UN Passes Historic Resolution Condemning Holocaust Denial

The UN resolution on Holocaust denial and distortion was passed on the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

Israel and Germany Appeal to UN to Condemn Holocaust Denial

The ambassadors of Israel and Germany denounced the ongoing denial of the Shoah.

Israel Signs Deal to Purchase 3 Submarines from Thyssenkrupp

Apparently, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's objection to establishing a commission of inquiry stemmed from his fear of losing the submarines deal.

Estonia Orders More than 500 Israeli-Designed Spike Missiles

President Alar Karis has called for an increase in NATO troop numbers in his country amid tensions with Russia.

Government Report Exposes: EU Invested $500 Million in Illegal PA Takeover of Area C

The PA employs about 600 workers in some 100 registration branches who are engaged in a huge project to map properties, including in Area C, which is under full Israeli control.

Germans Blindside the IDF, Doubling Cost of 3 Submarines

ThyssenKrupp recently raised the price of three new submarines ordered by Israel's defense ministry by a whopping €1.2 billion.

Modern Forensics May Have Revealed Who Betrayed Anne Frank and her Family

Betraying fellow Dutch to the Nazis was a criminal offense in the Netherlands, and yet somebody turned in the Franks to the Nazis.

Relatives of Lithuanians Killed in 1991 Soviet Crackdown Sue Gorbachev over War Crimes

So far, the Putin administration has refused Lithuania's request to question Gorbachev regarding his role in the events of January 13, 1991.

In Gesture to Turkey Biden Administration Drops Support for Israel-Cyprus-Greece Gas Pipeline

According to the State Dept., the US is now supporting the planned EuroAfrica subsea electricity interconnector from Egypt to Crete.

Italy Demands Extradition of Grandfather Who Kidnapped Little Eitan Biran

Let's hope that the Israeli side would be able to persuade the Italians to leave the grandfather alone.

PA summons Dutch Envoy After Financial Aid Cut to Terror-Linked NGO

The Netherlands found what it called a “worrisome” number of board members linked to the PFLP, in addition to the fact that two employees were arrested in connection to a bombing that killed an Israeli in 2019.

Survey: Most Israelis Endorse Pres. Macron’s Plan to Make Unvaccinated Suffer

The better educated and richer Israelis are, the harsher they would like their government to treat the unvaccinated.

Israel Welcomes Netherlands Defunding of (1 of 6) PFLP-Linked Org

The UAWC is one of six PFLP-linked civilian organizations that Israel proscribed in October after they were shown to act as conduits for funneling funds to the terrorist organization.

BDS Enraged by Arab Museum’s ‘Collaboration with Israel’ in Exhibition on Jews in Muslim...

52 intellectuals claim that the IMA is "betraying its intellectual mission" by "normalizing" and "standardizing" cooperation with Israel.

Ukrainian-Born Councilwoman to Lead Bay Ridge Protest Against Antisemitism Sunday

The Republican Vernikov represents Brighton Beach, Gravesend, Manhattan Beach, Midwood, West Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn.

Israel Condemns Kiev Torchlight Celebration of Ukrainian Nazi Collaborator

"Jews are to be isolated, removed from governmental positions in order to prevent sabotage."

France Closes Mosque Accused of Inciting Violence Against Jews, Christians

In late August, France adopted a controversial separatism law that the government said aims to fight Islamic radicalism.

Swiss-Jewish Artist Miriam Cahn Pulling her Works from Museum Tainted with Nazi-Looted Art

"Buying art doesn't whitewash! Collecting art doesn't make you a better person!" Cahn wrote.

European Parliament Concerned about Continued Deterioration of Poland’s Rule of Law

The lawmakers called on EU member states to step up their efforts to stop the continuous deterioration of "EU values" in Poland.

Ukraine’s Pres. Zelensky: ‘Both Ukrainians and Jews Value Freedom’

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog told the third annual Kyiv Jewish Forum “we can never become complacent when it comes to threats . . . against any human being.”

Western Countries Have Provided $1 Billion to Anti-Israel Orgs Over the Past Decade

The NGO-Monitor report was published ahead of a special Knesset conference on the de-legitimization of Israel.

PA Builds 7 Illegal Structures in Israeli Territory Every Day, Data Shows

The EU has been funding the illegal Palestinian Authority seizure of state land.

Russia Returns Archives of Greek Jewish Communities Looted by Nazis

The majority of materials were taken in July 1942 from Thessaloniki, which once had a thriving Jewish community.

Europe’s Largest Gas Pipeline Group Buys 25 Percent of Israel-Egypt Company

An Egyptian company will buy 85 billion cubic meters of gas, worth an estimated $19.5 billion, from Israel’s Leviathan and Tamar offshore fields in the Mediterranean Sea over a period of 15 years.

US Embassy Urging Investigation of Chanukah Menorah Thrown into Ukraine River

If caught, the perpetrators will face from a fine to up to five years in prison.

Assailant Grabs Jewish Candidate Éric Zemmour’s Neck Before Maiden Presidential Speech

Éric Zemmour was born in 1958 in Paris, to Algerian Jewish parents with French citizenship.

PM Bennett: We’ll Use Lull in Negotiations with Iran to Chart a Different Path...

"A bad deal with the Iranians will have implications for our national security."

Macron: Iran Nuclear Talks ‘Not Successful’

Iran is continuing to produce uranium enriched to 60 percent, according to a report last month by Reuters quoting Iranian state media.

Belgium Announces Labeling of Israeli Products from Judea and Samaria

US law professor Eugene Kontorovich stated that the ECJ’s ruling “is putting a new ‘Yellow Star’ on Jewish-made products.”


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