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October 24, 2016 / 22 Tishri, 5777
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Stunning Insensitivity from Michelle Obama

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Originally published at The American Thinker.

Michelle Obama’s lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general. Jetting off to five star resorts with a large entourage has too much dissonance with the rhetoric denouncing inequality currently in favor with the left. But the First Lady has now outdone herself, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, the damage may be a bit more serious than the occasional grumble over designer shoes and livin’ large.

After all, millions of Americans are mired in unemployment, underemployment, and hopelessness. So in the face of all this, Michelle Obama has chosen to tweet on the FLOTUS twitter account a picture of her dogs dining on china and crystal:

FLOTUS dog tweet

Neil Munro of the Daily Caller noted:

Bone appétit!,” the aides added to the insensitive tweet, using the language of France’s queen Marie Antoinette, who was executed by radicals in 1793.

Indeed, Michelle Antoinette has already been the object of satire by several talented artists:


Thomas Lifson

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  1. This is nonsense. How does depicting our FLOTUS in a wig and a natural pic make any point worth discussing? Stick to facts not rhetoric.

  2. Shocker….(eyes rolling)

  3. This is a disgusting misrepresentation. It is a humorous photo taken the day of the State Dinner for the President of France. Every president hosts state dinners. She snapped a pic of her dogs. It is cute, not what your article is trying to depict. I would have thought better of you! Shame.

  4. K-sandra Palmer if you don’t get the point, then you are just an idiot!

  5. Thomas Knaack says:

    Michelle Obama is a socialist, ant-American piece of .

  6. Oh dear, you are way off whom ever put this up. I expected more from you, must say shame on you. How on earth can you wish for the others to respect and honour your values, when you produced tosh such as this.

  7. As I said facts, not rhetoric this includes childish insults and name calling.

  8. While the Country is struggling with higher bills, unemployment, healthcare and taxes, the FLOTUS let her dogs dine with china and crystals and even has the nerves to post the pictures! How insensitive, cruel, selfish and arrogant can she be?

  9. You are disgusting to promote this lie from a dubious site like The American Thinker. Shame on you for posting this as Jewish press.

  10. Well you know what happened to poor Marie Antionette lol

  11. Evan Thornley says:

    Why is this Jewish news ?? If I wanted to read partisan political commentary, there are plenty of places to go to – I subscribe here for thoughtful Jewish ideas and news. Unimpressed 🙁

  12. You r a disgrace for printing this rubbish

  13. You guys got me. Here I am thinking that the person who wrote this is a total , when I realize that it must be a joke. Nobody is that big an . Good one.

  14. There is no reason to post this on a Jewish news site. It has nothing to do with Judaism or Israel. I certainly expected better. It makes me ashamed. And you should be ashamed for publishng it.

  15. Just her yak hair wigs cost the taxpayers about a million bucks, she is as useless as her hubby

  16. David Michalowski says:

    Is this Jewish National Enquirer?? SMH

  17. Don’t like it, go read The Jewish Daily Forward. That rag will be more to your liking.

  18. All the lefty's are blowing a fuse!

  19. Excuse me? How can you compartmentalize who Obama and his show wife are and separate that from his posture towards Israel?

  20. It is a fact that they spend millions on vacations. So–don’t twist…

  21. Here she is discussed for buying middle class garments from JCrew. You might want to look at some others and then get a life.

  22. what’s stunning insensitivity is your disrespect of our First Lady!

  23. I’m not a fan of the First Lady, but I think your a bit out of line with this one. It is making you not credible. I am sure you have more important issues to discuss than a cute picture of dogs at a table…

  24. Eretta Honey says:

    I think u are entitled to print whatever you feel in your paper . Personally I appreciate it because what few American publications are left seem to be afraid of this bully administration . The shame here is that we Americans have to get the truth from foreign newspapers .

  25. This is disgusting. Attacking our First Lady does not make any sense. Policy perhaps, but not attacking Michelle Obama. As a staunch Zionist who votes “D” I find these constant petty attacks to be embarrassing for a pro Israel site. And Jesse Kaellis “Obama and his SHOW wife”? She has a degree in law from a prestigious university. She is brilliant. Shall we attack Rebbitzens and wives of Israeli office holders? Grow the hell up and stick to facts. Your attitudes make me ashamed.

