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Thomas Friedman, in the New York Times, defends the Obama administration’s offering concessions to Iran and has this to say about those who disagree:

Never have I seen Israel and America’s core Arab allies working more in concert to stymie a major foreign policy initiative of a sitting U.S. president, and never have I seen more lawmakers — Democrats and Republicans — more willing to take Israel’s side against their own president’s. I’m certain this comes less from any careful consideration of the facts and more from a growing tendency by many American lawmakers to do whatever the Israel lobby asks them to do in order to garner Jewish votes and campaign donations.

He’s certain that members of Congress care little about Iran and are more loyal to the almighty Jewish dollar than to their own country.


Because how can any thinking person possibly believe that giving concessions to Iran is a bad deal? It must be the Jewish money that corrupts their mindset!

Of course, Friedman admits:

If you’re not skeptical about Iran, you’re not paying attention. Iran has lied and cheated its way to the precipice of building a bomb, and without tough economic sanctions — sanctions that President Obama engineered but which Netanyahu and the Arab states played a key role in driving — Iran would not be at the negotiating table. I also understand the specific concerns of the Gulf Arabs, which I’d summarize as: “It looks to us as if you want to do this deal and then get out of the region — and leave behind an Iran that will only become economically more powerful, at a time when it already has enormous malign influence in Syria, Iraq, in Lebanon through Hezbollah, and in Bahrain.”

But our greedy members of Congress aren’t thinking that deeply. Only Friedman is, just enough to dismiss it:

I get it, but I also don’t think we’d just abandon them.

You see? Friedman doesn’t think anything bad will happen, and by gosh, that’s all anyone needs! On the basis of his wonderful track record, Congress should do what he says, not what logic dictates!

There is plenty more to criticize in this column – Friedman makes a bizarre comparison between negotiating with Iran and Israel building “more settlements.” Really. He exaggerates the Israeli position in order to pompously dismiss it: “While, Netanyahu believes more sanctions will get Iran to surrender every piece of its nuclear technology, Iran experts say that is highly unlikely.” However, Netanyahu never demanded that – no one ha a problem with a peaceful nuclear energy program. And there are plenty of other factoids that Friedman knows he can get away with, because New York Times op-ed fact checkers are not exactly known to care too much about facts.

The bottom line is, though, that Thomas Friedman is insulting hundreds of democratically elected members of Congress, essentially accusing them of disloyalty to their own country. While dismissing any real concerns about Iranian nuclear weapons and how they would affect the world.  All  in order to defend a single elected president’s inconsistent and frightening Middle East policy.

And he does it using an antisemitic “Jews control America” canard.

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  1. Good article. I guess Friedman realizes that the readers of the NYT are used to reading articles about Israel and Jews that are void of facts. If I was a member of Congress, I'd be highly insulted and I'd write a letter to the editor of the newspaper regarding how Thomas Friedman is promoting the stereotypical view that our Congress is bowing to a Israel lobby to buy Jewish votes. Shame on Thomas Friedman and shame on the NYT.

  2. Thomas Friedman is an idiot, and a self hating Jew (G-d I hope he isn't really Jewish). If the man lived in Nazi Germany, he would have been lead Kapo.You can be sure if there is a mention of Israel in the New York Times, it will be anti-Israel. Why anyone would listen to this dolt is beyound my comprehension. He is a non-fact checking screwball who unfortunately has been give credibility by some unknown power . His lack of logic amazes me. Never let it be said that he has ever let the facts influence his opinion. His head is so far up Obama's butt if he sneezed he would be charged with murder.

  3. People like Friedman and Ben Ami (J Street) have abandoned Am Yisrael and use lies and propaganda to achieve their goal of improving their self esteem by bashing Israel. The anti-Semites use these Jewish traitors for the deligitimization of Israel. More and more rabbis do not teach their congregations that we are a people with an ancient homeland and a religion. The organized Jewish community needs to wake up and read J Press and watch Shalom TV. The outcome as Friedman
    gets more piwerful in the media is clear. Watch the film, Against the Tide by SWC (Weisenthal) to see the result of perfidy in 1940’s.

