Photo Credit: Social media
ISIS had seized more than 3,000 Yazidi and Christian children, girls and women in Iraq by August 2015 to be used as sexual slaves.

As Iraqi forces push deeper into Mosul, Yazidi leader Mirza Ismail reported that ISIS terrorists have transferred 1,000 abducted Yazidis from Mosul to Tal-Afar. From Tal-Afar, the abducted Yazidis will be taken to Raqqa, Syria. Ismail reported that Yazidi activists believe that there are still about 1,000 abducted Yazidis in Mosul.

“Many Muslims are fleeing Mosul but the abducted Yazidis are still under the control of ISIS and have not been able to flee or escape,” Ismail told the Jewish Press. “The situation in Mosul is a real nightmare and the abducted Yazidis are being used as human shields.”


Ismail is disturbed that the international community, due to their own political interests, has permitted the Yazidis to be massacred: “Let the little girls be human shields. When their dead bodies are found, no one will be able to tell that they were slaves who were abandoned.”

Ismail accuses the West of allowing the murder of little Yazidi girls due to their isolationist mentality that permitted their “own little girls to play in the best school yards” and allowed its citizens to be “protected from life’s dangers at every turn.”

Ismail added that Yazidis and other non-Muslim minorities continue to be abused in UN camps that are dominated by Muslim authorities but the world has turned a blind eye to it: “The world has decided to appease the Islamist jihadists of the Iraqi government who prefer that they will not have non-Muslim Yazidis and Chaldo-Assyrian Christians among them.”

According to Ismail, the West’s policy of not placing ground forces in Iraq in order to fight against ISIS has adversely affected the Yazidis. He is highly critical of the Western countries and the way that Western media outlets have related to the Yazidi crisis recently: “The world has decided that if these Islamists will do the West’s dirty work of fighting ISIS, then we in the West are fine to let them enslave, rape and murder Yazidis and all that we ask is that our gentle sensitivities not be offended by having to read about it in the newspapers.”