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March 30, 2015 / 10 Nisan, 5775
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Arab Media Report ‘Antichrist’ Born in Tel Aviv

It's not a pleasant sight, as you can see from the picture.
one eyed baby

Firas Press reports that Arab social media is buzzing about a baby born in Tel Aviv with one eye and no nose, who must be the Islamic “Dajjal” (equivalent to the Christian Antichrist.)

Muslim “experts” are explaining how this baby fits into Koranic prophecy, and how when he is 40 years old he will lead an army of 70,000 Jews and 70,000 Tatars and ignorant people will follow him and crown him King of Kings.

Click here’s to view the future destroyer of worlds. (It’s not a pleasant sight, as you can see from the above picture.)

The video is accompanied by text in Arabic which we Google translated:

Activists on “Facebook” have been showing a video of a small newborn baby with one eye in the middle of his forehead and without a slot for the nose, who was born in Israel and described it as “the Antichrist.”

The video received an enormous number of posts, because of the baby’s unusual features, which raised questions about the emergence of the Antichrist.

Dr. Mohammed Shahat, a member of the Islamic Research Academy, denied the child in the video is the Antichrist. He said in a telephone intervew: “The Antichrist will not appear until after the return of Jesus, peace be upon him … There is religious basis to confirm that the baby is the Antichrist who said he described in sacred books.”

Only one small problem.

This “cyclops baby” was really born in 2008 in Bolivia.

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95 Responses to “Arab Media Report ‘Antichrist’ Born in Tel Aviv”

  1. The sign of anything posted by muslims: lies.

  2. Dave Rivera says:

    and the baby's name is muhammad the profit. :D

  3. The Anti Christ willl not be deformed or ugly. He will be pleasing to the sight. Just like Satan.


  5. Too bad it wasn’t in time for Halloween !

  6. Ahmed Al-k says:

    this is a congenital disorder called cyclopia n the baby wont survive

  7. Just born and already suffering from a negative attitude…

  8. Issy Rondel says:

    He was born in Bolivia, not in Tel Aviv. The Muslims propaganda will ahve you believe anything against Israel.

  9. We have both the Anti-Christ and the false messiah alive right now. Neither look like your picture. lol

  10. We have both the Anti-Christ and the false messiah alive right now. Neither look like your picture. lol

  11. I do NOT want to see this!!!!

  12. I do NOT want to see this!!!!

  13. Whatever Religion this poor child was born into, it does not deserve to have any of this verbal **** thrown it’s way, where is your sorrow and pity. Merry Christmas

  14. a poor misfigured child is all

  15. Not funny at all, imagine how would you feel if the baby was yours.

  16. I’m certain it’s an altered photo, good grief !

  17. toooooooooooooorh, we all need to bag up our luggages and keep on expecting….war of AMAGADON

  18. Leave it to the ignorance of muslims to stigmatize a new-born with a disiorder and shamelessly use this, as propaganda for hatred against Israel. It truly breaks my heart, at this age in history, with all the technology, etc we are still a cruel, insensitive and primitive society that looks at this baby as one looks at a freak in a circus. It’s an innocent baby, enjoying minutes of life before passing. Imagine if you were the father and/or mother, lets be more human and caring please.

  19. What u posted was some how causing headache!! I dnt believe it

  20. This poor little soul is not antichrist

  21. there is supposed to be something thats going to infiltrate israel to try to destroy it from within. places of power?

  22. this has to be symbolic of something tho. everything happens for a reason.

  23. I hate it when that happens.

  24. I don’t believe a word of this.

  25. The ‘antichrist’ founded Christianity starting a religion based on a false messiah. His name was Paul of Tarsus, TRSW 666. (btw, The picture is photoshopped.)

  26. Jean Perles says:

    mohamed?? ould mohamed!!!!

  27. Read the article, folks. This baby was born in 2008 in Bolivia.

  28. This is Arab propaganda! The anti-Christ is already alive somewhere on earth. He hasn’t risen to power just yet.

  29. Becky Risk says:

    What will they think of next? We can always depend on the Arabs to provide a little humor.

  30. Galatians :22 For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the slave woman and the other by the free woman., 29 At that time the son born according to the flesh persecuted the son born by the power of the Spirit. It is the same now.

  31. Les Le Gear says:

    These people are really crazy.

  32. John Klobot says:

    Think, not to talks.

  33. Mary Andrews says:

    The anti christ would have the smooth handsome face of evil and from what is happening in countries that were once Christian and are now trying to push Christ out of school assemblies ect I think he is with us.

  34. Isn’t that Mike Wazowski?

  35. Debbie Ezra says:

    The other small problem is the horrible photoshop job.

