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On the exalted Purim day, my husband collects money for needy families, as is the custom of many good-hearted Jews.

Last Purim before sundown, he entered the home of his last stop, a home filled with many people. Upon receiving some generous donations, he reached for his pocket to keep these contributions safely together with the rest of the money he had gathered. To his great chagrin and shock, he put his hand into an empty pocket. All the cash and many checks written to “Belz,” which he had tirelessly collected for the last 24 hours, were undoubtedly missing. He and his driver went out to thoroughly search their van and the entrance to the house – but to no avail. His tears and anguish were indescribable. How can he repay such a large sum to charity, or contact all those who wrote out checks?


As if on cue, all Belzer chassidim received this text message: “A big sum of money has been found, along with many checks made out to ‘Belz.’ Call this telephone number if you lost it.” A Belzer chassid, a recipient of this text, was at the time sitting in the same home as my husband and had seen his great distress over his loss. He immediately attempted to calm my husband with the news of his recently received text. My husband called the number and clearly described the details of his lost envelope.

The finder was an 11-year-old boy who innocently found a bulky envelope lying on the ground on that block and brought it to his father, a Satmar chassid. The boy had been asked to return home to get more challos from the freezer in order to have enough to feed the many guests at his grandparent’s Purim seudah. When going back with the challos he noticed the pack of money and gave it to his father. When his father saw the many checks written out to “Belz,” he contacted his friend, a Belzer chassid, who immediately sent the text message. Upon receiving my husband’s phone call, the Satmar chassid ran to the home where my husband was and brought the money to its relieved and thankful owner.

Baruch Hashem, the money was distributed. We wish to publicize Hashem’s hashgachah – which never forsakes us!