Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett.
Naftali Bennett did a great job earlier this week of rejecting the preposterous suggestion by a British talking head that the residents of Gaza are being victimized by Israel.  As Bennett correctly and forcefully pointed out, Gazans are being victimized by Hamas, not Israel.
But there is another party that is also making victims of Gaza’s residents:  the reporters and government officials who in any way blame Israel for the death of people afflicted by “leaders” who put rocket launchers near houses.  Every single time that responsibility is taken off Hamas, and every single time that Israel is blamed, Hamas — rightly — takes such media attention as encouragement to continue doing exactly what it has been doing.   Because every time Israel is blamed, Hamas’s tactic works again.
The only way — the only way — that Hamas and the rest of the Muslim world will be forced to stop using these tactics is when they don’t work anymore.  And making them not work means not blaming anyone other than Hamas for the deaths of the people in the midst of whom Hamas stores and operates its weapons, and among whom it hides its “fighters.”  When the world finally stops blaming the Jews for defending themselves from people who do these obscene things, the obscene things will stop happening.
Because let’s face it:  Hamas obviously can’t defeat the IDF in the field, soldier against soldier.  Hamas can only ever hope to defeat an IDF soldier by hiding behind Gaza’s women and children, and by hoping that a chorus of world opinion will stop the Jews from defeating Hamas.  When Hamas realizes that that chorus isn’t going to sing any more, Hamas wil stop abusing its own children.
As good as Naftali Bennett’s performance was — and it was terrific — it can be better:  because every Israeli asked such “questions” by idiotic Western talking heads should turn the questions around:  it is  you, Mr. Reporter, who are causing these deaths, by encouraging Hamas to continue abusing these innocent children. When you stop doing that, the deaths of innocents will stop. And until you stop, the deaths of innocents will continue, because every time you attack Israel for defending itself, you give Hamas exactly the reward it seeks for this barbaric tactic.




  1. Musa Karuma really, sad is Palestinians & Hamas using Children and Old Ladys to hide behind. Sad is 400+ dead civilians &? Injured. Sad is your beliefs in a Hamas. Hamas will not and can not save you. You are truly a barbarian culture with no sense of Humanity even for your own kind. ( can’t use the word people) Oh and Allah, seems like he’s forgotten you as well.
    Good bless Israel & the IDF!

  2. Uzi Kattan And Ed Kaplan,realy I Feel Sorry For You Guys Bse What Ever Israhell Press Feeds You Think Its Final But What You Guys 4got Is That Wrong People and The Cursed Will Never And Ever Win The Right And Blessed Ones There4 Its Doesnt Matter When IDF Bombed Schools,hospitals,ambulances,residentials,Mosque,and UN Premises Then Later Call It Hamas.

  3. Theresa My Grandparent Are Not Monkeys Nor Pigs Like Those Of Isrealite,for Your Information,remember They Disobey Tora Law Not To Fish On Sabath And Then God Transform Them Into Pigs And Monkeys Due To Theis Transgression And Mischieves On Earth As They Does Repeat Right Now.

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