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    They Have Tasted Blood

    Predators disguised as “pro-Palestine” activists are on the prowl. But their prey are Jews.

    Fundamentals in Comprehending the Arab Conflict with Israel

    A proper, adequate and assertive push-back to the Pro-Palestinian Propaganda Proponents (PPPP) must be formulated.

    Judaism as a Portable Religion

    When Rabbi Jaffe-Gill explains Judaism and Zionism.

    The Last Hora…

    Will this current battle be—to paraphrase Edwin O’Connor’s novel and the Spencer Tracy film—the last hora of the remnants and inheritors of Mapai/Histadrut domination that exerted its firm grip on Israel’s politics, economy, culture, academia and military for half a century?

    What Has a Map of the Khazar Empire to Do with “Palestine”?

    An anti-Semitic canard, it has been going through yet another revival.

    When It Was Suggested Jews Buy Milking Stools

    The Mufti would not allow Jews to place benches at the Wailing Wall...

    Belittling Jabotinsky

    Was Jabotinsky a great admirer of Polish Nationalism? Really?

    Beinart Reached his Yavne

    As a writer, he has been twisting ideas, terms and concepts so as to confound and discombobulate a younger generation of Jews. But he may have reached an impasse.

    No Four Years, Mr. Trump!

    There is a way out. True, the Arab side over decades has never really been pressured, pressured the way Israel has. The time has come for Abbas and Co. to feel the diplomatic heat.

    Hanukah Geography

    If we apply contemporary terms, the main site of the miracle we celebrate by lighting candles for eight days, Temple. is now in... "occupied East Jerusalem". What we need is a linguistic revolt, especially among Jews.

    The New York Times Goes Cockamamie

    {Originally posted to the author's website} Only in the New York Times would one find such a cockamamie* defense of anti-Semitism ...critics have complained that such...

    Reform’s Rabbi Jacobs, Eretz Yisrael and the Reformatting of Reform Judaism

    The Midrash makes it clear that the Bible specifically notes land purchases and transactions, so that nations can never castigate the Jewish people and say, “You are occupying stolen territory.”

    Readers: Can You Help Us Find This Rabbi?

    Murdered in Jerusalem, in 1920, please help us find out more about Rabbi Yehudah Leib Lozovsky.

    Jabotinsky, Jerusalem, Jewish Defense, 1920

    A century of terror, courtesy of our Arab neighbors.

    The Territoriality of the Balfour Declaration

    Zionism has been yielding territory since 1919

    “From the Breasts of the Youth”: Poland 1922

    Jews were always "aliens" in Poland. No matter what other charge Polish nationalists make, justified or not,... at the end, Jews were not real citizens

    No Protection for Jewish Holy Sites?

    Only Israel can be trusted to guard Israel's Jewish sites.

    It’s Gelt. It’s Gold. It’s Chanukah

    {Originally posted to the author's blog} As received from the Israel Antiquities Authority: Hanukkah Gelt: A cache of rare gold coins and a 900 year old gold...

    Jordan, Part of Palestine

    Any resolution of the so-called "Palestinian Arab problem" need include in its geographical elements the participation of Jordan.

    An Exercise in Deconstruction

    "Roses are red; wiolets are blue; Israel should not be home to a single Jew"

    On The Voices Denying An “Arab Palestinian People”

    To all of you, know that if anything, today you’ve pushed me away, further, and you've made my case for me. You are the problem

    Dealing with IfNotNow’s “Facts”

    Supposed 'facts' of IfNotNow. The question is, 'When' will they tell the truth?

    Abbas Unhinged and Identity Theft

    Abbas never fails to amaze with his alternative theories to reality.

    Being Religious and a NYT Letter to the Editor

    Fifth, is it "profanity" in naming a train station after President Trump? Truly? Of course, if it is Trump himself that bothers you, rather than naming the station after a person, a non-Jew, then we are left with a political dispute.


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