Four weeks after it began, the Iraqi liberation war was all but over. Surprise, surprise – the UN is back trying to work its way on center stage once again to get a piece of the action. A big piece, no less. Now that the dirty work is done, of course.

Give the UN credit, though – this spineless organization has once again proven itself pitifully (and politically) corrupt. And almost as absurdly irrelevant as, say, appointing Khaddafi head of a human rights commission. Oh, excuse me. That was, in fact, another great accomplishment of the UN.

Did the UN send in any troops to assist the Iraqi people in their struggle against the harsh regime of Hussein? Where was it – and where was the world’s outcry – when thousands of Kurds were gassed by the Iraqi government? The UN sat in silence, unable to lift its miserable finger against anything that smelled of Islamic Republics and billion-dollar oil fields.

Instead, the UN devoted its efforts to stopping the United States, England, and a number of small yet brave countries from doing what was morally right: liberating millions of people suffering tremendously under a brutal dictator and ridding the world of a very real and serious threat. In fact, it seems the UN has become little more than a bunch of lowlifes bandingtogether not to stop tyranny or injustice, but to stop America. And protect their own behind-the-scenes, scheming, double-talking ways.

Let us hope that we have learned our lesson once and for all. Let the UN go the way of the League of Nations, into the pit of other forgotten, morally corrupt and useless organizations that liked to pretend they were mighty important.

Kudos to President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, and all the armed forces who stood up to the UN (and all that misguided world pressure) and prevailed. In stark contrast to the wimpy UN, their actions have done a tremendous service to the entire planet.

President Bush has shown a skeptical world that terrorists and their regimes can indeed be defeated militarily. This is, in fact, the only language they understand. We can only hope that Israel will follow Bush’s example in properly dealing with terrorists: no concessions, no compromises, no “peace” treaties. After all, these three concepts are not part of the terroristdictionary, so why insist on putting them in ours?

Let’s be honest here. The Israeli peace process has so far been a “piece” process ? giving away land for this illusive, foggy notion of peace. It’s also been a give and take process. Israel has given. The Palestinians have taken. And they’ve given back nothing in return. The Palestinan Authority has not kept one agreement it has made with Israel. Let’s repeat that, folks: The PA has not kept one measly agreement. The Palestinians have not renounced their violent ways. They have yet to accept Israel’s right to exist. Au contraire, mon ami. They’ve pursued their agenda of terror with even greater vigor.

Instead of scrapping this whole absurd process and looking at the only real alternative (a military solution, which, thank G-d, Israel is very capable of implementing), the international community has been pushing for yet another agreement. Another photo-op, perhaps. Another document not even worth the paper it’s written on. This, of course, translates into Israel giving once again and the Arabs taking another free handout.

Here’s the real no-brainer: Why spend billions, risk American and coalition lives, stand alone against world opinion to eliminate Iraq, a terrorist-sponsoring country, only to create another one called Palestine? Someone please, bring on the Marx Brothers. Despite a phony-baloney “new” cabinet, Arafat and his henchmen continue their barbaric ways. They cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, just as they rooted for Hussein in both the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The PA’s legacy is a culture that glorifies murder and brainwashes school-age children into becoming outright racists. In the U.S. youngsters trade baseball cards. In Gaza they trade pictures of suicide bombers. Which reminds me, when was the last time the holy UN called for an investigation into this blatant abuse of children by the Palestinian government? The silence, once again, is deafening.

As for post-war Iraq and the UN, my mother always told me if you want dessert, ya gotta eat your peas. Keep the grimy paws of the UN (including France, Germany and Russia), which did absolutely nada during this war, out of the picture. And, for our own good and the welfare of humanity, out of the Middle East. They don’t deserve a crumb of this party cake. This celebration belongs to the coalition forces and mainly, of course, to the Iraqi people.

The UN’s new creed? Try these for size: UNderhandedness; Unsightly; UNtruthful; UNfit; UNable; and very UNnecessary. Send it to the UNdertaker.