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Only 3 years ago: GOC Ankara Command, Gen. Mehmet Emin Elfman, and then IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, meeting in Turkey.

More than 1.5 million have fled Syria, 4 million more are displaced within other nations, meaning 30% of the Syrian people have left their homes. Just to give an example, Reyhanli, one of the Turkish border towns in the southern province of Hatay, where 51 people were killed by twin car bombs on May 11, has a population of 90,000—50,000 of which are Syrian refugees. Some 400,000 Syrians are now living in Turkey, nearly half of them sheltered in camps with poor conditions.

Of course they are more than welcome to Turkey; our doors are wide open to anyone seeking shelter in our land, but this is obviously not a solution to the suffering of 8.3 million people who are in need – not to mention the rest of the Syrians who are also living in fear – nor does it stop the ongoing bloodbath of the Assad regime.


Since March, 2011, the death toll has risen to nearly 100,000, and the real figure is, most probably, far higher.

Most of the victims are civilians.

UN top Middle East envoy Robert Serry is saying there are mounting reports of chemical weapons being used in Syria, and Israel has taken a few solitary, bold actions to eliminate these weapons while the world was still pondering what to do. Provided that there is zero human loss, I advocate that the production and storage facilities of chemical weapons and artillery ammunition be eliminated. As long as it spares human lives meticulously and guarantees that no living beings are affected, Israel’s action to stop lethal weapons from being used is a reasonable move.

On the other side, fighters from Hezbollah—which has been a staunch ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad—have joined the battle on Qusayr, a settlement near the border with Lebanon. Because of the town’s strategic importance – since this residential area connects the capital Damascus to the coast – the Hezbollah-backed Assad regime does not want to give up this rebel stronghold in the central province of Homs and continue to kill more people to recapture the city.

While the spirit of protecting human lives is pressuring the conscience of every human being to interfere with the intention of stopping the bloodshed, some writers overseas either secretly support this situation in one sense, or embrace indifference, as long as they are not personally affected. I find this very unbecoming.

One of the Middle East experts that has disappointed me was Daniel Pipes, who has suggested overlooking the bloodbath in Syria and allowing both sides to destroy each other. In a TV interview, he restated his policy, suggesting that the West should back Assad, and keep Syrians killing each other. While he admits that his is not a humanitarian perspective, and offers this as a strategic view, we should remember that these are human beings we are discussing. I am against militant fundamentalism just like Daniel Pipes, and I am also against the communist Ba’ath regime; however, while innocent people are being killed on a daily basis, saying “Let us leave them to fight one another” is wholly unacceptable, standing in violation of both conscience and common sense.

Considering this bloodshed, it is obvious that there needs to be an intervention in Syria. However, what matters is to ensure that there will be no loss of life. Syria has a very complex and intricate structure; thus, any intervention needs to be well planned. First of all, an embargo—starting with air and trade sanctions—can be imposed. Second, world public opinion needs to be stirred up. They will be unable to withstand the pressure if the entire international public is fixed on them. We therefore need to establish a major shift in public opinion.

In addition, since the most dangerous aspect of Syria is its airforce, runways must be made unserviceable. Once it has been guaranteed there will be no loss of life, air bases should be bombarded, so that the air force is immobilized. But I would like to reemphasize: it is essential that nobody be caught up in these interventions; it must be established that the area under attack is empty.

Additionally, a game-changing force would develop from an alliance between Turkey and Israel, and that alliance will make the current Syrian regime tremble in their boots.

However, Assad must not be made to panic. It might prove dangerous if he is under the false impression that he is about to be killed. He must be treated kindly and made to feel that the aim is to save his life and his family. Since Assad is, in a way, seeking shelter behind Russia, Putin thinks he needs to protect him at any cost. An agreement can be reached between Russia, the USA, Turkey and the opposition parties: they can promise that Assad’s safety will be guaranteed, and that nothing will befall his wife and children. Since the opposition forces killed Qaddafi in a horribly humiliating way, guarantees need to be given that his honor will not be compromised, no matter what.

And as soon as we stop the shedding of blood in Syria, there must be peaceful elections accompanied by international observers. Bashar Assad should be a candidate if he wishes, and if he wins the elections, he can stay on. If the opposition is elected to govern, then they should be the ones ruling, or there can be some kind of coalition between Assad and the opposition parties. But the Syrian regime as it now stands is a dictatorship, and there must be legitimate and certified elections that will reflect the will of the Syrian people. Only in that way can a lasting and just peace come to Syria.



