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April 17, 2014 / 17 Nisan, 5774
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Stunning Insensitivity from Michelle Obama


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Originally published at The American Thinker.

Michelle Obama’s lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general. Jetting off to five star resorts with a large entourage has too much dissonance with the rhetoric denouncing inequality currently in favor with the left. But the First Lady has now outdone herself, and because a picture is worth a thousand words, the damage may be a bit more serious than the occasional grumble over designer shoes and livin’ large.

After all, millions of Americans are mired in unemployment, underemployment, and hopelessness. So in the face of all this, Michelle Obama has chosen to tweet on the FLOTUS twitter account a picture of her dogs dining on china and crystal:

FLOTUS dog tweet

Neil Munro of the Daily Caller noted:

Bone appétit!,” the aides added to the insensitive tweet, using the language of France’s queen Marie Antoinette, who was executed by radicals in 1793.

Indeed, Michelle Antoinette has already been the object of satire by several talented artists:


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102 Responses to “Stunning Insensitivity from Michelle Obama”

  1. This is nonsense. How does depicting our FLOTUS in a wig and a natural pic make any point worth discussing? Stick to facts not rhetoric.

  2. Shocker….(eyes rolling)

  3. This is a disgusting misrepresentation. It is a humorous photo taken the day of the State Dinner for the President of France. Every president hosts state dinners. She snapped a pic of her dogs. It is cute, not what your article is trying to depict. I would have thought better of you! Shame.

  4. K-sandra Palmer if you don’t get the point, then you are just an idiot!

  5. Thomas Knaack says:

    Michelle Obama is a socialist, ant-American piece of ****.

  6. Oh dear, you are way off whom ever put this up. I expected more from you, must say shame on you. How on earth can you wish for the others to respect and honour your values, when you produced tosh such as this.

  7. As I said facts, not rhetoric this includes childish insults and name calling.

  8. While the Country is struggling with higher bills, unemployment, healthcare and taxes, the FLOTUS let her dogs dine with china and crystals and even has the nerves to post the pictures! How insensitive, cruel, selfish and arrogant can she be?

  9. You are disgusting to promote this lie from a dubious site like The American Thinker. Shame on you for posting this as Jewish press.

  10. Well you know what happened to poor Marie Antionette lol

  11. Evan Thornley says:

    Why is this Jewish news ?? If I wanted to read partisan political commentary, there are plenty of places to go to – I subscribe here for thoughtful Jewish ideas and news. Unimpressed :-(

  12. You r a disgrace for printing this rubbish

  13. You guys got me. Here I am thinking that the person who wrote this is a total *******, when I realize that it must be a joke. Nobody is that big an *******. Good one.

  14. There is no reason to post this on a Jewish news site. It has nothing to do with Judaism or Israel. I certainly expected better. It makes me ashamed. And you should be ashamed for publishng it.

  15. Just her yak hair wigs cost the taxpayers about a million bucks, she is as useless as her hubby

  16. David Michalowski says:

    Is this Jewish National Enquirer?? SMH

  17. Don’t like it, go read The Jewish Daily Forward. That rag will be more to your liking.

  18. All the lefty's are blowing a fuse!

  19. Excuse me? How can you compartmentalize who Obama and his show wife are and separate that from his posture towards Israel?

  20. It is a fact that they spend millions on vacations. So–don’t twist…

  21. Here she is discussed for buying middle class garments from JCrew. You might want to look at some others and then get a life.

  22. what’s stunning insensitivity is your disrespect of our First Lady!

  23. I’m not a fan of the First Lady, but I think your a bit out of line with this one. It is making you not credible. I am sure you have more important issues to discuss than a cute picture of dogs at a table…

  24. Eretta Honey says:

    I think u are entitled to print whatever you feel in your paper . Personally I appreciate it because what few American publications are left seem to be afraid of this bully administration . The shame here is that we Americans have to get the truth from foreign newspapers .

  25. This is disgusting. Attacking our First Lady does not make any sense. Policy perhaps, but not attacking Michelle Obama. As a staunch Zionist who votes “D” I find these constant petty attacks to be embarrassing for a pro Israel site. And Jesse Kaellis “Obama and his SHOW wife”? She has a degree in law from a prestigious university. She is brilliant. Shall we attack Rebbitzens and wives of Israeli office holders? Grow the hell up and stick to facts. Your attitudes make me ashamed.

  26. ^^This is bull. It is embarrassing. And her education is probably higher than yours.

  27. So, how much do your politicians spend on vacations? You are a fool.

  28. Ilene Kent says:

    Never EVER has a first lady been so open to ridicule. Knock it off.

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Michelle Obama’s lust for luxury has always been a bit of a problem for her husband and Democrats in general.

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