  4. Thomas Friedman is showing how stupid he really is. If we had a sitting president who wasn't bigoted against Israel, and if he really had a brain in his head, then maybe, and only maybe, could we agree with his strategic policies. But, let's face reality: Obama & Friedman are 2 nitwits.

  5. You have to ask the 70% plus Jews who voted and donated hundreds of millions of dollars to a known anti semite. Were these 70% plus all dopes, stupid people? or worse? Tom Friedman represents these moronic Jews who flocked to the polls in search of the Democrat Messiah. The Jews are their own worst enemy and Tom Friedman leads the pack.

  6. Never trust a nation like Iran, or any nation that has Islamist roots as they are allowed to lie according to the Quran to all infidels which is anyone who isn't Islamic. Obozo is a Islamist and can't be trusted in any way, will sell this country out to his brothers and his god allah. I hope he and allah meet soon.

  7. You are very foolish and show it by saying Jews donated hundreds of millions of dollars to a know anti semite! First, Jews did not donate hundreds of millions of dollars to Obama! You simply made that number up and cannot prove it! Secondly, Just because you do not agree with President Obama's policy (which you simply do not understand,) does not mean he hates Jews! Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush Jr hated Jews and were only interested in helping Israel as they were evangelical and need Israel in tact and all the Jews gathered there so there end of times could occur. If you believe anything else you are as foolish as everyone already knows you to be.

    I may agree with you that some Jews are their own worst enemy, but Thomas Friedman is not one of them.

    If you want to look at a Jew who is an enemy of Jews, you don't have to look any further than eric canton! He is simply a horrible Jew who causes actually causes people to hate all other Jews, because they think he represents the worst of Jewish people!

  8. Shame on Friedman. The last two paragraphs sum the article up well:

    The bottom line is, though, that Thomas Friedman is insulting hundreds of democratically elected members of Congress, essentially accusing them of disloyalty to their own country. While dismissing any real concerns about Iranian nuclear weapons and how they would affect the world. All in order to defend a single elected president’s inconsistent and frightening Middle East policy. And he does it using an antisemitic “Jews control America” canard.

    Read more at:

  9. I doubt that anything short of a military strike will work because we're dealing with fanatics, and the longer we wait the more serious the collateral damage will be. (Same issue for North Korea.)

    PS, I have long wished that Tom Friedman had a different last name. (As far as I know we're not related unless you go back many centuries to a time when my ancestors weren't Friedman's.)

  10. f Jews controlled America, would the national debt be so large? According to most stereotypes, Jewish people don't waste money and they know how to balance a checkbook. Washington's run by people who seem incapable of simple math, not Jews.

    And anybody who wants to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons is not a puppet of Israel. They are simply people who believe life on this planet isn't to be extinguished by man. They do the entire world a favor by preventing Iran from gaining a nuclear arsenal.

    Here's the deal with Iran and anybody who thinks like them. Perverts will do anything to get laid. They actually believe that the Creator will create virgins for them once they destroy what the Creator has already created. If there was a lonely nerd living in America that believed he could get laid in heaven for blowing up washington, we'd call him crazy, lock him up and prevent him from getting a nuclear weapon. In Iran's case, however, everybody's like, "Well, they'll only blow up a little bit of the earth and they'll leave everybody else alone once the Jews aren't around to cause trouble." If you think Iran will stop with Israel, you don't understand religious zealots and/or perverts very well.

    The Creator will not create blow-up dolls for those that have blown up the world. If Friedman wants to blow up dolls for a bunch of pervs, let him. In the end, those who do not deflate Iran's blow-up dolls will be the blow-up dolls of a greater destroyer than the perverts who think the Creator has nothing better to do than to build blow-up dolls for them after they've blown up the world.

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