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September 2, 2015 / 18 Elul, 5775
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No! No! Don’t Rebuild Galut!

Now, don’t accuse me of not having compassion. I sympathize with Sandy’s victims as much as the next guy, believe me. That’s not the point. The point is that Jewish life in the Galut is supposed to come to an end.

NY Cityscape

Photo Credit: Yori yanover

I know that I promised to lay the sledgehammer aside for awhile, but a few of yesterday’s news items made me batty. In one of them, the UJA-Federation of New York announced it was earmarking ten million dollars in emergency hurricane relief to its local network agencies and synagogues. Chevre! Chaval al hakesev!

Another thing that made me bonkers was the video appeal of Mordechai Ben David showing his damaged recording studio and asking people to donate money to rebuild his battered hometown of Seagate.

When will Diaspora Jews get the message?

Now, don’t accuse me of not having compassion. I sympathize with Sandy’s victims as much as the next guy, believe me. That’s not the point.

The point is that Jewish life in the Galut is supposed to come to an end. If Hashem has smashed things down, why rebuild them? The exile is a curse. A punishment. By definition, it’s not meant to last forever. We’re not supposed to make exile in foreign lands into our permanent home. So if Hashem knocks down a Diaspora community, or a recording studio, why rebuild them? So that the next hurricane, or earthquake, or pogrom can smash them down once again?

Brothers and sisters of New York and New Jersey– rebuild your washed-out communities in Israel! Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, and Shwekey  – we have beautiful recording studios in Israel, as dry as can be! Instead of coming here for concerts on Chol HaMoed Sukkot and Pesach, come here to live, and give your holiday concerts in Brooklyn instead! It’s a lot safer living in Israel!

“It can never happen inAmerica,” they always claim when we warn them.

Pay attention, my friends. Hashem has many messengers. The Almighty can use anti-Semitism and persecution to shatter the fantasy of galut, or He can use fires, earthquakes, and floods to drive his recalcitrant children back home toI srael. The destruction that the shiksa Sand yhas left in her wake is just a warning. Brothers and sisters, we have been saying it all along. Life is much more dangerous in America than it is in Israel. Wake up! Read the writing on the wall before it is too late! Your bastions of Yiddishkeit, and friends in high places, and Jewish Federations won’t help you. Not in Seagate, Englewood, Long Island, or even in Boca. Don’t make the mistake by pretending that this hurricane was just a freak outburst of nature. Everything that happens in the world is from Hashem, and it’s all for the sake of the Jews. So take some good advice and sell your houses now before there is nothing left of them. Come home to Israel while you can.

Get the message?

About the Author: Tzvi Fishman was awarded the Israel Ministry of Education Prize for Creativity and Jewish Culture for his novel "Tevye in the Promised Land." A wide selection of his books are available at Amazon.

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81 Responses to “No! No! Don’t Rebuild Galut!”

  1. Heshy R says:

    I'll consider it (at this point) if you're willing to underwrite the costs of moving, buying a home, relocating my daughter with me, and securing me a job in the notoriously ageist Israeli job market. Short of that, it's all just pie in the sky. Just moving, on faith alone, with no prospects, does not work. It almost tore my family apart when my parents did it in the 1970s and the anguish still reverberates today.

  2. Séan Michael Freese says:

    I have heard this a lot since last night, especially with Obama winning the election. Netanyahu inviting jew to return as well….. oche…

  3. Heshy R says:

    Every political opportunist is jumping in with their ideological paka-paka without realizing that isn't a simple matter to just up and leave. Frankly I'm sick of it.

  4. Heshy R says:

    Let them all put their money where their mouths are.

  5. Vile stupidity. When G-d forbid, terrorists attack in Israel should we not rebuild? After all isn't that what Hashem wanted to happen?

  6. נופיה שם טוב says:

    YES! I was told I am an insensitive blank blank because I said not to rebuild Seagate, a community of uninsurable properties.

  7. נופיה שם טוב says:

    Maybe some faith in Hashem, Heshy, seems that's what American Jewry really lacks…and I say it as someone who has gone through it myself, But bottomline, anyone who really cares about the Jewish future lives in Israel, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or purple.

  8. נופיה שם טוב says:

    I also found MBD's video plea one of the most nauseating videos I have ever watched.

