We’re excited to note that ArtScroll has just released two fabulous sefarim: the initial volume (on the first two chapters of Makos) of its planned Tosafos series and the initial volume (on Parshas Shelach) of its projected Onkelos series.

The Tosafos series will render accessible the rigorously analytical approach of the Baalei Tosafos to a far larger audience than it currently enjoys. Tosafos’ method of comparing and contrasting related Talmudic passages in an effort to clarify and refine ideas is of course a core component of Talmud study.


Similarly, the Onkelos series will enable many more to parse Onkelos’ Aramaic translation of, and sometimes implicit commentary on, the Chumash.

ArtScroll and its founder, Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, z”l, are to be commended for enabling countless Jews to delve deeply into the timeless wisdom of the Torah. Their achievements – one after the other – over the last 45 years are truly remarkable.


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