Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar / Flash 90
An Arab woman holding her refugee ration card during a protest outside the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza City, April 8, 2013.

As I was scrolling down the daily “headlines” sent by The New York Times yesterday, I noticed two interesting ones:

U.N. Agency Suspends Food Aid in Gaza After Protesters Break Into Its Compound


U.N. Says It Is Running Out of Money to Assist Wave of Refugees From Syria


Even the United Nations seems very occupied with problems in the Middle East much greater than anything going on in Israel including my town of Shiloh.

“There will be no food tomorrow,” said Adnan Abu Hasna, a spokesman for the agency, which provides nutrition, education, health and other services to 815,000 Palestinians who are refugees and their descendants, nearly half of Gaza’s population. “The food distribution centers and the relief offices will be closed in the coming days unless there’s a real security being provided to the life of our staff, because there is a great concern about their safety.”

How long will the United Nations support and perpetuate the Arab’s refugee status?

“The needs are rising exponentially, and we are broke,” Marixie Mercado, a spokeswoman for Unicef, told reporters in Geneva. “Across the region, a lot of our operations are going to have to start scaling down unless we get money.”

The warning came as President Bashar al-Assad, in a rare interview with a foreign media outlet, said that if Syria broke up or came under the control of “terrorist forces,” this would immediately spill over into neighboring countries first, and that a domino effect would reach countries across the Middle East.

Shouldn’t the United States, its President Barack Obama and his Cabinet be more concerned about what all the instability mentioned in these articles than what is happening in Israel?

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  1. "Shouldn’t the United States, its President Barack Obama and his Cabinet be more concerned about what all the instability mentioned in these articles than what is happening in Israel?"

    Who said that they aren't concerned?

  2. Obama engages in a massacre in Benghazi; Coptic Christians massacred in Egypt resulting in obama increasing US Aid and weaponry; $100MILLION a year to Hezbollah thru the LAF; calling the ottomans his "closest ally" as they engage in war mongering and try to redo with the Kurds what the did with the Armenians. And through it all, obama has enough time to speak to young Israelis (thankfully they are brighter then their US kool aid slurping counterparts) pushing them to rebel against the DEMOCRATICALLY elected Israeli government.

    Should I continue Charlie?

  3. You just accused the President of the United States of mass murder when in fact his policies in Libya resulted in the overthrow and death of a real mass murderer and the installation of a pro-American government. The US does not give money to Hezbollah and in fact is trying to get other states to list it as a terrorist group. The Ottomans have been out of power since the early 1920s (really since 1908). And the idea that Obama wants a rebellion in Israel is ridiculous. You are living in an alternate reality.

  4. Arie – Although you persist in accusing President Obama of "engaging" in a massacre, you provide no evidence in support of your outrageous accusation. You, sir, are an intellectual flea, with no more sense than an amoeba. Other than that, your posts are amusing. Get a life, maybe?

  5. compare the survivors who were out of the death camps and integrated into society as postive citizens, the Arab squatters like getting free money and food, without the need to work or educate their kids so they occupation is to throw rocks and be suicide bombers. With so much empty space on this planet, they should be integrated into countries like Scotland, Austrailia where there is much deserted land and squat there. The climate and conditions are the same as what they have in Egypt and Jordan and Turkey where they really come from. The reason they do not go back there is because they cannot get a free life of food and housing.

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