  26. ^^This is bull. It is embarrassing. And her education is probably higher than yours.

  27. So, how much do your politicians spend on vacations? You are a fool.

  28. Ilene Kent says:

    Never EVER has a first lady been so open to ridicule. Knock it off.

  29. Humiliating, slanderous, and undignified. It should be removed from JewishPress.com immediately because it does not live up to the standards of the Jewish community. If you have a policy problem with Mrs. Obama, address it in scholarly and respectable manner. These cartoons do nothing other than bring ridicule upon the Jewish Press.

  30. JD Méndez says:

    Repeat after me with the more modern pronunciation: beeatch. In times past it was pronounced: bitch.

  31. Where did this paper come from? I never heard of it. And what does the article have to do with Jewish issues anyway? Leave our First Lady alone, please. She’s doing a terrific job.

  32. Ilene Kent says:

    It’s a New York paper Joan.

  33. What does the article have to do with Jewish issues? I don’t get it.

  34. I’m amused that the Jewish Press never excoriated previous First Ladies regarding their “extravagencs” such as mediums and astrologers. tell me, how should the First Lady dress? As a scullery mad? A “Mammy” or as a ?

  35. it wasn’t a problem when nancy reagan spent money

  36. Can you imagine the criticism if she did not care? She has been a good role model for women and certainly for her daughters. Leave her alone!

  37. Good Job Jewish Press, keep it up. We Jews can laugh at ourselves and at others too. It seems that some people prefer to censor opinions with which they disagree. That reminds us of who …

  38. Bailey Karr says:

    i dont like this at ALL

  39. What’s going to happen when she has to spend her own money, or Ovomit’s?

  40. Why is everyone getting so upset? I don't remember any restraint on the Left when it came to hating GWB. Remember how you called him a Nazi, hung him and burned him in effigy, made movies about assassinating him, made fun of his family? I do. I remember how you blamed everything on him and are still blame GWB — all the way into B Hussein Obama's SECOND term! Those who voted for BHO for a second term are partly responsible for what happens to Israel at the hands of this incompetent. immoral narcissist. Take a look as the entire Middle East goes up in flames because of this idiot! And you put him in office so he can pressure Israel to make nice with the murderers funding all the terror in the world? You're a real piece of work as my mother used to say.

  41. Moishe Pupik says:

    The MDL (Michelle Defense League) certainly has a lot of trolls available at their beck and call.

    It's as if they have their own Community Organizer telling them where to pop in and leave a comment.

  42. Don’t believe it !

  43. Ken Man says:

    Well we may say “God save the Queen” (;-)) cos nothing will save the president, …… like eeeew if I was the French president I don’t think I’d be happy knowing some mutts had been breathing all over my cutlery & wine glasses & farthing on my chair

  44. Sorry- I hate Obama, but First Lady’s and Presidential family members are OFF LIMITS… You’re out of line here.

  45. off limit for the kids not her. she lusts for power and spends our money like it’s her own.

  46. Their kids are off limit never hear anything about them.. She however deserves it. She put herself front and center with her big mouth and spending money like it’s her own. The fact that neither one of them have any love for Israel or America should be enough to wake up some of you. Good job Jewish press. Keep me informed always about everything that pertains to Israel and America.

  47. Why pick on Michelle- its not her fault she is so ugly and with those big buck teeth-we have had an earlier First lady-Jackie Kennedy who wasted millions of tax-payers and hubby's dollars on her "haute couture"and remodellng of the White House"This trait seems to be a Demoratic gene

  48. Violet Helms says:

    Racist drool. I am not one to use those words but one look at the picture and it was all that came to mind. Use your words people. Surely you can think of something better than this.

  49. what does this have to do with being Jewish or a Religion? This is beneath you!

