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October 1, 2016 / 28 Elul, 5776
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My Gaza Solution

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MK Moshe-Feiglin

Moshe Feiglin

Here’s my solution to the conflict in Gaza:

1) Ultimatum: Israel’s prime minister should announce that Israel is about to attack military targets near population centers, and those uninvolved in the conflict who wish to remain safe should leave immediately. They should consider heading to Sinai, which is not far from Gaza. This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts. Hamas can prevent the attack by unconditionally surrendering.

2) Attack: The IDF should use maximum force with all the conventional means at its disposal as it attacks the entire “target bank” throughout the Gaza Strip. All the military and infrastructural targets would be attacked with no consideration for “human shields” or “environmental damage.” It suffices that we hit exact targets and that we give advance warning to the enemy.

3) Siege: It is time for a total military siege on Gaza. Nothing should enter the Gaza Strip. Israel, however, should allow exit from Gaza. As suggested earlier, civilians may go to Sinai while fighters may surrender to IDF forces.

4) Defense: Any place from where Israel or Israel’s forces were attacked should be immediately attacked in return – with full force.

5) Conquer: After the IDF completes the softening of the military targets with its firepower it should conquer the entire Gaza Strip. The only consideration regarding this action should be to use all necessary means to minimize the harm to Israeli soldiers.

6) Elimination: The Shin Bet and IDF should thoroughly eliminate all armed enemies from Gaza. The enemy population that is innocent of wrongdoing and separated itself from the terrorists should be treated in accordance with international law and be allowed to leave. Israel should generously aid those who wish to leave.

7) Sovereignty: Gaza is part of Israel, and should remain as such forever. Liberation of parts of our land for eternity must be the only justification for endangering Israeli soldiers in battle. Subsequent to the elimination of terror from Gaza, that strip of land should become part of sovereign Israel to be populated by Jews. This action would also serve to ease Israel’s housing crisis. As quickly as possible, the coastal train line would be extended in order to reach the length of the Gaza Strip.

According to polls, most of the Arabs in Gaza wish to leave. Those not involved in anti-Israel activity would be offered a generous international emigration package. Those choosing to remain would receive permanent resident status. After living in Israel for a number of years and becoming accustomed to the country, and contingent on appropriate Knesset legislation and the approval of the interior minister, those who accept the legitimacy of Israel’s rule and recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state – with all of its Jewish characteristics – will be offered Israeli citizenship.

Moshe Feiglin

About the Author: Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.

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