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As we enter the final two weeks of the most interesting and unpredictable presidential campaign in memory, the best way to keep up with developments, polls, and issues is by making regular visits to some of the seemingly countless political blogs and websites.

The sixteen listed below (in no particular order) are among the sites the Monitor visits several times a day (content is constantly updated) and would recommend to anyone seeking up-to-the-minute news and opinion on Campaign ’08.


The days when one had to wait all day to turn on the network news for a 22-minute (after the commercials) newscast and assume one was getting the unvarnished truth are, thankfully, long gone.

Campaign Standard (

Campaign Spot (

The Stump (

The Note (

Contentions (

Marc Ambinder (

Ross Douthat (

The Caucus (

FiveThirtyEight (

Real Clear Politics (

Horse Race Blog (

Election Dissection (

The Fix (

The Trail (

Politico (

Political Punch (