  50. This is beneath you. You are only making yourself look stupid for reporting this

  51. apparently article has been removed from website 🙂

  52. I think I missed something: Isn't being Jewish, at least in some measure, to have a sense of humor? I though this tweet was delightful. In a way, it was as if our First Lady was poking fun at the whole elegance thing she lives in, sharing it with us all. I don't for a moment imagine she has the kind of ego that I see so many of the comments suggest she has. And the references to Marie Antoinette–now those I find despicable. Would we prefer the French President be taken to a burger joint? Yes, a lot of people are having a hard time right now; but the First Lady didn't cause this. And neither does she begin to live in the opulence of many of those bloated CEOs who think they are worth millions, while they pay their workers minimum wage. That's what's really wrong in America. And no, I am not a fan of the President's on a number of issues. But as a Brit who became American, I value what our White House dinners represent. Oh, and I'm going to get my son's dog a nicer dish.

  53. I'm sorry, Moriah. There is no 'Love' button for me to click for your comment.

  54. Rebecca Susan Wright <3

  55. Legitimate proof has been given, time and again, that this administration, the Obamas, are imperialists, at the very least; cold, calculating Communists, at worst.

  56. Edward Lobel says:

    You are terribly misinformed. President Obama has not raised taxes one single penny on anyone! Keeping that in mind I have never seen pictures if the FLOTUS letting her dogs eat off china and crystals and posting the picture. Are you sure they are real or simply a photo shopped picture on a anti Obama site?

  57. Edward Lobel says:

    Jews are not supposed to be bigots!

  58. Gilad Halevy says:

    Well said.

  59. Carlos Font says:

    It is a mandatory requirement for any self-respecting,card-carrying liiberal to never be outraged by anything as outrageous as Michelle's dogs if it invloves liberals. I was actually served this one: " Presidents work very hard. Clinton deserved a little entertainment in the Oval Office." Thank the Lord for liberals to keep us laughing. Keep'em coming, boys and girls!

  60. Mr. E. Lobel u get your facts straight, please, I know what i am talking about….we have a small business and our taxes for each worker have gone up quite a lot since Mr. Obama took office! Thank you!

  61. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, what a stupid thing to say. What was bigoted, the disdain of her royal highness?

  62. Stewart Schwartz says:

    There are many articles in the paper pertaining to politics, Jewish or not. The Obamas are very relevant to all American Jews. Smart jews disdain their politics.

  63. Edward Lobel says:

    Annamaria Arena My facts are indeed correct and if you have been paying additional taxes for your employees you need to check them out.

    As long as you are claiming how badly President Obama has personally hurt you, You may be struggling with higher bills
    that is your problem, my bills are the same as they have always been. My mortgages, my heating bills, my gas bills, my car payments, college loan payments, credit card payments have actually come down and not because I owe less, but because the interest rates came down. Unemployment has come down under the Obama administration! If your health care costs have gone up, blame the insurance companies because not only have health care costs come down with the ACA, those not effected by the ACA, the increases have come way down!
    It is obvious from what you say that you hate President Obama so much you have let it effect your thought process and makes you think everything he does is wrong and a personal attack on you and that makes you look even more foolish than everyone already knows you are!

  64. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz it is obvious that you are not only an ignorant idiot but also rather stupid and crass. Jews are hated by everyone and one thing we do is not to say stupid things like "Queen Lefty" to be meant as an insult. If you did not see that, then you are as stupid as everyone already knows you to be!

  65. There is no way to have an intelligent talk with a liberal who worships Obama and closes his eyes and ears to all the grabs of power, treason, lies, deceits and wrong doings he has committed! Even the most leftist Dems are now distancing themselves from their boss! I really don't care about your opinion of me, I know who the real brainwashed fool is in this case.

  66. Edward Lobel says:

    Annamaria Arena You have proved once again that you are an ignorant idiot. You cannot name a single "grab of power" or one illegal thing that President Obama has done that would either cause an impeachment and removal or put him in prison, do you know why, because it is stupid people like you who think they know what is going on because they are getting their info from fox and the POS. There is absolutely NO liberal who is distancing them form the President it is only low life liars like you who think it is true.

    You are an idiot and walking away from the facts just like I said makes everyone else know just how ignorant and stupid you are and lets not forget you are a LIAR! Shame on you, and shame on your parents for not teaching not to lie. If you are Jewish you are a shunder on the goim! No non Jew should see a Jew being a stipid ignorant idiot!

