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{Originally posted to the author’s website, My Right Word}

The Director of the WAQF endowments board at Al-Aqsa  Sheikh Azzam Al-Khatib sent a letter of protest to Jerusalem’s Police chief (which in and of itself is good as he recognizes their jurisdiction, something one cannot take for granted in this matter as he is an “occupier”).


It was a ‘denouncement’ letter.

He wanted a cessation of archaelogicial work (that doesn’t take place) and the “removal of the Arab and Islamic heritage and its transfer from the site.  He demanded the removal of “the metal and wooden platforms which facilitated video recording” as well as the removal constructions that had been introduced on the site.

Continuing, he sought to stop the prayers and parties (?) that religious Jews introduced recently at the site (that do not exist).

Most importantly,

“the abolition of the implementation of the decision of the government of Israel last week to extend the platforms of Jewish prayer for liberal Jews that takes up space at the expense of the heritage of the Arab and Islamic wall of the mosque…”

So, egalitarian Jews are now pitted against Islamist Temple Mount fanaticism.

Closest they egalitarians get to Jewish Orthodoxy.