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December 25, 2014 / 3 Tevet, 5775
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America Traded Its Long Term Future for 6 Months of Peace

President Barack Obama has a short term view of world affairs that does not breach the time limit and legacy concerns of his presidency.

2 peaces in our time

On November 14 1940, seventy three years ago, 400 Luftwaffe bombers attacked the British city of Coventry, in was know as “Operation Moonlight Sonata.” Coventry was an important engineering and manufacturing city, but it was poorly defended. The German high command knew where the most important factories were and the planning for the raid was meticulous. The bombing lasted 13 hours. By the time the attack was over, 75% of all buildings in the city were destroyed, 33% of all factories and 50% of all homes. On November 20 began the mass burials. Group Captain Frederick William Winterbotham, in his book, “The Ultra Secret,” claims that the British government had advance warning of the attack from intercepted German radio messages encrypted with the Enigma cipher machine, decoded by the British. He further claimed that Winston Churchill ordered that no defensive measures or evacuation be taken to protect Coventry, lest the Germans realize that their cipher had been broken. Churchill was concerned with the long run. He looked well beyond the immediate present.

So do the Iranians.

“Oh you who believe! Seek help with patient perseverance and prayer, for God is with those who patiently persevere,” Koran, 2:153.

There are dozens of verses like that one in the Koran, and what Iran has plenty of is patience and perseverance. The Iranians have a long view of history and a lot of patience. In fact, Iran has been waiting for 2500 years, since the time of Cyrus the Great. At the time, the Persian Empire spanned from Pakistan to Greece and Egypt. At its peak, around 500 BC, it ruled over an estimated 50 million people, about 44% of the world’s.

What today’s Iran desperately needs in order to resurrect the glory days of the old empire are time, money, and nuclear weapons. In the world court, Iran was granted a continuance by the leaders of the G5+1, who were unable to see past the tips of their noses, and take their own long view.

The deal to “resolve” the Iranian nuclear problem is to run in stages. “The first step would be time-bound, with a duration of 6 months, and renewable by mutual consent, during which all parties will work to maintain a constructive atmosphere for negotiations in good faith.”

Even without reading the remainder of the document, this first line of the first step presents two major problems.

The first resides in the fact that this temporary, 6 months agreement, is “renewable by mutual consent‚” meaning it can go on indefinitely. All the conditions that made this agreement so desirable today—and the alternatives to it so unacceptable—will be present in 6 months from now and every 6 months thereafter as well.

Given the state of the world economy, the difficulty in establishing the sanctions in the first place, and the wold’s thirst for oil, chances are that the remaining sanctions will become eroded and less effective with time. The likelihood of reinstating or tightening the sanctions, in the event of Iran’s noncompliance, is slim to none.

President Barack Obama has a short term view of world affairs that does not breach the time limit and legacy concerns of his presidency. When he leaves office in three years and enjoys golf in Hawaii, nuclear Iran will no longer be his concern, just like nuclear North Korea is no longer President Bill Clinton’s problem. Who knows, there may even be a windfall of fringe benefits dangling from an invisible Iranian string, not unlike the one enjoyed by President Jimmy Carter.

Not only was the economic noose around Iran’s neck relaxed, but the dreaded military option, the backbone of the entire effort, was just given a quiet burial. The military option against Iran is not likely to see the light of day again, since all that’s needed to avoid conflict is to extend the present agreement by 6 more months each a time. In a culture hungry for quick results, this agreement offers instant gratification—indefinitely.

The second problem resides in the last two words of the sentence: “All parties will work to maintain a constructive atmosphere for negotiations in good faith.”

It is inconceivable to associate these two words with the two decades of deceit by Iran, without at least a modicum of concern over “Taqiyya,” the Islamic term for cheating.

Googling “Taqiyya” yields 506,000 hits. The book “al-Kafi fi ‘Ilm al-Din,” the most authoritative Shia text, states that “Nine tenths (90%) of religion (Shiism) is Taqiyya (dissimulation), hence one who does not dissimulate has no religion.” The Ayatollahs are nothing if not religious.

Even if one wishes to forgive the many transgressions perpetrated by Iran over the past 20 years, it was just a week ago that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei regaled his audience of 50,000 Basij militiamen—who were chanting “Death to America”—with a call to eliminate Israel.