  9. So Galut is only outside of Israel? So those who move to Israel goes from Galut to Geulah?
    Psychologists would identify this blogger as having the "Jerusalem Syndrome."
    Thankfully The Jewish Press put a disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not represent the views of The Jewish Press

  10. Heshy R says:

    I have no doubt that the fate of the Jewish People lies with Israel in many ways. I also have some rock-solid Israeli bona fides, which I won't go detailing here. But at the same time I have seen with my own eyes numerous cases of people moving on faith alone, several within my own family, that failed miserably. Faith is all fine and dandy but 'hishtadlut' is part of the equation too. And sometimes, just sometimes, it involves staying out of HaAretz just a bit longer. Preaching aliyah and Zionism right now to people who have lost everything is tantamount to kicking a person when he or she is down. And FYI, not everyone affected by this is an MBD who never has to work another day in his life.

  11. Heshy R says:

    Not just terrorists – how about natural disasters like last year's Carmel fires, or devastating earthquakes like the big one in Tsfat that was directly responsible for R' Kahane's ancestors moving to New York?

  12. Heshy R says:

    Yes, money matters, and the fact that families are scattered around the globe is of consequence too. If it matters so much to the Jews in Israel to bring the rest of Jewry home, let them lobby their communal and government leaders to organize an airlift, and create a situation where everyone arriving in Israel is given a means to make a living, regardless of age. You want us there? Bring us there. Because many of us can't get there on our own.

  13. Avi Posner says:

    " Everything that happens in the world is from Hashem". – Nice thing for a person to say and believe. Pure demagoguery and arrogance for a person to say and believe that they are the gifted one who knows what God's reason is . No different than these "ministers" who ascribe reasons for everything destructive to God (often the same reason). Who told them? For other drivel by this gentleman, see here: http://www.guardureyes.com/GUE/Tips/TV.asp

  14. Danny Cohen says:

    Everything's gonna be ok and if Hashem decides he wants to destroy whoever will be destroyed, that's his thing. I have TOTAL Emunah in whatI'm doing, and if that needs to change, then God willing it will. Life is pretty simple when a person has faith.

  15. Heshy R says:

    Some well-deserved words here. All I can say is – don't judge your neighbor until you have stood in his place.


  16. By the author's logic, we should not have rebuilt Israel, either. After all, Hashem wanted it destroyed so badly, he did it TWICE!

  17. Heshy R says:

    And that is what the anti-Zionist Chasidim would have us believe.

  18. Liad Bar-el says:

    The American assimilated Jews and the Satmars are so proud that Obama won the election.
    Next week’s parasha, Toledoth (Gen 25 26) states that “After that his brother emerged, and his hand was grasping Esau’s heel. He name him Jacob….” Jacob or Yaakov (יעקב) in Hebrew comes from the word akev (עקב) meaning a “heel”.

    A Roman once encountered Rabban Gamaliel and asked, “Who will rule the world after us”? The great rabbi took out a blank piece of paper and wrote, “After that his brother emerged and his hand was grasping Esau’s heel.” The Roman was astounded and said, “See how much we can learn from this sage.” (Rashi; Bereh Rabbah. Cf. Zohar, end of Metzorah).

    The dominance of Esau, which includes all of western civilization, will eventually come to an end; on the heels of it will come the dominance of Jacob. (Me’Am Lo’Ez Vol 2, pg 459).

  19. I can not believe that was allowed to be printed for the public to see.

  20. But should a non jew fix his house? Lets say he thinks his Jewish, but really he isn't should he get an estimate on water damage???

  21. Justplaino Misha says:

    …B'H, we get the message. Even my li'l 6yr old son said, "Ima, they should come to Israel like we are".

  22. Hillel Levin says:

    The Carmel fire was traced to arson, Rabbi Kahane was sent to the USA to start the JDL and to educate Jews about the importance of making Aliyah. (Keep in mind that Yosef was sent to Mitzrayim to save Klal Yisroel.

  23. Avi Posner says:

    "Everyone should contemplate what message he or she can derive from this (not what the message is for the neighbor…)". – Rav Yechezkel Yakobson , Rosh HaYeshiva, Yeshivat Shaalvim.

  24. Haim Brandspiegel says:

    Also take note that the word is shAAlvim not shALAvim :)

  25. Geri Levine says:

    NU….what about MIAMI BEACH(it's like a stepping stone to Jerusalem in Galut)?

  26. Geri Levine says:

    Or…maybe the author has got a point(Miami Beach is the CAPITAL of HURRICANE ALLEY)! Only a matter of TIME and HASHEM will always be the WATCH-TAPPER when it comes to straightening out "ihr mentschen"! The author is just suggesting, maybe…we should "beat the clock", a bissel!

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