Is The IDF A Moral Army?

An army that sacrifices its soldiers for the sake of protecting the property of an enemy population is not a moral army! It is a morally confused army

An Appeal To Voters

We understand now that, come what may, fear of the left is far greater than familiarity with us, and that most of our potential voters need to hear from us that their vote will not lead to the establishment of a leftist government.

Next Time Around

A real one. I'm putting myself up for election again, and there'll be open primaries again for the list. This is the real deal.

Did You Say Hallel Last Thursday?

Let’s be honest. How many shuls in your neighborhood celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut this past week? There was a time, not too long ago, when 90 percent of shuls in America commemorated this awesome day… but now?

Why We Lost

I firmly believe that a large segment of the population loved our ideas, but just weren’t ready to vote for us. Will they be ready to vote Zehut the next time around? I believe “yes” and here’s why...

What Happened?

When I was asked during the campaign how such diverse elements could support Zehut, I explained that the unifying factor was an aspiration for liberty, the will to get the state out of our lives.

Zehut Will Demand The Finance Ministry

A vote for the Zehut liberty coalition is a vote for a just, ethical, prosperous, better society – a state in which economic bullying is not an option, and the fruits of economic growth will reach all the citizens and not just a handful of insiders

There Is No Substitute For Victory

If Israel is forced to send soldiers into Gaza, it should only with a single, clear goal: Absolute defeat of Hamas and restoration of the pre-Oslo situation in Gaza. Absolute defeat – not a half-hearted skirmish.

What Does Feiglin Believe?

Clearly, the group of soiled generals that has gathered around Gantz is not exactly my cup of tea. But Netanyahu and his group have no new message, either. I came from the Right, I am loyal to this land and Jewish identity is part of my soul. But I will join whoever will make it possible for me to advance my platform in the best way.

Is Netanyahu Better Than Gantz?

Both sides, Netanyahu and Gantz and Lapid, are not my points of reference. Zehut stands on its own merit with its own platform and true loyalty to the Land of Israel and not to the bloc.

Netanyahu Is No Dummy

There has never been a leader like Netanyahu who is so beloved by his constituents even after he repeatedly slaps them in the face. So why should he change what is working so well?

Do You Trust The Polls?

Sometimes the longshot does win.

Zehut’s Dream Team

It is being reported that Zehut will receive four Knesset seats (see photo right). We have been saying all along that we will easily get past the voting threshold

Why Zehut?

Zehut is talking about the free market, legalized cannabis, the voucher system. It also is the only party that comes with a real one-state solution.

Purity of Arms? Try Warped Morality

For Gantz, a dead IDF soldier is better than a photo of a destroyed hospital. The farcical Chief of Staff said that to the best of his knowledge, no Gazan civilians were hurt. But a Golani soldier was.

Netanyahu Has To Go

Bibi has to go because he turned Israel into a society whose whole is smaller than the sum of its parts.

The Polls Are Wrong

Don’t let the headlines that will be forgotten tomorrow demoralize you today. Zehut is preparing a surprising campaign and from our lowest opening point we will finish this campaign, with God’s help, with a huge surprise

Winston Churchill And Israel’s Darkest Hour

The need for Churchillian leadership in today's Israel.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Our rightist government managed to knock over an inside wall with tweezers as the family of the terrorist looked on and laughed. Yet, the same government displayed amazing perseverance and thoroughness when it came to destroying entire Jewish neighborhoods because somebody there built one meter of his home on ownerless land.

Cannibis Must Be Legalized

There is no need for fear; cannabis is not harmful like cigarettes and not addictive like alcohol. It will certainly not be harmful if it is sold in an orderly fashion in drug stores.

A Moral Outrage

Even if only one percent of this story is true, the government should fall and all the commanders responsible for this horror should go to jail.

Will There Be Early Elections?

Behind the scenes machinations of whether Israel will have early elections, and who will lead the nation; plus stirring the"pot"

Bennett Isn’t Better Than Netanyahu

There is no difference between Netanyahu and Bennett, except for the mental dependence of the latter upon the former.

Netanyahu’s Resignation Speech

The speech that will never be delivered

Pittsburgh Massacre – Israel Must Be Involved

There is something deeper that makes us partially responsible for what happened in Pittsburgh. Jewish history is being written today in the Land of Israel, and when Israel is sure of itself – when it strikes its enemies as it did in the Six-Day War or eliminates hijackers as it did in Entebbe – the level of anti-Semitism around the world decreases!

Why Does Israel Have A President?

It is time for Israel to put an end to the institution of presidency. The office of the president does not unify the Nation; on the contrary, it deepens the rift.

Reconquer Gaza

Retreating from Gaza was a colossal mistake; fix it and restore the situation to what it was. Even if you do not get complete peace and quiet, and even if there will be problems, they will be minuscule compared to what we are facing now

Would You Have Spared Eichmann?

If you allow legal debate over the morality of destroying the Jews – thereby drawing a question mark over the legitimacy of their existence – you immediately remove yourself from the parameters of legitimate discourse and turn the legal platform itself into a patently unethical mechanism.

On Fuld’s Murder, Oslo’s Failure, And Tactical Negligence

The Russian bear came to fill the vacuum in Syria, and Israel’s ability to defend itself is now dependent on Putin’s good will.

Why Are Young Jews Leaving Israel?

Israel's abundance is not reaching the places it should. It is being blocked by a million state workers, 20 ministerial offices that are extraneous, budget-based pensions, a bloated, ineffective army, truckloads of cash and free electricity to Gaza, and more


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