  67. Stewart Schwartz These pictures have nothing to do with Jewish news! I don't care how you try to slice it, it has nothing to do with Jewish news or religion! I am not speaking of the paper as a whole. Whoever made the decision to post this, has bad taste and ought to be ashamed.

  68. Edward Lobel but I am canadian and dont like Obama or his wife Michelle overly much either. I think he is wrecking America from within and not nice to Israel.
    and I dont hate the Jewish people. G-d bless Israel and its people

  69. David Robert Ord. Michelle with her husbands policies which seems to have a diverse effect for Americans, she would have been better to go around in sackcloth and ashes dont you think? 😉

  70. Jenny Lee says:

    Yeah, I had to scroll to the top of the page to confirm I had clicked on a link at a Jewish news feed. Seemed a bit odd.

  71. Edward Lobel says:

    Sientje Seinen No matter how wrong you are, you are entitled to your opinion. If you really think he is wrecking America you really do not understand, it is the republicans who from the first day Obama was elected vowed to do everything possible to make him fail. They have even gone so far as to reject bills and programs that they supported up until the day he was elected. Perhaps you do not know or do not want to know that the ACA was a republican plan! They only rejected it because Obama introduced it and the republicans were afraid it would work and he would look great. They refuse to work with him and then blame him for not willing to work with them. Very few republicans are willing to go "on the record" and admit that he was legitimately elected. Many, the vast majority will not answer the question when asked if they think he was born in the United States, they know he was, but by refusing to answer, they give the impression that the do not think he was fueling the right wing crazies into believing he is not a citizen born in the United States. The only republican who has been vocal on his being a Christian was John McCain, there are so many others who fuel the feeling he is a muslim! In Canada, I do not know of the relationship between the parliament and the Prime Minister, if it is one of respect or constant disrespect, but here the first time President Obama met with a joint session of the house and the senate, he was publically disrespect by a republican who screamed out that he was a liar! NO ONE else in the history of the U.S. congress had ever done that before and it set in motion the terrible disrespect the republican have for the President of the United States and this disrespect continues to this day. Some of it has rubbed off on all the republican people in the U.S. and this is despicable. No matter how much democrats hated George bush, he was NEVER disrespected like this in public. The republicans have lied about so much in an attempt to get people like you to dislike him. Take the Benghazi problem, the republicans are trying to make something dishonest about it and even there own investigation which has been released to the public says he did no wrong, and still they bring it up almost everyday trying to get people to think he was responsible for the killings and then responsible for creating a cover up, again even the republican investigation said he was not responsible nor was there a cover up, but that doesn't seem to phase the republicans running for office who are trying to make this an issue.

    As for whether or not you "don't hate Jewish people", that may be, but hen again (and this is not meant to be rude,) most people say the same thing. Republicans only support Israel because of their belief in the second coming. They believe all the Jews MUST be in Israel for the event to occur. Jews will be forced to convert or the ground will open up and they will be banished to hell for all eternity. Aside from that they could not care about Jews.

  72. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz Sorry, but that is not the truth! Smart Jews like the Obamas and their policies. The contribute more money to him than the Jews who do not like him contribute to the "others" Facts don't lie, but then again you are a republican and all republican lie and do not use facts to make any argument!

  73. ….and thanks to your parents for teaching u to be polite to strangers! I am not even going to dignify u with an answer…it's no use, one day if u still have any brain cell left, u r going to figure it all out by yourself!

  74. Edward Lobel says:

    Annamaria Arena you open up your mouth and say disgusting lying things to me and you expect me not to answer! You really are ignorant and stupid. The little bit I have forgotten about anything in my life is more than you will ever know. When your parents forgot to teach you it was not nice to lie, did they teach you to be rude and nasty? Looks that way!

  75. Luzia Alves says:

    That sounds like PR moves into soften the news about the couple's split.

  76. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, you are a fool. On top of that, the vast majority of Americans disapprove of Obama. The Israelis know what's best for them, and they overwhelmingly disappriove of Obama. You are wrong in so many of your statements, it would be difficult to refute them all. Your spelling also indicates that you are not well-educated, which figures.

