral of escalations in the Middle East, leading to even more disgusting hatred of Jews here."

Three Boys Indicted for Antisemitic Rape of 12-Year-Old Jewish Girl in Paris

The girl was reportedly dragged into an abandoned location by the three minors, called "a dirty Jew" and threatened with death.

Iran Rejects G7 Warning as ‘Political’ and Vows to Continue ‘Peaceful” Nuclear Program

Iran also rejected a G7 statement that the world body would enforce 'new measures' if Tehran transfers ballistic missiles to Russia.

Group of Seven Warns Iran Against Expansion of Nuclear Program

The G7 also threatened to enforce new measures if Iran transfers ballistic missiles to Russia.

Hamas Conditions Hostage Deal on Permanent IDF Withdrawal, Chinese and Turkish Guarantees

Blinken noted regarding Hamas, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

Spain’s Population Punishes Hamas-Supporting Leadership

"It turns out that embracing Hamas murderers and rapists doesn't pay off."

Right-Wing Parties Dominate French, German European Parliament Vote, Macron Declares Snap Elections

The European Parliament election results represent an earthquake regarding EU policy toward Israel, which has been growing increasingly hostile.

Israeli Ambassador Slams Norwegian Deputy FM Who Condemned the Hostage Rescue

Kravik tweeted, following news of the rescued hostages: “Appalled by reports of another massacre of civilians in Gaza."

Israeli Firms Shut Out of Major French Defense Exhibition Over Rafah

The number of Muslims in France is currently estimated at five percent, or 3.35 million. In contrast, there are 500,000 Jews living in France -- just 0.7353 percent of the population.

Denmark Decides Not to Recognize ‘Palestinian State’

"We cannot recognize an independent Palestinian state for the sole reason that the preconditions are not really there."

EU Considering Sanctions Against Israel If Rafah Attack Continues

Netanyahu retorted, "Israel is constantly asked to make concession after concession. So why would Sinwar feel any pressure?"

US Pressuring France, Britain Not to Censure Iran Over Increase in Near-Weapons Grade Uranium...

US officials warn that Iran currently possesses enough highly enriched uranium to fuel three nuclear weapons, once converted.

It’s Like 1452 in Jerusalem and this Time It’s the Jews Punishing the Spaniards

The ban on Judea and Samaria Arabs setting foot in the Jerusalem consulate will come into effect as of July 6, 2024.

Oporto Community Creates Film on Portugal’s Genocide of Jews

"It is important to show the context of current antisemitism as a continuation of what has gone before. Sadly, there is nothing new under the sun."

WATCH: Geert Wilders Says, ‘Until the Very End I Support Israel’

"For me and my party it is not difficult to understand who we support."

Germany Says Will Stand by ICC Arrest Warrants, But Warns It’s Not a Done...

"The public statement that Israel has the right to self-defense loses credibility if our hands are tied as soon as we defend ourselves."

Israeli Beaten in Belgium for Removing Anti-Israel Sticker

Amnon Ohana, 64, suffered a fractured jaw during the assault, which occurred in front of his daughter.

Netherlands to Examine ‘Appropriate Time’ to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

The plan was approved by lawmakers of the four political parties seeking for form a Dutch governing coalition.

EU Appeals to Member States to Take In 9,000 Sick Gazan

WHO has identified more than 9,000 patients in need of urgent treatment, including 109 “severely ill and injured” children.

Paris Memorial Vandalized on Anniversary of Roundup of City’s Jews

On October 12, 2000, just before Sukkot, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami were stopped at a Palestinian Authority roadblock and detained by PA policemen...

Greta Abandons Fight for Planet’s Future to Join Hamas Protests

Planet Earth’s savior Greta Thunberg, 21, diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, OCD, and selective mutism, is no longer into saving the planet, she now wants...

Slovenia to Recognize Palestinian Authority as Sovereign Nation

"The most important thing is that we have addressed a whole series of questions - when, not if, but when is the best moment to recognize Palestine."

Israel: EU Chief Legitimizes Terror, Spews ‘Dangerous Mix of Ignorance, Hostility’

EU: "Israel's evacuation orders to civilians in Rafah portend the worst: more war and famine. It is unacceptable."

European Jewry Fears for Jewish University Students Across the Continent

Freedom of speech on Europe’s university campuses is a misnomer “if it champions violence and intimidation of Jewish students.”

Israel, Germany Meet on Arrow 3 Sale

The system operated this year with great success against the barrage of Iranian missiles during its April 14 attack on Israel.

Bnai Brith Portugal Remembers the Nun Who Recited Kaddish for a Jewish Man

“We dare not ignore the growth of discrimination against Jews . . . antisemitism is a good barometer for the sickness of our societies."

Brace Yourselves, America. Summer Rage is Back.

"It is the time to escalate!" "Whatever you have." "Wherever you are." "Join us." "Cause this is the time." "This is the time to escalate!"

France Bars Entry of Shifa Surgeon following Germany’s Ban over his ‘Hatred for Israel’

Abu-Sitta used his 43 days in Shifa and al-Ahli hospitals to issue "eyewitness reports” of what he claimed was a “massacre unfolding” in Gaza.

Czech Republic to Move its Embassy to Jerusalem

This move is contrary to EU policy, which refuses to recognize the Holy City as Israel’s capital.

Thousands March in Hamburg to Establish German Caliphate

Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday, “Surely demanding overthrow of the government in Germany is illegal?”


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