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If you ask me, the IDF leadership as well as the entire Netanyahu cabinet should adopt the Syrian army’s play book, or at least large chunks of it. Not because I wish to see increased Palestinian casualties, I really don’t, but rather because President Assad and his crew appear to be speaking fluent Palestinian.

More than 95 percent of the Palestinians who used to reside in the Yarmouk camp outside Damascus have fled under heavy shelling, the Palestinian ambassador to Syria said Tuesday, according to Ma’an.


Syria hosts half a million Palestinian refugees, most living in Yarmouk, descendants of those admitted after the creation of Israel in 1948, and has always cast itself as a champion of the Palestinian struggle, sponsoring several guerrilla factions. In the current conflict, some fight against Assad, some against him. So government forces have used jets and artillery to soften the resistance. Some of the pro-Assad Palestinians appear to have been killed along with the rest.

Mahmud al-Khalidi told Ma’an that the refugees fled to UNRWA schools amid violent clashes between rebels and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

On the border with Lebanon, hundreds of Palestinian families fled across the frontier following the weekend violence in Yarmouk, a Reuters witness said.

Rebel and Palestinian sources said Syrian rebels took full control of Yarmouk camp on Monday after fighting raged for days in the district on the southern edge of Damascus.

Now, here’s the zinger: no one minded. There have been no rallies in Europe or Berkley, not even in Ramallah. Instead, Ambassador Al-Khalidi said he had contacted the Syrian Foreign Ministry to request an end to air strikes on Yarmouk, but Syrian officials insisted rebels must leave the camp first.

Quietly, discreetly, behind the scene, could you please reduce somewhat the killing of our people at your earliest convenience?

Oh, man, I’m shepping nachas, again, not because Palestinians are getting killed, but because, for once, they’ve met a government who knows how to communicate with them successfully – and everyone appears satisfied. Even those folks getting butchered in the streets of Yarmouk appear to be totally cooperative.

Also, in all those encounters between the Syrian Army and the Palestinians I didn’t notice even one incident in which Palestinian teenagers pelted the Syrian soldiers with rocks. Amazing, how those Syrian soldiers elicit respect from those teenagers. It’s a gift, I’m telling you, a gift.

Here’s another nice point: President Mahmoud Abbas is monitoring the distribution of funds to refugees and has instructed al-Khalidi to provide housing for the displaced Palestinians, the ambassador said.

It’s so important that the president himself is taking an interest in the flow of Palestinian funds. They seem to appreciate it. I’ll bet you they’re utterly grateful for being allowed to keep some of those funds. I’ll bet you that none of them, say, Khalid Mashaal, would even dream of saying he’d like to see Assad removed from power – even if he is in favor of it. Because both Mashaal and Assad speak fluent Palestinian.

The battle in Yarmouk is one of a series of conflicts on the southern fringes of Assad’s capital, as rebels try to choke the power of the 47-year-old leader after a 21-month-old uprising in which 40,000 people have been killed.



  1. The Assad regime has the right to defend themselves from the rebels who are intent on overthrowing a sovereign leadership–they have the right and the duty to kill everyone of the rebels; if the Assad regime is overthrown–it will be much like what happened in Egypt and in Libya–the Nazi Muslim brotherhood will come into power–and life will be far worse for the people and for Israel!

  2. Syria did not steal my country, my home, my identity, make me refugee for 64 years. As a result of this I have this problem in Syrie. If I stayed in my country, I will not face this problem as palestinian. So, you are the cause of the palestinian problem in syria and other places. I only want to go back to my country. We are very patient people. we will get our land back even after 2000years. Do not look and act innocent, you are the cause of all the probles in the world. just leave us and go..

  3. This is for all liers in the zioinst movemet talking about the invented Palestinian people.
    1. read your own history before making false stories about Palestinians, Arabsn and Muslims in regard to jewish people and us.
    2. In regard to invented people. Basel program(first zion congress 1897) recommand esyablising settlementsv in Palestine. Not any other place in the world. its palestine, not othman lant, not Arabia, but Palestine).
    3. Zinonism which fathered by Herzle(do you know how is this person?) in 1897 created 20 new settlement in Palestine between 1870-1897. This was not in Europe were they kick your behind any time you want. tyhis was under Muslim rule not England or usa. Show some apperication for Palestinian and muslims welcoming you to live among them in peace.
    4. Balfour Declaration(1917).Promised the establisment of homeland for the jewish people in Palestine.(not in Egland, or other places).
    So, you the new coneverted to jewish religion stop lying about Palestinian, Arabs, and Muslims how welcome you in the land of Arabia and Palestine were you were miss treated. We will nover mistreat you, we just want our right back.
    5. About mslims killing muslims, why don't you ask how many jewish killed by fellow jewish in order to advance the creation of this criminal jewish state.
    (criminal since you still stealing Palestinian up to day.
    Finally, how are the invented people.Do not trust me , just read your history.

  4. You Mr. Kablaoui, Are an ignorant fool and anti-Semite–you do not deserve to live in America! Israel belongs to the Jews–not to Arabs! Arabs have their own nations. As for your nation of Syria–it is a Godless cesspool of Islamic hatred and poverty. God tells us in the Bible Damascus will be completely destroyed and never will be a city or inhabited again.

  5. It is you who are a liar Mr Kablaoui–Arabs are not palestinians–as there never was a palestinian nation–Yerushalayim has always been the capital of the God given Jewish nation of Israel!

  6. This is in particularly to RC Fowler:
    1. I may be fool. But your nothing but lies repeater. I do not know your background. If you emigrate to American that does not make semite.You can be jewish, but you cannot be semit.
    2. On the other hand, I am semite but could be muslim or christian. Abraham(peace be upon him) Is from Iraq from the city of orr. This make him like me Arab and semite, but not you.Living in America. how are you to decide hoe can live in America or not. You , I assume that you are jewish. Why don't you fulfill your religous duty and steal palestinian land like others who believe in your poltics.
    3. Your people keep stealing our money in America. Billions of Dollars goes to Israel every years in the name of friendship with America. You people are enemy of America. You corrupt the political system and influence America for your evil agenda who put you to judge who can or cannot live in America? America is christain country, and you shold go to palestine to your God country.
    4. About God. Each one of us has his/her God todo certain things. I don, t think you should steal other people things since Moses said shall not steal among other shall nots.
    God does not destroy things. God is about love mercy and optimiism in regard to huminty. people destroy things like destrying palestinian villages, destroy cities1982 in Lebanon, destroy the American Liberty ship killing 34 American and injuring more than 1oo American soliders. That what God people in Israel do.
    5. Finally, the beauty in living in America is that you can express your opinion on any subject you like be it religious, education and politics. I love America withh all that gives.I enjoy the discussion, and lets keep it coming. Thank you all.

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