  77. David Nixon says:

    @Edward Lobel: Annamaria Arena has repeatedly cited facts regarding Obama's abuse of his authority. For example, she has focused on the Benghazi cover-up and the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scheme. She has also cited the IRS's targeting of conservative groups by Obama's operatives, the investigation of which is ongoing, despite Obama's assertion that "there isn't even a smidgen of corruption" in that situation. Annamaria Arena has also noted that Obama fails to execute the laws which he and/or his predecessors have signed into law. That is a violation of his constitutional oath. The prime example of this nonfeasance is his issuance of executive orders pertaining to the "Affordable Healthcare Act". So, to recapitulate: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, selective implementation of "Obamacare". . . what are we forgetting? Oh yes, domestic spying by the NSA and Obama's willingness to countenance that. So which of these things which Annamaria Arena has cited as illegal and impeachable offenses are factually incorrect? Remember, "high crimes and misdemeanors" is the criteria for impeachment. It appears to me that she is arguing "on the merits" and because you can't refute her assertions, you resort to the sophistry of the "ad hominem" attack against her as a person. This is quite sad, in my opinion.

  78. She should be impeached! Immediately! SHE IS EVIL!!!!!!

  79. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz Sorry to disappoint you Stewart, but the vast majority of Americans do not disapprove of President Obama and your saying so just goes to show you how ignorant you are. If you don't like him, that's your opinion, but do not for a moment think the vast majority of Americans disapprove of him. If the overwhelmingly majority of Israelis dislike President Obama then that's your problem. Keep hating him and do not call upon him to help you under any circumstances. Perhaps you could call on Putin, or get the help you think you are entitled to from England, France, Germany, Spain or anywhere else. How long do you think you can bite the hand that feeds you before that hand is no longer available. As for too many wrong statements that is a lie and if you had any intelligence you would put your objections down, but since you cannot you do not. As for my spelling and education I will stack my education up against yours anytime you think you are man enough to do so.
    I am actually highly educated with several degrees! My spelling remains to be scene as I type very fast on an od computer and sometimes it does not catch all the letters and if it doesn't get picked up by spell checker that's too bad. Perhaps you need to check you ability to read and comprehend.

  80. Edward Lobel says:

    David Nixon David Nixon sorry to inform you but you do not know a damned thing!
    First Annamarie has NEVER said anything about F&F, Benghazi, or any other program that you say is illegal.
    F&F was a bush program and there was nothing illegal about it!
    The IRS scandal, wrong again! Have you actually ever read the actual 501(c)4 law? I don't think so. If the law was actually followed they they did nothing wrong and even though the only people who were denied were Progressive charities and non of the phony repub/tp charities. That's real facts and not what you think is real. Benghazi, I guess you choose not to believe the recently issued repub committee report that said there was no cover up and that there was no way that reinforcements could have reached them in time. If you really are looking for a Benghazi scandal perhaps you should look at why did the repubs greatly reduce spending on protection details for our embassies and consulates? Had they not done that, there would have been a detail of U.S. Marines on duty at Benghazi who may have been able to fend off the attack, or at the very least could have held on until reinforcements could have arrive.

    Annamaria never said anything about President Obama execute laws President Obama has not done this it is only something that you and fox have come up with, but there is not one single law that you could cite that could verify what you say.

    You again are greatly mistaken when you say he violated the U.S. Constitution when he issued executive orders in conjunction to the ACA. It most certainly is in the U.S. Constitution and he has the rights to do what he did.

    Keep in mind that if anything you said was indeed the truth, that the repubs in congress would have impeached him a long time ago, but they have not because they know a lot better than you do.

    The next time you want to say things that show just how ignorant and low informed you are, you should actuall go on line to a reputable site and find out the truth, because the truth according to Nixon as everyone knows is Not the truth!

  81. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel:

    1. 39% Obama approval rating. (http://www.gallup.com/poll/113980/gallup-daily-obama-job-approval.aspx)
    2. Senate Intelligence Committee Report, NOT REPUBLICAN report on BenGazi. (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/world/middleeast/senate-report-finds-benghazi-attack-was-preventable.html?_r=0)
    3. You: "my spelling remains to be scene (sic)". Yes, it does, LOL.
    4. You stated that Bush was never vilified like Obama. I guess you never read the paper or watched TV during bush's administration, where democrats actually threatened his life, and called him worse names then Obama was ever called. Where were you? Head in a hole?
    5. You stated that the ACA is a Republican plan. No it isn't. It's a cheap, unsuccessful copy of Romney's state plan, which works well. The ACA is a disaster.
    6. I see that you changed some of your statements, including your level of education. Good. You are beginning to recognize just how little you know. Typically ignorant liberal.

