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December 9, 2016 / 9 Kislev, 5777
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Israelis are Very Angry and Disgusted With Government Policy!

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Rocket ranges and the cities they reach, according to the assessment of the IDF.

Rocket ranges and the cities they reach, according to the assessment of the IDF.
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Office

A short while ago I had the Israeli television news on. They were interviewing mayors of southern cities and military experts. No surprise that the residents of Israel’s south are sick and tired of being attacked by the Gazan terrorists with rockets etc. This isn’t the first time summer vacation has been destroyed by Arab violence.  The reporters asked the military what was planned and what was the “war aim” of the IDF.

The guy didn’t seem to be embarrassed to say that the IDF was hoping for a ceasefire. Yes, just a lull, a ceasefire. The bluster came with the pathetic bragging:

“Next time they want to attack us, they’ll think twice!”

Duh… And I bet you thought that my morning post “Protective Edge,” What a Nebichy Name was an exaggeration.

Honestly, this is all very deja vu. We in Israel have seen it all before. The Arabs attack, launching rockets from Gaza. Each time their reach gets greater. Then the IDF retaliates, and the retaliation gets a clever name, which is supposed to sound real powerful and manly, but it seems like the creative writing team is getting tired and stale. Or maybe they’ve use up all of the good names. In Hebrew it may sound a bit better, but in English it could be a name for a condom. And that idea of “protection” is going the wrong way. Aiming for a ceasefire is like using birth control. Military action should bring victory not infertility or the emptiness of being barren.

Nowadays almost nobody in Israel really falls for the con that this Operation Protective Edge will give us peace. The mayors of the cities in the south are doing their usual screaming and complaining, but when things quiet down, the government will shut them up with some nice projects for their cities, and then in another year or two it’ll all start again. Only ordinary citizens are getting angrier and angrier!

This map is out of date, because there have been alerts in Beit Shemesh and Tel Aviv. It’s actually safer to live in Shiloh than live in those places. Look at the map. We’re close to the Jordan Valley, north of Jerusalem. 2592 Thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up. May they all return home safe and sound.

When will we stop this horrid, dangerous cycle?  We must destroy the Arab terrorist enemy completely! No more ki’ilu, sort of…

Batya Medad

About the Author: Batya Medad blogs at Shiloh Musings.

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  1. What are people now saying in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem ?

  2. Will not be the last either, Islam intends to over run you.

  3. When will Israel fully defend itself against Hamas?

  4. And yet we have the bleeding hearts what about the women and children ? Well bleeding hearts what about Israel’s women and children? What they don’t matter they don’t have feelings? How would you like to be bombed day and night ppl? That’s what the Hamas / palestinians / Arabs are doing ! Get on the right page and team!

  5. It’s not just Hammas–It is all radicals! There are 1.8 Billion Muslims in the world–if even 10% are extremists–so the math! That is more people than in the entire Country if Israel–nearly as many as are in the entire US–all dedicated to the destruction of western civilization and basic human rights/Values. Scary stuff.

  6. 10% Ryan lol try over 25% and most of the rest in one way or another supports terrorism or child abuse

  7. Thank the left wing for this mess

  8. Sadie Kojack says:

    There you go that IS the real ISLAM! They are all going down with their death bible and their 70 male virgins!!

  9. Sadie Kojack says:

    There you go that IS the real ISLAM! They are all going down with their death bible and their 70 male virgins!!

  10. Me too…USA is out of control..why? People due it I legal team in government not effort in …taxes cracy, everything…the devil is inside

  11. Haley Chace says:

    Telling isn’t it!?!

  12. So tragic , how do we end this

  13. So tragic , how do we end this

  14. Sam Mensch says:

    “It is better to be a winner, than to be a looser,
    It is supremely better, to live than to die,
    And it is magnificently better to have a Jewish State, that is hated by the whole world,
    Than an Auschwitz, that is loved by it.”
    – Meir Kahane: http://youtu.be/c0yD6Za6–8

  15. Sobriety Jon says:

    Those who will not be any better than people they hate.is kharma

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