Photo Credit: Gili Yaari/ Flash 90
Israeli soldiers moving to prepare their tanks for operations along the Gaza border.

They know that the Nation of Israel, in its return to Eretz Yisrael, is not just another country in the Middle East, but the reborn Nation of the Bible which has come to herald a new era of justice and morality in the world. In order to stop this from coming to pass, just like the armies of Pharaoh, Amalek, Greece, and Rome, did in our past, the forces of darkness today, rise up against us in all kinds of alliances and guises, Ishmael and Esav together, some outwardly barbaric like Hamas and its bloodthirsty partners whose only goal for the world is to destroy the Jews; and others who dress in civilized Western garb and speak pompous slogans and empty speeches, mentioning God on their lips but forgetting him in their hearts.

Make no mistake. The Arab world and the Western world are the same Ishmael and Esav of old. The daggers of Ishmael we know only too well. But sometimes the gentlemanly smiles and handshakes of Esav fool us into thinking that he has forgotten his murderous gripe of the past, how we, Yaacov, were awarded the birthright, not him, and how Israel was eternally chosen to be His children, not to conquer the world, but to uplift it by bringing humanity to recognize the one and only true Divine Ideal. But today, we saw it clearly that Esav’s hatred for us still festers in his heart, as one country after another, America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia… all loudly insisted that you and your saintly brothers, soldiers in the army of Hashem, not step one foot in Gaza.


When Israel rises up to eliminate evil from the world, the United Nations of Darkness jump up and scream out no! Stop! Let Hamas live! Not because of their love for innocent civilians as they self-righteously declare. The ongoing slaughter in Syria has exposed that pathetic charade. The reason they want you to stop is because they don’t want the great light of Israel to shine in the world. They don’t want God in the world. They want to continue on with their world domination, with their global exploitation, with their greediness, adultery, and lip service to God. Santa Claus, yes. Christmas songs and sleigh bells, yes. Allah, yes. But the true Kingdom of God which Israel represents, and which we are gradually bringing back to the world with our miraculous rebirth as a proud Jewish Nation in Israel, in glorious fulfillment of Prophecies of old – no longer the disgraced and outcast Jew of the past, but the mighty lion of Judah – in their inner hearts, they rightly sense that this incredible Redemption of the Jewish People in Israel is a sign of their demise, the end of their false religions, immoral cultures, and self-serving creeds.

They know that this is the end, this is the end, this is the end. And this they cannot allow. So they rise up in unison, Ishmael and Esav together, and urgently send envoys and special United Nations delegations to Israel to force us to stop before you and your brave and holy comrades enter Gaza and crush out the terrible cancer and festering evil that is hiding cowardly in mosques, schools, hospitals, family houses, and a labyrinth of underground tunnels that is the closest thing in this world to Hell.

But the God of Israel will not lie. He has decreed that His Kingdom will be established over all of the Earth, and He chosen the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces to do it, to establish true goodness and true justice in the world for all peoples, by wiping out the darkness which seeks with all of its strength to prevent God’s light from shining.

Be strong my son. Keep the faith. Let Shema Yisrael be your battle cry. “Hear O Israel, the Lord is God, the Lord is One!”

We love you.




  1. Stay safe Prayers and sending Gods Blessings! every where for Jerusalem Israel. He will give you peace and scatter the enemiy’s’!Good morning! 1 Chronicles 28:20 promises, “Be strong and of good courage, and do it: fear not, nor be dismayed: for the LORD God, even my God, will be with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.” Rejoice!

  2. The decision to launch a full scale ground invasion, with a possible eventual re-occupation, is a difficult one. Many IDF lives will be lost in the process. I will not second guess Barak and Netanyahu on this one. If they go forward with such I will support it; if they decide not to I will support that as well.

    In the mean time, please sign the petition in support of Israel on the White House internet site, and spread the word.

    There are multiple anti-Israel petitions on the White House web site now; we need to respond in a big way to show that Israel has support!

  3. I agree with you Charilie. There are tough decisions to be made. The people who were elected to make these decisions have more information than the man on the street. I pray that God will help them to make the right decision.

  4. why bother about international reaction…lets face it…we, jews have never been very popular because many out there envy us…after all we are the G-d chosen people in the Promised Land. they want us out of there or dead…so I say…kill them all and let the L-rd sort them out, as an old bumper sticker used to say. long live israel!