  82. Karen Berger says:

    This is very disrespectful and I don't understand how the Jewish Press would allow this type of vitriol. The standard by which you judge Mrs. Obama is unfair and I suspect you wouldn't be discussing it if you didn't paint all things Obama with the worst negativity. The fact that you afford him the magical powers of kingship is interesting and unfortunate. Anti Semitism speaks to the idea that Jews have that kind of power and secretly rule the world — banks, media, Hollywood. It is untrue and has caused a lot of problems for the Jews throughout the world. Commenters should really think about the power they attribute to Obama and to what benefit. You really go too far.

  83. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, I suppose you think the Israelis are stupid, and you are smarter? They know that Obama is NOT working in good faith with them. You think otherwise because you just do not know much. Why don't you give some stats about how Obama is good for Israel? He is a Jew-hater, like all his close friends were/are, before and after election.

  84. Stewart Schwartz says:

    In addition, Lobel, why has the Obama administration spent millions of dollars to keep his college/grad school/law school records held secret? He's not hiding something? Fool!

  85. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Tiffany Yvonne Williams, you say this because you are Afro-centric, as your Facebook page duly shows.

  86. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz Stewart Schwartz You are so funny I almost wet my pants! President Obama's popularity rating my be 39% but that is a slice in time and effected by all the vile things you and other low informed ignorant idiots keep lying to the public about.
    2. The report I spoke about was a republican report and not an older Times report! BTW how can you quote the new York times when you do not read it, and are of so low intelligence you would not understand it anyway, someone must have told you about it.
    3. I did not spell the word scene wrong! I used the wrong word but did not spell the wrong word wrong!
    4. You really cannot be serious! Did anyone ever stand up in the house and scream out LIAR when bush was speaking. Did anyone ever accuse bush of being a muslim even though there are pictures of him holding hands with the king of Saudi Arabia! Did anyone ever say bush was a muslim because he took money from the bin laden family or that his father was a principal of a business with bin laden. Did anyone ever go around and say bush was not a legal president? How many repubs to this day will not respond when asked if they think Obama was born in the U.S. and is he qualified to be president? The fact that they refuse to answer simply adds fuel to the fire. About 40% of repubs believe he was not born in the U.S. and believe he is a muslim which the majority of people think is a very bad thing. You simply cannot be serious when you say that the dems vilified bush even a hundredth of what the repubs/tp do to Obama.
    5. No matter what you think, the ACA is a republican plan first presented by the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation and supported by the repubs. Like everything else they have done to hurt Obama, when he introduced it, the repubs were 100% against it. They were and still are afraid that it will be successful and will hurt them politically and that is why they lie about it at every opportunity.
    6. I have not changed anything I said and if you think that calling me an ignorant liberal, it is you who are totally ignorant and should be thankful for us liberals for giving you every single benefit that you have. From the founding of the United States (our founding fathers were all LIBERAL,) to Medicare and Social Security to vacations and sick pay and 5 day work weeks and so many other benefits that ma!ke life so much better for everyone, including morons like you

  87. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz Where are you getting your information from? This along with almost everything else you say is completely false! It would only take a simple letter to seal a persons records and that does not cost millions of dollars.

    Besides what difference does it make if he got a "D" in freshman English? He graduated and attended Harvard Law School where he was the editor of the Harvard Law Review. Do you really think he is hiding anything? What could he possible be hiding that would make you hate him anymore than you already do?

    This is just as stupid as saying I want his "real, long form birth certificate" he has released it but sill idiots like you say it's a fraud. The newspaper report that shows he was born in Hawaii is not believed. Do people like your really believe that someone paid for this to be written 50 years ago on the chance that someday he would grow up to be President of the U.S.

    Sorry Stewart you are wrong, you are ignorant, you are simply a hater who hates everything Obama.