  36. He was born in Bolivia, not in Tel Aviv, in 2008.

  37. Ruth Bekoff says:

    UGH, The anti Christ is already here, he is President of the United States!!!!!!!!!

  38. John Newman says:

    Horrible deformed infant!

  39. Yeah, I don’t think so.

  40. Only a bunch of backward neanderthals, would treat a deformed child with such disrespect. That is a genetic condition I forget the name right now, but they don’t live long. Please say a prayer for this child he is going to need it.

  41. People are writing “photoshop” hilarious!

  42. Walter Pfannschmidt says:

    Until after Jesus? Well, I'm here!

  43. James Johnston Ferguson says:

    The Eye ! is a symbol in satanic pictures !

  44. Basha Kline says:

    So how come the arab media is five years behind with the news? – The original Cyclops was Greek and his father was Poseiden – the "king of the sea!" supposedly…I expect the arabs blame the Jews for that one also..

  45. that's not truth what the Arabs saying

  46. Kumar Thomas says:

    This is an outlandish article – not sure why it being given publicity.

  47. Dawn Arnold says:

    This is just another regurgitation of propaganda. If you read closely this was a child born in Bolivia in 2008… Disgraceful and deceitful…


  49. Larisa Silbert says:

    Poor kid

  50. Cece Rubin says:

    Cyclops baby born in Bolivia in 2008, this is a rare genetic malformation.

  51. Jason Taché says:

    Bad photoshop.
    Looks like the Percy Jackson cyclops character.

  52. Pninah Means Millson Mason says:

    Shouldn't he have been born on December 25th? LOL

  53. Studens Philosophiae says:

    Quite the contrary. In European symbolism the eye within a triangle symbolises the Providence of the trinitarian God.

  54. James Johnston Ferguson says:

    Studens Philosophiae or Masonic "

  55. Studens Philosophiae says:

    James Johnston Ferguson No, I'm not Masonic if that's what you are wondering.

    And no, the symbol wasn't derived from Freemasonry. It's the other way around, Freemasonry uses any other symbolism that was available to them. The only original symbols from Freemasonry are… well, masonic (i.e. stone craftsmanship) tools like the drafting compass and the square.

  56. Адиб Муштак says:

    hello people this baby is not the antichrist because in quran God said he shell be relised that means he is keept in a safe place that God forced him to bein untall the right time plus there was a story long time ago about group of people that saw the anit christ tied in big chanes but they didnt know about it untill the have talked to our prohapet mohammed

  57. Jo Torres says:

    No deformity make a child the anti-Christ. It makes it a child that should be loved and cherished with no reservations.

  58. Read the comments on the video. The Google translation is hysterically funny!
    "And does not appear quack for people to forget the people that he will appear or quack quack forget the tale of a fully God and science "

    Well said, commenter! I couldn't agree more.

  59. You can't breath out of your mouth?

  60. Ferdinand Torreggiani says:

    I pity the poor baby, because of the ignorant comments said about him. He is no antichrist he is a mishap of nature

  61. Common people.. Genetic disease – Patau syndrome. What are you talking about? Chromosome 13 trisomy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patau_syndrome

  62. Aaron Smith says:

    Apparently, The antichrist is Sloth from The Goonies.

  63. Tard Bob says:

    lol its a rare condition and they die several hours after they are born ****ing morons

  64. Tim Fransioli says:

    so.. they are wrong in their baseless claims about the metaphysical.. but, you are right in your baseless claims about the metaphysical?

  65. Tim Fransioli says:

    so.. they are wrong in their baseless claims about the metaphysical.. but, you are right in your baseless claims about the metaphysical?

  66. Kay Bomb says:


  67. Tard Bob says:

    Kay Bomb Cyclobia or failure of orbital division is a rare congenital condition among mammals (including primates) which usually results from toxins naturally occurring in some plants such as corn lily. If they are born alive, their cavum nasale (nasal cavities and nose) are absent and they die within hours from birth. This boy is from Philippine and he died several hours after birth.

  68. Malcolm James Keenan says:

    Everyone knows Obama is the Anti Christ -.-

  69. People are so stupid, with their religions.

  70. Now they can make monster Inc movies with real people….

  71. Warren D says:

    if you want to see the true nature of reality check out http://www.warrendesouza.info

  72. Lorraine Hennessy says:

    Ignorance Dr. Pure ignorance. People who speak like that are brainwashed and dont know any different. God loves that child more!

  73. Dunya RiRi Dutchie says:


  74. Adlan Syahin says:

    Well, i'll tell you one thing. Just read the quran. easy. In seek scientific studies of it. Theres a lot of proves.

  75. Adlan Syahin says:


  76. can u please show me the article….?

  77. Frank Dickson – the article is just above the comments section, right here on this page.

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