  5. It's time to beat the bullies into submission. It's time to make them stop hurting you, your famlies and freinds. It's time to quit listening to everyone else and do what you know to be right for you and yours. I have been waiting for you to quit letting these people walk on you…Israel…kick some butt and don't worry about taking names.

  6. Amen. I know tthis is an open letter to the world. However, it brings to mind Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My son was 82nd Airborne and wth the first troops sent. My words were very similar. Do the job and come home. Satan is indeed angry because Israel is again a nation. Which means his time is short. And if the American government won't stand firm with Israel, at least American Christians should. Jesus said those who believe in Him are ADOPTED into the Jewish Nation. Adopted, not replacing the. The Jews are the root of the tree. As our adopted family, we should stand shoulder to shoulder with them. But that's ok if you don't believe. What other explanation do you have for the survival of the Jews? God will not let them loose their Nation again. And if he is fighting for them, only a fool will fight against them! It's all in the Bible. Check it out!

  7. I belong to the lost house of Israel in México we are million awaking discovering our roots, we support our ajim in Israel and believe in the only Elohim (YAHWHE is his name) Shalom U Brajot……

  8. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, was He only the God of the Jews? Was Abraham a Jew? Was Isaac a Jew? Was Jacob a Jew? I am not a Jew. But Abraham was my father as well as Isaac and Jacob, and the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob is also my God. And the Holy Land has been a heritage for only a mere 10 percent for the Jews, descending from Judah. And I will claim my promised posession. And that is in the Galil. And no Jew has the right to stop me in kicking them out in the land promised to Zebulon and Issachar.

  9. Bonne A. Rook – What are you implying with the word kicking? Bombing? Bombing them out? We all have to live some place. I wish they can lay down their hatred for each other and forgive each other. The Bible tells everyone to love their neighbors as them selves doesn't it? With that in mind then they should share giving each person a place to peacefully live.

  10. Take care of business, those you send to hell deserve it and never look back. War is war, fight it and remember that they will kill you andoffer no surrender. We have your back Israel dispite the Muslim bitch Obama who is lower than a turd in the bottom Marianias Trench. Bless Israel and her forces!

  11. Charlie, I agree with you and signed the petition and forwarded it on to my friends. I too will support Barak and Netanyahu but right now prefer to continue with air and missle strikes as ground assult would lead to some Israeli deaths and that is something we do not want.

  12. There seems to be a misunderstanding. I know who God is. I know God's promise to Abraham, and again to Issac and Jacob (whose name changed to Israel). The land will be inhabited by God's chosen people; flesh & blood human who multiply and live a very long lives. Every born again person is considered spiritual descendents of Abraham. Please explain your offense taken about my comment. I'm in the dark. Perhaps it has to do with those still alive at Jesus' second coming who (in my understanding) remain on earth, not receiving glorified bodies. But I haven't looked deeply into this aspect, because I expect to be 'caught up' meeting Jesus in the air to be with Him forever.


  14. Gaza residents elected Hamas to govern them. Hamas is an internationally recognized terrorist organization, so Gaza is a de facto terrorist state in a declared war with Israel and the United States, all Christians and non-Muslims worldwide.
    Hamas, who places rocket launchers in and near residences, schools, hospitals, etc. gain propaganda value from the deaths of their citizens in front of cameras; deliberate human sacrifice (as with human bombs killing non-combatants. Hamas is responsible for the deaths of Gaza citizens, by using them as human shields for publicity. Israel is not responsible for those casualities. Israel is not carpet-bombing or fire-bombing all of Gaza, as was done in WW-II Germany. Warfare is barbaric, bloody; not neat and clean. Hamas has a history of acts of war against Israel, yet much of world opinion is against Israel defending its citizens, doing its duty. Israel will never overcome anti-Jewish bigotry, and should close eyes and ears to it. Protect your citizens by removing the threat by use of overwhelming force, quickly. But it will be bloody.

    Until Obama, the U.S. policy was to find and kill terrorist and neutralize terrorist states. Obama has a demonstrated affinity for Muslims and Islam by his own admission (a conflict of allegiance and of consciences; that's dangerous). He has insulted and suppressed Christianity and elevated Islam in the U.S. He does not have the will to prosecute war on Radical Islamist for he identifies with the Islam culture and values. He demonstrated overt sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood before and after his taking office; and the Brotherhood frequents the White House. He doesn't participate in Christian oriented events but does participate in Muslim holiday events, such as Romdam recently.

