German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Quarantine After Meeting with Infected Doctor

The news came just after Merkel had announced a raft of nationwide measures aimed at limiting contact between people.

Eurovision 2020 Canceled over COVID-19 Pandemic Threat

She was to sing “Feker Libi,” (The Love of My Life, or My Beloved) in four languages – Amharic (Ethiopian), Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Israel’s Ambassador to Germany Tests Positive for COVID-19

The entire embassy staff immediately entered self-quarantine when the ambassador was diagnosed. The Israeli Embassy in Berlin was closed.

Milan Jewish Leader Michele Sciama Succumbs to Coronavirus at 79

He was driven by "an overwhelming force, a fire that animated him and that forced those around him to share his planning.

Police to Enforce Quarantine in France: ‘We Are at War,’ Says Macron

France deployed 100,000 police officers Monday night at fixed checkpoints to monitor the activities of citizens in each local area.

Reports: Antwerp Police Raided Synagogues that Ran Shabbat Services Against Government Orders

Antwerp police warned officials at the raided synagogues that next time each participant would be fined 350 euros ($390).

Jewish Agency to Assist Italian Jews Facing Coronavirus Pandemic

President of Italy’s Jewish community: this is the worst crisis we’ve endured since WWII.

Polish Schools, Public Institutions Closed, Army Chief Diagnosed with Coronavirus

According to the Polish authorities, most of the coronavirus cases in Poland were individuals returning from Germany.

Italy Expands Coronavirus Restrictions to Include Entire Country

There are currently 9,172 people in Italy diagnosed with the virus with 563 people who have been killed by the illness to date.

French Culture Minister Infected with Coronavirus

At present, there are 1,412 people in France who are infected with the virus, which has killed 30 so far in the country.

Israeli School for Syrian Refugee Children in Greece Burns Down, Arson Suspected

"Erdogan opens the borders to allow refugees to move into Greece, creating a boiling point that causes a lot of frustration for the local residents, and encourages far right groups to raise their heads."

Auschwitz-to-Birkenau March Postponed Over Fear of Coronavirus

While the march itself is being postponed, the March of the Living organization will launch a campaign under the slogan: “Never Means Never.”

Italy Gambles its Economy Against Coronavirus Quarantine

The total number of infections in Italy rose to 7,375 from 5,883 on Sunday, and those who died from the virus skyrocketed from 133 to 366.

‘Money Looted from Jewish Victims:’ Simon Wiesenthal Center Obtains Documents on Nazis in Argentina...

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) has obtained and revealed a list of 12,000 Nazis who had been living in Argentina, many of whom held bank accounts with the predecessor of Credit Suisse.

Greek Police Push Back 13,000 Syrian Refugees Sent by Erdogan Across Turkish Border

Erdogan's skill at using millions of human beings to advance his policies remains as effective as before, but this time around it will be difficult for him to repeat his parlor trick.

Pope Francis Battles ‘Slight Illness,’ Misses Official Events

There is no indication thus far that the pontiff is ill with anything other than a simple cold.

Louvre Museum in Paris Shut Down Due to Coronavirus Concerns

The workers are demanding increased protective measures including provision of hand sanitizing gel and window barriers to separate cashiers from the public.

Jewish Groups Hail Bulgaria for Blocking neo-Nazi March

The country’s Supreme Administrative Court prohibited the march, ruling that far-right demonstrators could only lay wreaths at Lukov's home.

Marseille’s Official Description for Tel Aviv: ‘Ex-Palestine’

In 1948, the Israelis won their defensive war in their new state, no longer called "Palestine."

Mayor of Aalst Claims Anti-Semitic Costumes in Carnival are ‘Just Fun’

"It’s our parade, our humor; people can do whatever they want. It’s a weekend of freedom of speech.”

Education Minister Cancels Israeli Students’ Auschwitz Visit for Fear of Virus

The education minister intends to stop the upcoming visits, due to the spread of the virus, mainly because of its outbreak in Italy in recent days.

German Bill Cracks Down on Facebook, Twitter Hate Speech

"The harassment, verbal abuse and belittling of Jews has become normal in some European societies today — that is a deeply worrying trend."

Gunman Kills 8, Self, in 2 German Hookah Lounges

The attacks came four days after a shooting that killed one person outside a Turkish comedy show in Berlin.

Ukraine Chief Rabbi Accuses Anti-Corruption Official of Misconduct in Kiev Synagogue Surveillance Scandal

"I received with deep sadness the unfair words of the head of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau Artem Sytnika, who—after taking office—swore to the people of Ukraine to speak the truth!"

Israeli Firm Exposes Cyber Attack on Phones of Senior PA Officials

“We suspect MoleRATs are carrying out these campaigns to obtain sensitive information from its victims to leverage for political purposes.”

New EU Project Pays Photographers to Capture Life in “Occupied Palestinian Territory”

And lest some pesky, pro-Israel European Jew try to join the junket and offer his or her unique view, contestants must submit, in addition to their resume and portfolio, a "motivation letterץ"

Adolf Hitler’s Jewish Neighbor from Munich Is Alive and Well at 101

According to the Bristol Post, Alice's father was also going to be sent to a concentration camp, but was let go because he was old and all the concentration camps were full.

First Ethiopian Israeli Chosen to Represent Israel in 2020 Eurovision Song Contest

“It is an insane honor to represent my country,” said Eden Alene, 19. “It is amazing that an Ethiopian is doing it for the first time.”

Israel: EU Threats Over Annexation Are ‘Regrettable, Odd’

“Pursuing such policies and conduct is the best way to ensure that the EU’s role in any process will be minimized.”

German Court Rules Anti-Semitic ‘Pig and Jew’ Artwork Stays on Church Façade

A post-Reformation script describing the relief references Luther's suggestion that the Rabbi holding up the sow’s tail is studying the Talmud.


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