In 1969, when he was 30, Khamenei translated into Farsi an Arabic text dealing with the armistice agreement between the second Shia Imam, Hassan, the son of Ali, and the Sunnis. The text is known as Hassan’s Peace. After Ali’s assassination, realizing that he could not defeat the Sunnis in war, Hassan accepted a peace accord, which was referred to by Khamenei as “History’s Glorious Exercise of Flexibility.” A week ago, Khamenei spoke of a need for “Heroic Flexibility,” a flexibility that will bring Iran closer to becoming a nuclear state, and closer to a new world order.

The recent agreement has provided Iran with more breathing room in its long quest to become a regional and a world power, and it provided Obama with instant gratification that is renewable, at will, every six months.

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14 Responses to “America Traded Its Long Term Future for 6 Months of Peace”

  1. BEN ROSENBERG. Obama will go down in history as the president who destroyed his own country and brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

    אובמה יירשם בהיסטוריה כנשיא שהרס את מדינתו והביא את העולם אל סף מלחמה גרעינית.

    Munich 1938 Vs Geneva 2013

    In summation:

    The 2013 deal struck/signed between the Chamberlains, USA, EU, France, German, Britain, China and Russia with Iran is worse than the Munich 'peace in our time' deal that was signed in 1938 between Nazi-Hitler and Neville Chamberlain BECAUSE we are talking about nuclear arsenal against Israel, which is a one nuclear bomb country!

    Israel will prevail but will have fight for its life on all fronts, political, military, media, psychological!

    מינכן 1938 בהשוואה לג'נבה B2013


    העיסקה שעליה חתמו הצ'מברליינים של 2013, ארה"ב, האיחוד האירופי, צרפת, גרמניה, בריטניה, סין ורוסיה עם איראן היא גרועה יותר מהסכם מינכן 1938 – - 'שלום בזמננו' – עליו חתמו הנאצי-היטלר ונוויל צ'מברליין כי בהסכם עם איראן מדובר בארסנל גרעיני נגד ישראל שהיא מדינת פצצה גרעינית אחת!

    ישראל תצא מנצחת אבל תצטרך להאבק על חיי בכל החזיתות, חזית מדינית/פוליטית, צבאית, תקשורתית, פסיכולוגית!

  2. Sold themselves for not!!!

  3. Guy Peters says:

    Wishful thinking ,the six months of ” peace “????

  4. Sorry, but it’s Munich 1938 all over again. The West has fallen again for empty promises and a smile while it eases the only tool it had to defuse the situation in the Middle-East.

  5. I am glad the US is doing what it is. It’s time Israel gets a does of reality that Israel is Israel for Israel and not a lapdog of the goyim.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It should be painfully obvious to anyone who cares about the preservation of America and Western civilization that Obama doesn't give a damn about us. To give the radical Islamic dictatorship controlling Iran a ton of money, and essentially grant them permission to enrich uranium, is beyond irresponsible. To give the Ayatollahs the space, time and money to make nuclear weapons when they know that they will use them against other nations, is a crime against humanity. Everyone whose signature appears on that agreement, including Obama, should be charged with war crimes.

  7. Thank obarfa for this.

  8. Alain Attal says:

    Never learning lecon from the past , husein Obama is a muslim, the Axe of Evil gained US … God Bless Israel , God Bless US

  9. Alain Attal says:

    Never learning lecon from the past , husein Obama is a muslim, the Axe of Evil gained US … God Bless Israel , God Bless US

  10. Peter Clark says:

    Doesn't Israel already have the bomb? Yes according to whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu who you guys sent to prison for 18 years. If Iran were to get the bomb too that would only even things up in the middle east and perhaps help Israel to get on with their neighbours a bit better.

    According to the CIA Iran stopped trying to get the bomb back in 2003. So perhaps 10 years later is long enough to relax the sanctions. Even your own Mossad agrees with them so why not give peace a chance?

    Next up is for Israel to join the NPT and give up your stockpile and make the whole Middle East into a nuclear free zone.

  11. Chaiya Eitan says:

    Stupid, stupid, stupid people!!!

  12. Robert Daren says:

    Those who do not learn the lessons from the past, are destined to repeat them. However, Israel will not be fooled like the foolish leaders who agreed to this document.

  13. God is teaching them a lesson which will soon be revealed.

  14. Lord, have mercy on your people Israel, and on us as well!

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