  1. Insane ramblings. Turkey increasingly despises Israel because of its Islamist president. Turkey has condemned Israel's air strikes in Syria. There is no possibility of an alliance. The West's only interest in Syria is to make sure Iran gets stuck in a quagmire while not allowing the country to fall entirely to the Sunni Jihadists. Accomplishing this will be a great service to humanity. Ultimately Assad's leadership will prevent larger scale ethnic cleansing- not out of his humanitarianism (he's a monster) but out of practicality. A majority can exterminate a minority. The Sunnis can and will exterminate the Alawites, the Druze and the Christians. However, a minority government simply cannot exterminate the majority so Assad has had to make more compromises than the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt has. The Afrikaaners could never wipe out the blacks in South Africa but the blacks are now doing that very thing in South Africa to the white minority and have done so in Zimbabwe. Minority-run governments in the Middle East are the best way to prevent large scale genocide. And no, 100,000 dying in a civil war is not genocide. At least half of those deaths are combatants. Expelling 80,000 Christians from Syria (which is what the rebels have done) is ethnic cleansing.

  2. Israel should NOT intervene in Syria. Israel should defend its borders with Syria and nothing more. Let the Arab League intervene; Syria is a member state. Don’t ask the UN to step in; blue bonnets run when anyone says “boo!. It will be a lose-lose situation if Israel enters the fray on any side.

  3. This sounds great! And there should also be an alliance between Israel and iran! I hear Iran has been taking some steps to support Assad; if Iran and Israel worked together the whole mess could be cleaned up really fast!

    Until that happens, whoever is smoking crack at the Jewish Press and printing these ravings should sober up. The author of this piece obviously has no authority to propose an alliance between Israel and Turkey, and since Turkey official dispatched people to break Israel's security curtain around Gaza, and then demanded "reparations" and broke off what was left of its diplomatic relations with Israel when Israel had the chutzpah to defend itself, it is preposterous to suggest there will be such an alliance any time soon.

    However, I have noticed the author has repeatedly promoted the equally ridiculous idea that Islam is really the religion of peace (or maybe she meant "pieces"). With Muslims sawing off peoples heads in broad daylight in London and Paris, and rioting in Stockholm because their right to riot has been limited, and stabbing people in TURKEY because they kissed in public, this tope is getting quite tiresome. I come to the Jewish Press for actual news, not for completely incredible propaganda from people who are my sworn enemies, proposing that I believe that my sworn enemies really love me.

    Please stop printing this tripe.

  4. Israel must **NOT** become a player in the Syrian civil war if only because Syria is a Muslim country and Israeli involvement would be considered an attack on Islam. If any group can, indeed should, attempt to mediate the conflict let if be the Arab League; Syria’s a member state. Aside from guarding its borders, Israel should have **NO** role in the Syrian civil war. Likewise, the U.S. should refrain from interfering. By the way, where IS the Arab League when it’s needed?

  5. Why is the Jewish-Press posting articles from Sinem? Sinem is a known cult member who's leader is a anti-Semite who thinks Israel should be part of the "Turkish National Union." Sinem is known through out the internet to spread misinformation and lunatic propaganda. Sinem is also known to have a temper and threaten people who oppose her. If the Jewish Press continues to post articles by this raving lunatic I will be forced to cancel my subscription.

  6. Erdogan only just a few months ago said "Zionism is a crime against humanity." Turkey is run by fanatical Muslims. There will NEVER be a alliance with Turkey. This Sinem cult member is trying to trick and brainwash people into believing this ridiculous nonsense. I want to know how much money this editor is getting to publish this propaganda anti-Israel trash.

  7. I want to know why The JEWISH Press keeps publishing this cult member and by the way, one of these cult members threatened a Jew…so the taquiyya is palpable and stinks to high heaven. WHY is this person published on a regular basis? Intelligent Jews want to know.

  8. Donny Kligman · Actually, there is a renewed alliance already. An Israeli mission recently secured landing rights in eastern Turkey for its planes attacking Iran. Turkey will support an Israeli attack on Iran because no one wants a nuclear Iran on their border. Likewise, Turkey is concerned about the flow of Syrian refugees and about the Syrian civil war spreading to Turkey. Israel shares the exact same concerns.

    They don't have to love Jews to see that their collaboration with Israel is vital to both countries.

  9. Donny Kligman you are right. The editor fails to realize that Israel is damned if we do and damned if we don't attack Iran and kill Turkey's family members. What's really wrong, however, is to give these Zion haters a platform to spread their lies and on top of that to lie to the public by calling them peace makers when their hidden agenda is war. FYI, there is a Islamic Civil Jihad going on and the JPress has already fallen into their traps. This article is just another one of those false peace smoke screens of this Jihad. Like the mouse (falsehood) can't stand up and threaten the Lion (truth) so too Sinem/Oktar can not threaten anyone who stands up for the truth. It amounts to nothing more than a noise, a breaking of the wind.

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