    Anyway, the area that is now Israel was a desert, a waste land, nothing growing or living there. After the desert began to flourish and Israeli statehood seemed likely, Arab nations sent Arabs flooding into the area to attempt to stake a claim and also to find employment working for Jews. Unemployment was very high and living standards was poor. The Arab migration was a clandestine effort to claim the land.

    There is no possibility of a 2-state solution. There will never be peace until the second coming of Jesus. To believe otherwise is ignorance of history.

  15. Take it to the full conclusion so they will not fire rockets into peaceful Israeli cities again.This is a terrorist government in Gaza elected by their people to terrorize Israel.STRIP GAZA OF TERRORIST once and for all and bring light to the world.Civilians in Gaza are also responsible for the misery they brought upon themselves having elected a TERRORIST GOVERNMENT.They should focus on building Gaza so their economy will improve instead of wanting war and look to Israel as an example of how progress can be achieved.

    So many Iran long range rockets coming in Gaza and hundreds being fired at Israel.I suspect this new government in Egypt have an arrangement with Iran to receive and send it on to Gaza.They are supposed to have a peace treaty with Israel? Expose Egypt to the world who pretends to be peace broker!

    Hezbollah knows better now not to interfere and fire rockets at Israel after the retribution.Hopefully after this war that the Gaza Terrorist will learn to live peacefully.

    Why is the Arab Countries keeping so quiet about the 50000 people killed in Syria? The world should turn their attention to Syria.The world should be pleased at what Israel is trying to achieve for the region.Israel militayr send sms messages to minimize civilian casualties and considers civilians unlike the Terrorist cowards who terrorize their own citizens and Israel.Those who are Pro Terrorist Gaza Government are either evil or losers.G_D Bless Israel Now And Forever.Pray the region will be peaceful soon.

  16. OBVIOUSLY it is NOT AL ALL a military decision. IT IS ONLY A MORAL/POLITICAL DECISION. Either you want to destroy Hamas and put them out of commission, OR YOU DON'T.
    So, all of you clever reasoning is worthless.
    The moral/political aspect DETERMINES the military response, not vice-versa, UNLESS YOU ARE A MILITARY DICTATORSHIP.
    ANY decision that will allow a TERRORIST ENTITY to survive more or less like before and allow the repetition of the same story, but with better rockets and missiles down the road, is NOT A JEWISH DECISION.

  17. I feel like throwing-up reading this TYPICAL Xtian fundamentalist DELIRIUM TREMENS which shows an OBVIOUS IGNORANCE OF THE REAL TEXT OF THE BIBLE, and knowledge ONLY of wrong and manipulative translations and of the antisemitic ghospels.
    The SMELL OF STAKES AND BURNING JEWS coming out of such idiotic words IS TOO STTRONG TO BEAR!

    לֹא תִשָּׂא אֶת שֵׁם ה' אֱלֹהֶיךָ לַשָּׁוְא, כִּי לֹא יְנַקֶּה ה' אֵת אֲשֶׁר יִשָּׂא אֶת שְׁמוֹ לַשָּׁוְא.

  19. Bonne A. Rook: the words you say are the staple of antisemitism. YOU DENY EVERYTHING JUDAISM IS. Your kind burnt mine, at the stake or otherwise, for 2000 years already EXACTLY ON THOSE B.S. PREMISES: by claiming we have no heritage, by claiming THEY allegedly would be Israel.
    Yours, conscious or otherwise, is ANTISEMITISM NETTO.

  20. The reason they (the United Nations of Darkness) want you (Israel) to stop (from Invading Gaza Strip and crashing Hamas) is because they don’t want the great light of Israel to shine in the world. They don’t want God in the world. They want to continue on with their world domination, with their global exploitation, with their greediness, adultery, and lip service to God.

  21. Bonne A. Rook: Israel invaded Palestinians native country. therefore this invasion and israel terror has to be stopped. its time for nato to step in and to stop israels aggressions.

  22. there is no god of the jews. there was never the god of the jews. its nothing but human invention and fairytale. insted of terrorising other countries in the name of god and invading even this country and calling it israel, u people should realize that ur just guests on palestinian soil. it does not belong to u .

  23. 3000 years of history shows nothing but terror and invasion and war and torture, by a group of jewish people who think they are the chosen once. for this terror this part of the world was destroyed by romans 2000 years ago. since then israel does not exist anymore. palestinians will stop fighting, when they get their land back.