  88. Debbie Beller Horwitz says:

    Don't like her much…she seems like a Supreme trying to be a Dutchess

  89. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, anyone here with a brain can see who the intelligent one is, and, sorry, it's not you. Please show me your proof that the majority of Americans approve of Obama. You also know extremely little about the administration's foreign policy mistakes, especially with Israel. I suggest you read more.

  90. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, please cite sources for your "facts" re. Bengazi report, etc. I guess we're all "ignorant idiots", except you, of course.

  91. David Nixon says:

    Edward Lobel Yes, Annamaria Arena has addressed these issues on her Facebook page wherein she invites intelligent, reasoned and fact-based discussion of current events. Among her interlocutors are those who are educated in American and world history, philosophy, government, law and business. She speaks multiple languages. As for me, I agree with Stephen Schwartz that your assertions regarding Obama tend not to be supported by facts. At best, you seem to omit those facts which conflict with your adoration of the "man who would be king (Hussein) of America." As for impeachment of Dear Leader, be assured that that is already being contemplated.

  92. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz you continue to be a low informed ignorant idiot! I may have forgotten more about U.S. foreign policy then you will ever know/ Just because you think Israel has been hurt by Obama's foreign policy does not make it so. There are always people who want things done their way whether or not it is correct. Just because you say the Obama foreign policy is a disaster does not make it so. You are an ignorant idiot who cannot think for himself. Fox sets your agenda of hate! There are some things I do not like about Obama, but the things I like far outweigh the things I do not like. In your case you hate everything and anybody who knows and understands knows you are an idiot and it seems every time you open your mouth you stick your foot in it!

    President Obama won the last election in a landslide is my proof that Americans like him. A poll is simply a slice of time and often does vary from day to day. Ignorant idiots like you who pound away everyday that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, he breaks the law, he does so many bad things, that on any one given day may influence low informed idiots like you.
    No matter what you say, I understand how much you hate people who prove that you are indeed a low informed idiot!

    I countered with real facts your inane comments and you simply cannot prove you are correct and as long as you continue to be a bigoted hater no one will believe you!

  93. Stewart Schwartz says:

    Edward Lobel, you cannot cite facts which are recent. Just because the people were fooled with Obama's famous "if you like your plan, you can keep it", (you remember, the lie which he used to help win the election?), that was a long time ago, politically. In that 1 1/2 years, the people realize just what a jerk he is, and recent polls, one which i cited, show they don't like him. You obviously cannot show proof of his current level of approval… I did. You don't seem to like it. Yes, polls show a slice in time, as do elections. Show me a recent slice which agrees with your "fact". You cannot. While you're at it, show me how you think Obama's foreign policy is successful. Enlighten me.

  94. Edward Lobel says:

    David Nixon address questions toward me on a site that I do not have access to shows you just how stupid you are!

    All my comments are fact based and just because you do not believe the real facts does not make your facts the truth!

    I am highly educated and the little bit I may have forgotten about anything is more than you will ever know! Proof, anyone who says people are bad because they are Liberals are ignorant because as an American every single benefit you have is do to a Liberal! Our founding fathers were all Liberals! Every single one of them, not a single conservative amongst them. Social Security, Medicare for your parents (hoping the are still alive,) 5 day work weeks, vacations, sick leave and all the other benefits working people get. Plus you need to than Liberals for getting military benefits from sign on pay to paying for educations and all veterans benefits. You do know it is the current repubs/tp who are cutting militaty benefits.

    I speak some part of 5 languages, alas only two fluently. I have a sister in law who speaks 17 languages (including 7 dialects of Arabic,) before migrating to the U.S. she worked for a well know middle eastern intelligence agency. Is she very intelligent, I do not know, but she is real good at memorizing languages.

    Just because you agree with Stephen does not make anything correct. You do know agreeing with someone who is wrong means you are also wrong.

    I always include facts when I discuss things, because you choose not to accept these facts does not make them wrong!

    You also show that you very little intelligence when you think you are trying to belittle the President of the United States by claiming he is a Muslim when he is not.

    Lastly, if the repubs had anything to impeach him on, they would have already done so. Just because you think he is simply does not make it so.

  95. Edward Lobel says:

    Stewart Schwartz you are simply too damned stupid to talk too.

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