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March 31, 2015 / 11 Nisan, 5775
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America Has Spoken

Israel's message to the American people, in my opinion, is very clear - we have always been friends - recognized within minutes by Harry S. Truman and almost every US president since.

Photo Credit: Warren Throckmorton, wthrockmorton.com

Again, for those in the US who are concerned and have already written to me – Israel is as safe today as it was yesterday and as it will be tomorrow. Our future is in the hands of God, our government, our sons and daughters.

If we need to attack Iran, we will – and Obama, you can hear about it on CNN.

Obama, you made your disdain for Israel very clear, even if the majority of Jews in America chose to ignore it. We see you for what you are, though they do not.

Feel free not to visit here during your second term as you didn’t during your first. Feel free to continue to ignore the incredible knowledge we have sadly acquired in the fields of counter-terrorism and military intelligence – that too is to our credit and to your loss.

To the US people – we stand beside you, behind you – no matter who your leader is or will be.

To the US government – if all you have to say to us is how you envision our security and what concessions you want us to make, give us a call in four more years.

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40 Responses to “America Has Spoken”

  1. This was not a "so-called victory," this was a victory. Your article is what we call "sour grapes." Any word on how high a percentage of the Jewish votes went to President Obama? I predicted at least 70%.

  2. Nirah Denson says:

    I'm pleased to know that elections can't be bought! Now that reality is sinking in and Obama won fair and square. The Republican party needs to point the finger within or else they'll be just a group kids read about in their history books.

  3. Brinda Gore says:

    "welcome to the new government…Ineptocracy- a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of prodcuing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a dimishing number of producers."

    Romney didn't get elected because we've reached the tipping point of people wanting money and services from the government for government to make all their decisions for them. Freedom isn't important to half the country. They want stuff. And if you have it, they want yours. There's only one Party now. The GiveAway Party. GOP is now dead (and I'm a Republican). Why? Because the only way for the GOP to compete…EVER…is to give away stuff. It's is now the American (or illegal American) way.

  4. Gil Gilman says:

    Let me place a temporizing voice into the maelstrom of self congratulations, evident here. Yes America has spoken, if the 49+% who voted against Obama are not a part of America. Michael, the "sour grapes" paper tiger has been trotted out too many times to be other than cliche. People who worked hard for the losing candidate, like all human animals, are rightly dismayed when their doggy dish has been taken away and given to a slobbering, drooling, specimen across the room. I feel your pain.

    And those who worked hard for the winning ticket, like all human animals, are elated to be slavering over the juicy bone they have been given. Unfortunately it is just a bone. The same reasoning can be applied to all the social issues of such importance. They likewise split American voters down the middle. As far as the comments about fair and square, and unbought goodies, there were shenanigans on both sides of the political continuum. Nirah, there is no party of the pristine variety which you describe.

  5. Edward Lobel says:

    If you really believe this you are way beyond help! You need to check yourself into a hospital and get some serious mental health as you have been exposed to too many repub tea bagger lies! the sooner you do this, the faster you may get cured and become a good productive member of society!

  6. Edward Lobel says:

    regrdless of who won it is time for the parties to come together and work for the good of the people. While this did not happen last time when mcconnell and demint said they would work hard to make sure that President Obama would not succeed and the congress refused to work with the President, now they have to realize they lost again because of their actions! They need to know that Americans want the President to succeed and that they need to do whatever they can to help get past their problems and push Ameica forward!

  7. Heather Dow says:

    How sad that is for the Jewish people in Israel that the Jews in US may not have voted from the heart but religiously – no sour grapes but the truth – wait and see. those that bless Israel will be blessed and those that curse Israel will be cursed. I agree that Obama's actions DO NOT relate to his words and it will be seen in the next few years. God bless Israel, and God bless the US and Canada (who does bless Israel and we are being blessed because of it!!!)

  8. Gil Gilman says:

    I'm not so sure that the American public won't remain divided, at least with a ho, a hum, and a yawn. Sure they want the country to succeed economically, and that has always been true on both sides of the aisle. People hate paying top dollar in the grocery store, and for their luxury items, but if you did a poll of the average voter, they couldn't tell you what the dollar is worth compared to the pound sterling, the euro, or the renminbi for that matter, or to whom we owe the 4 trillion and counting. Obama's administration, is no more able to stop the boulder sliding down Mt. Everest, than Romney's crew and vice versa. Whether we like it or not we live in the age of global economics, and something will have to be done to plug the international black holes, before the ship can leave dry dock again. Last but not least, President Obama will need to be as flexible as the opposition if anything can be done. The differences in opinion between various sectors of society can not be swept under the rug. The rugs would look like the Rockies.

  9. Sandy Taylor says:

    Obama has never won anything fair and square. I did not vote for him this time or the last time! This is a sad day for America as well as Israel! The people who voted for Obama have turned their back on God as well as on their country. May God forgive them.

  10. Edward Lobel says:

    Gil Gilman, not sure it is the American people as much as it is the repubs/tea perty people in congress. opefuly when the new congress is seated, they will be more apt to work together and try to get things done to help America!

  11. Gil Gilman says:

    I agree with your Tea Party statement, but not if it applies to Republicans in general. Their are good people in both camps. You noticed I did give a ho hum to the arena of the electorate in terms of animus, but the Tea Party must have some soil in which to plant its roots, and from which to emerge. I find their message based on a negative, rather than on anything constructive. Those ideas wither when the sun shines directly on them. I was shocked to see Michelle Bachmann squeeze by again after all her missteps. I hope you are not intimating that Republicans should roll over and play dead. There is no political party now existent to which I would wish to subscribe. Since people are by nature self serving, it is good we have a two party system so that one group cannot have full sway. Of course, I'm from Minnesota, and the only Republican we put in the palace was one Nixon. When I was 16 I took the debate on behalf of one JFK. Notions of Camelot, though, are long past, and most Americans are aware of the true situation vis a vis noble causes. Personally, my biggest disappointment came from the hands of Paul Wellstone, who ran here on a populist ticket, vowing no pac money. After 6 months he was the biggest pac man in Congress. But back in the day, there was a White Paper Report published regularly by a former lobbyist, who claimed that Gerald Ford was one of only three Senators he knew that had never taken a bribe, and that was because he lacked the imagination to realize one was being offered. I only remember that name because he eventually became President.

  12. Edward Lobel says:

    Hi Gil, never thought about the repubs rolling over and playing dead, which may not be a bad idea (LOL – just kidding) I would expect some repubs may have some good workable ideas and the dems and repubs should meet over bagels, cc and lox and work out some good deals that make everyone at least a little happy. No reason why they should force the credit rating to go down again. There is no reason this could not be done!

    About your statement about good repubs, I not too certain in the congress there are any really good ones, but I am willing to listen and see if attitudes have changed. I do know there ae some dems I would like to kick in the tush so at least I am honest about it.

    As for tea party, there really is not one single tea party member that I can find anything good to say about. Based on what they say they have no idea what the cionstitution says and they run around quoting it all the time! The only reason rebups deal with them is that it gets the repubs in control of the house. it there were three separate caucusses dems, repubs, and tea party, the dems would be in control.

  13. Gil Gilman says:

    Thank you much for the give and take, Mr. Lobel, it was refreshing. I hope we can have another discussion some time in the future. I am on Facebook if you ever wish to shmooze.

  14. Edward Lobel says:

    Hi gil, Please my name is Ed (my mother called me Edward on that rare (LOL) occassion she was made at me.
    Those people who know me would consider me one of the all time great shmoozers, so I will friend you.

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