  24. As a Jew, I was shocked by this article promoting the annihilation of all of Gaza. I would hate to see us turn into the kind of monsters who would annihilate almost 2 million civilians.
    Hamas are the enemy of our people and we must protect Israel against them, but dehumanizing millions of people into a giant shapeless enemy that must be annihilated is exactly the kind of evil that was done to us. Other countries have toppled an enemy that hates it before. When Japan was taken over, their army was the same kind of vicious thugs, their army told them the same kind of lies. When the US arrived, the civilians honestly believed that they would all be massacred.
    But it turns out when you realize that your enemy is full of human faces, it's a lot harder to hate them. The people of Gaza will find out soon enough that we are not monsters… although after seeing an article where we call for the murder of every single one of them, I think perhaps some of us need to look in a mirror too.

  25. Jean Pierre Katz agreed 100%. we have free will and knowledge, so that we can learn from history and make positive progress.
    g'd forbid we presume that almost 2m ppl are evil and we turn into genocidal maniacs like this article suggests; that is certainly not my Judaism.

  26. it's 2012 now. you can't hold every single Muslim accountable for the actions of the past. really, a lot of human beings have done bad things in the last 1400 years. how disappointing that any fellow Jew could promote genocide.
    funnily enough, when i spend time with my Malay friends they are wonderful, warm people who are interested in Judaism and would never hurt a fly. do you wish them dead as well? obviously Thou Shalt Not Kill missed you right by

  27. Thank you for your kind words. You are accusing me of being of a certain kind. You are accusing me of burning your kind at the stake or otherwise. This type of words is always a reaction on the truth. I am a Semite. How can I be antisemite? The Askenazi "Jews" are no descendants of Sem or Judah. They are from Japhet. How can I be antisemitic against them? How do I deny Judaism? It has been written in the Holy Writ, that there are people that call themselves Jews, but are not, and they are lying, as they are from the synagogue of satan, who is the father of all lies?
    I am not impressed by your calling me an antisemite. It is well known, that this is a last resort of getting away with the evil things that have been committed by the "semites" against other people when they are asked for accountability.
    I consider your words as slander.

  28. Paul Mullins
    Well, Paul, it is rather complicated to explain my reaction.
    The real seed of Abraham will inherit the promised land. And what is moreover: Jesus will take up his position as King of kings and bring his people to the promised land, that is his kingdom. The state of Israel has not been established by Christ, but by his antitype. When you see this truth, the whole history will be changed and the future understandable. From that other viewpoint, the zionists are working counterproductive to Gods kingdom, as formerly Nimrod was. Therefore I cannot accept any excuse for there expansion dift.

  29. Sheila Demus
    You are absolutely right. We all have to love our neighbours. The Bible tells us even to love our enemies. However, if the enemy is not behaving himself properly and is stealing land, you have the duty to teach him a lesson: Kick him in his ass, so that he will leave the stolen property. Then you are showing him more love than condoning his theft.

  30. Bonne – The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of love but also a God of justice who made an everlasting covenant with Abraham and his seed. God is not a man that He should lie. He is presented as a God of love only these days, but His laws remain and He will always be a just God. He will always keep His word whether we like it or not.

  31. Don't forget that there was no israil it was forcfully taken from innocent palistinians who give them land to live n most of the things that r happening has been said by our prophet and also that the fake god.s the elite most jews worship will be killed in from of the most in jurusalam so make ur self happy now but it wont last long oh n for the jews that still think m wrong watch this video by ur own jews

  32. Claire – Yes, how true what you have written. Amen. God will fullfill His promises to the people He has promised. Not to imposters. Who are the true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? And that is the question, and if properly answered, the world will become totally different.

  33. The Torah is a piece of crap but it does not demand that Jews conquer, convert, enslave, and murder all who do not believe in Judaism. The Qur'an does require all Muslims conquer, convert, enslave and murder all who refuse to surrender to the insanity of Islam. Rabbi's, Popes, priests, preachers, and other psychotics are despicable people. None of them has as a core requirement that they inflict horrible pain; lie, cheat, steal, plunder and murder others in the name of their made up gods and psychopathic, mass murdering; serial rapist nut of a prophet, Muhammad… only Islam has this requirement to avoid Judeo/Islamic hell. I want all Muslims out of my country!

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